Normal Muslims and Sharia
February 11, 2015, 7:59 am
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I have written on this before, but now a Muslim leader in Norway has shown that it is true. Muslims who believe that Stoning and beheading for certain crimes are in the mainstream, they are not radicals. These are regular Muslim believers and they want Sharia to be the law of the land where they live. Check out this article: No Such Thing as Radical or Moderate Muslims

The sooner people begin to realize that this is the way that Muslims are taught and believe, the better off we will be. Whether you are Christian, or not makes no difference. These folks want to change the world into a Caliphate, ruled by Muslims and practicing Sharia. That means that if you are not a Muslim, you can be killed for believing in something other than Islam. If you are not killed you will live as a slave, any Muslim can beat you for a slight, you will pay a tax just to be able to live amongst these folks, and if you are accused of a crime punishable by death, you can bet your bottom dollar you will die under their law. It will be by beheading, stoning or crucifixion depending on which group you are living under.

I say, NO, I will not deny Jesus Christ as Lord of my life. How about you? What do you believe?

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Islamic Tribunal in Irving TX
February 9, 2015, 10:40 am
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Well here it is folks, there is now a Sharia Court in North Texas, USA. The tribunal court Judge Dr. Taher el-Badawi says that “All our decisions point back to the Koran and Sunna … and what the prophet Mohammed left to us.” according to an interview on KEYE TV. Since when do we allow foreign courts to operate in our country? Our Court systems operate under our laws, our Constitution yet these people have decided that they cannot operate under our Constitution, that they have to operate under their own laws, their own religious texts. They say that they do not take cases that would be considered criminal, so that they do not have any cases requiring stoning (such as adultery), or removing hands (thieves), but how do we know that this is not coming?

In Europe, France in particular, the Muslim populations have areas where the local authorities dare not enter, there they do practice these types of punishment, so why do we think that this is not coming to our homeland. This is ludicrous, if you live in the USA, you abide by our laws and our Constitution. If these are not acceptable, return to where you came from and live under Sharia there.

Also, where are the local authorities? Why is this being allowed in the USA, in Texas? Where is the State government? Have we sunk to this level even here in Texas? The AG, the Governor, the House and Senate should be working to end this before it goes any further. This is not Saudi Arabia, or any other of these places in the middle east, we are not under their laws, we are under our own laws this is still our country I believe.