Fascism rises again
June 25, 2018, 2:42 pm
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I am amazed, the Democrats are becoming absolutely unhinged, and with Maxine Waters calling on her followers to get out and get in peoples faces, raise mobs to attack the members of the current cabinet of President Trump, this is what the Brown Shirts in Germany and the Black Shirts in Italy did in the 1930’s to their political enemies. The frightening thing in all of this is we have already had one Republican House Member almost killed by a leftist fanatic. A year ago Steve Scalise was shot and almost killed by a fanatic who had been juiced up by the hateful rhetoric of the Democrats.

Now we see the rhetoric ratcheting up again, we see Sarah Sanders told to leave a restaurant because she works for President Bush, the Secretary of Homeland Security harassed at a Restaurant in Washington D. C. and then even worse these people show up at her home to protest and threaten.

I am old enough to remember that when there was something that the political parties were upset about, they worked it out in the halls of Congress. There was civil debate, in both houses. Now, not so much, people like Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, and others in the Democratic Party, use VERY harsh language against their opponents. We even see people at award shows, throwing F bombs at the President, so-called comedians, using language that should not be used in any polite society to refer to the other side. We are no longer a polite society, we are heading for what I am very much afraid is going to be a not so civil war in this nation. The rhetoric seems deliberately set to separate us into tribal groups so that the brown and the black and the white along with the Christians, Muslims, and other religious groups, are all separated, and can then commence trying to kill each other. That is what the Brown Shirts, and Black Shirts did in the late 1920’s and 1930’s. That is how Mussolini and Hitler were able to become the leaders of Italy and Germany.

If we do not ratchet back on the rhetoric, things will get worse and worse and our nation will not be a nation any longer. It will destroy itself from within. I see a very bleak future for our nation, and I am not a happy person in the face of what I see coming. The Demons are out amongst our people, and we are rapidly reaching a point of no return.

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Justice Department Report

Breitbart News reports on the new Justice Department Report on gun violence, the report deals with the years 1993 to 2011 and shows the hype of Congress and the Press to be just that HYPE.

During this time period the “Assault Weapons Ban” expired and Americans began to purchase handguns. The Supreme Court overturned outright gun bans and individual states lessened gun control restrictions and issued shall issue carry laws.

During this same time period gun crimes went down, here are some of the stats in this report:
A. Gun related murders dropped 40%; from 18,253 to 11,101. For Black Americans it dropped 51%.
B. School Shootings in this time period dropped by almost a third, from 29 to 20.
C. Background checks is also a straw man that has been made up out of thin air. Less than one percent of state prisoners caught with a gun purchased it at a gun show. Moreover, who knows how many of those might have passed or did pass a background check.

I would suggest that you read the actual report which can be found at: http://bjs.gov/content/p8ub/pdf/fv9311.pdf you will that all of this is not happening in one or two years but rather over the entire period.

I have to say I enjoyed the article written John Nolte. We need to know that an armed populace is a much safer populace. I hope you will read both the article and the report for yourself.

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1 January 1863

The Emancipation Proclamation became official on this day in 1863. You can find a copy at the National Archives. This is a powerful document it is the signature document for the First Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, and his very good friend Frederick Douglass.

In Churches across the land these days, we hold a candlelight vigil on New Years Eve, but on 31 December 1862, black churches held their own special vigil, awaiting news of the Emancipation Proclamation becoming the reality of the land. On subsequent 1st of January years, the words were read in black churches across this great land. It would be a good idea I think for people of all colors, black, brown, red, yellow, and white to read this document again. It brought freedom to a people who had been seen as only property in the slave states, it brought recognition of their equality with all the rest of us. There was still more to do, like winning the war in which the country was engaged, the War between the States. Some call it the Civil War, but there was nothing civil about it, nor is war ever civil. War however, is sometimes necessary to right a wrong, this one was. By the time of the war, most states in the north, no longer held slaves, and after the war was completely won, slavery was not a very popular reality, even in those places that had been “exempted” by the proclamation.

Of course there was racism, our country had a terrible time coming to grips with the history of slavery, and even today we do have those who feel that some people are less than others. Personally, I agree with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I want our nation to come to a time when people are judged by their hearts and minds and not by the color of their skin, where people are seen as people, created by God and therefore loved by God.

It requires, however, that all of us are willing to forgo the racist rhetoric, the actions of those who say we need to kill this or that group of people, whether it be “whitey” or “gooks” or any other epithet we choose to use. So let us all wake up to the reality that our creator, created all of creation, that we all descended from one woman, the one who was co-created with the first man the one we call Eve. Until we can understand that none of us is superior at birth, hint, we all come into the world naked and crying, helpless and in need of someone to take care of us. We all will leave this life the same way, dead and helpless as we were at birth. So here we are in the 2013, splintered by political rhetoric into ethnic groups, and rich vs poor groups. The only ones who win this mess are the politicians and lawyers.

It is time for all of us, men and women, no matter our ethnicity, no matter our so-called station in life, to realize one thing. We all live in the world, a fairly small and insignificant place in the overall galaxy and if we don’t learn to live together, we shall surely perish as warring groups, killing each other and destroying our world in the process.

Can we stop this stupidity, and come together as brethren (brothers and sisters), members of humanity, and not different groups who hate the others? That is what God wants us to be, the word he gave us was to love your neighbor as yourself. Do that and you will not be able to harm your neighbor. So let’s give it a try, shall we?
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