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September 3, 2014, 3:11 pm
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Scams abound on the internet, and on our phones. I have received at least 6 calls in the last 3 weeks claiming to be Microsoft Technicians telling me that I have a virus and that they will have to shut down my computer unless I let them have access so they can shut down this virus. It is NOT true!!! If you get this kind of call know that M$ may be after your money, but they don’t call you to tell this kind of nonsense! The same is true for the IRS, they don’t call you they will send a letter to tell you that you are being audited but they don’t call you. If you do get a call they will ask you to come and talk to them in regard to a possible audit. That too is a VERY remote possibility. No matter what you do, do not send money or let them get into your computer! Also you might want to let the IRS know if you get a call from someone, look up the number, do not call the number they give you if they do. Anyway, read this article from CNet it is quite interesting.

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