War or Just Interference?
September 5, 2013, 4:42 pm
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If our sending missiles into Syria is just interfering with the Civil War in Syria, then I guess 9/11/2001 was just interfering with our ability to conduct business. Of course congress at that time gave President Bush the authorization to go to war against Terrorism, so why wouldn’t Syria and their allies go to war against the U. S. in the same way? If the U. S. Military fires missiles into Syria because the Congress gave authorization, will we be surprised if Syria declares war against us? What about their threat to attack Israel, and the Russians saying they will send arms to Syria to help them in their war against their enemies.

Listening to the news makes me cringe, wars, rumors of wars, the return of measles, a disease that was all but wiped out, until we decided that it was wrong to force parents vaccinate their children. It seems that stupid trumps good health. Let us learn from this that inserting ourselves into foreign countries and choosing sides is a losing proposition. It is time to vaccinate ourselves against misplaced charity. All that has happened is that many of our young men and women have been killed or injured trying to bring civilization to these countries. These folks hate us, not because we have been helping them by building schools or helping to bring their countries into the 21st Century. They hate us because their leaders both secular and religious have taught them that the Americans are the great Satan. They will kill us when they get a chance, and feel no remorse.

We have no dog in this fight in Syria, and since the Arab League refuses to step in, why should we do so? Please don’t tell me it is a matter of National Security, that is bunk, this people cannot really hurt us, nor can they seriously think that they can go to war against us. Let them do what they have been doing for over 1,000 years, that is killing each other. The Sunni’s kill the Shia and the Shia return the favor. They treat women like slaves, they claim to revere women, if that is the case why is it that a woman cannot leave her home without a male member of her family. A woman who is raped, must have 3 men witnesses who will testify in her behalf, otherwise she is sentenced to death by stoning for being a harlot. Let these people kill each other instead of killing our men and women, perhaps they will wake up and realize that they are destroying themselves, and will find a better way to live.

We have no dog in this fight and it is time we woke up and realized that it is not our job to try to save these people from themselves. Of course the other truth in this idiocy is that we are only going to send in a couple of thousand missiles killing innocent people instead of actually stopping or “degrading” the ability of Assad to use poison gas. Let the Arabs stop the conflict, of course they won’t they will wait until the Syrians are beaten down, then pick the bones of Syria clean. Contact your Congressman/woman and tell them you are not interested in going to war in Syria. Contact your Senators and tell them the same. This is a senseless loss to life, and a declaration of war because we will be attacking a sovereign nation, like it or not, they are a sovereign nation and it is not our fight.

LiveLeak.com – Syrian rebels beheads bishop François Murad
July 3, 2013, 7:16 am
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This is not something to watch if you are squeamish. Another proof of the truth of Islam and its followers.

LiveLeak.com – Syrian rebels beheads bishop François Murad.

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