Hyperbole or Stretching the Truth?
February 13, 2013, 3:13 pm
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Listening to the SOTU last night I heard a lot of things thrown out that were a bit hard to swallow, things like “We have doubled the miles our cars can go on a gallon of gas” that is simply untrue. They, the Federal Government has issued a new cafe standard that says cars will have to get 50+ miles on a gallon by 2025. I have to admit I wonder if our auto industry will be able to hit that goal. Perhaps by making cars lighter and smaller they might, but, I don’t want to drive a roller skate, I want a steel box that will save my life when I hit a deer, or when someone hits my car.

If you want to do some fact checking you might want to try Fact Check Org. That will give you a pretty good picture of what really is happening as opposed to the Politi Speak that we heard last night, and will continue to hear during the next several weeks as the Obama Election Campaign ramps up again.

Marco Rubio gave the Republican rebuttal and it too had some hyperbole in it, which you can also check out at the website. Then there was Rand Paul who gave the Tea Party Rebuttal, oh, you didn’t know about that? I watched it today at the Washington Post website. It’s about 13 minutes long but I really enjoyed what he had to say. He went after the political circus on both sides of the aisle in Washington. It’s true that both sides need to stop the rhetoric, read the Constitution and act like grown ups instead of kids on the playground. He said that he would be introducing a proposal to balance the budget in 5 – 6 years, using a flat 17% tax on income and cutting spending, starting with foreign aid to nations that burn our flag and say “death to America.” Our nation faces some serious challenges over the next few years, and if we don’t get our fiscal house in order, well, we are on the way to becoming a second-rate country.

You can check out all of these, the SOTU itself plus the 2 responses for yourself. Just Google it and you will see lots of hits, from Chris Matthews making inane statements to the actual footage. Then make your own comments, tell us what you think about the SOTU, is it really just hot air, or do you think things will change for the better?

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Federal Spending by the Numbers – 2012
December 28, 2012, 10:08 am
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Federal Spending by the Numbers – 2012.

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Cut Spending or Raise Taxes
December 19, 2012, 6:25 pm
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That seems to be the Presidents plan, raise taxes and spending which is of course self-defeating. If you continue spending more than you take in, you will eventually go bankrupt, we realize that in our own homes because we see what overextension has done to our friends and neighbors. In my own case, it took me 8 years to pay off all my debts. I have friends that have had to declare bankruptcy, and they are still in a credit problem. Yet the Federal Government seems to think they can continue to spend more than they take in. If we don’t quit the spending, the country will find itself being cut again by the rating agencies. I cannot fathom why the President and the Democrats continue to insist on more spending and taxing people at the $250,000 per year income rate. They also keep saying these folks are millionaires. 1/4 of a million is not a million, I don’t know why the Administration continues to call them millionaires.

The other reality is that even if they do tax these “millionaires” they will only have enough money to cover 8 days of the gov’t operations. So when does the Federal Government get real and begin to actually tighten their own belts. Of course if they do, then they can’t offer all those handouts to all those who are now on the gov’t dole. I am not saying that folks really want to get on the payroll, but, some do and that means that they want to continue to get paid. Politicians want to get re-elected, ever notice that as soon as they get elected the cycle begins again, they are already running for the next election. The Senators actually make more money than you or I and they give themselves raises every couple of years. Most of these people leave the Senate or the House as millionaires themselves. Does that happen to you or me in our jobs? NO WAY! Can we spend money that we don’t have? Sure we can use our charge cards, but, how long can we go before it catches up to us and puts us in the midst of financial trouble.

So what do you think it should be, cut spending or raise taxes?politic

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