President (Emperor) Acting Unilaterally
January 28, 2014, 7:03 pm
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At the State of the Union tonight according to John Podesta presidential advisor, the President will talk about taking action as he pleases since Congress will not move quickly enough on his priorities. The only problem with this is that he does not have the Constitutional authority to act without the House and Senate passing the laws for his to enforce. Of course this president will only enforce the laws that he likes and will ignore laws that he does not like.

If you want to see and hear the truth about this President, the man who would be emperor, then listen to him tonight. I find it reprehensible that this man is acting as if he were completely in charge and there was no Congress to actually debate the issues and pass the laws that would give him authority to do what he is doing. If he doesn’t like a law he will issue instructions that it is not to be enforced, yet it is his job to insure that the laws of this nation are enforced. He is supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar, but, he acts as if there was no Constitution in this nation of ours.

Of course it is not only Obama who acts like this, a number of Democratic Senators intervened with a Supreme Court case today, the case of Hobby Lobby against Obamacare forcing them to go against their own religious beliefs. The court has not heard the case yet, it will in a few weeks, but these people have decided to file a brief with the Court stating that the Corporation owners cannot cite their religious belief as a reason to deny coverage to their employees for contraception, and abortion under Obamacare.

It seems to me that the progressive (read Liberal/Socialist) manner of thinking and acting is going to destroy the freedoms that we have enjoyed in this great nation since the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written and the Constitution was amended by the first 10 amendments. This president has done some terrible things including lying to the American People with his repeated statements about keeping your existing insurance and Doctor, and his statements regarding the murder of our people in Benghazi, being a reaction to a film about Mohammed. Folks you have voted for this man twice, and he continues to ignore the will of the American People, when will you begin to wake up and realize that this President, wants nothing more that to be a Dictator in Chief not Commander in Chief.

NAPOLITANO: Obama mocks Catholic nuns for resisting Obamacare contraception mandate – Washington Times
January 16, 2014, 3:55 pm
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I guess that people forgot, once he was re-elected as President he did not have to worry about the peasants, he can’t run again, so he doesn’t care about those who disagree with him. That is why he tells Congress that he will do what he wants and they can go pound sand. The Dictator in Chief will listen to no one!!!!

NAPOLITANO: Obama mocks Catholic nuns for resisting Obamacare contraception mandate – Washington Times.

Cornyn of Texas – Supports Democrats
October 8, 2013, 10:58 am
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I thought that John Cornyn senior senator from Texas was a conservative. That started to unravel when he refused to support Conservative candidates, he was the chair of the Senate Campaign Committee and he supported “moderates” not conservatives. He would not support Ted Cruz in TX until he had to because Cruz won the nomination to the Supported Candidate, Moderate that he is. So now Cornyn votes to allow the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid to add back in the funding for Obamacare, yes Cornyn was one of the turncoats who refused to vote against Cloture on the House Bill to fund the government, without funding Obamacare.

He claims that he supports defunding Obamacare, but he doesn’t support his fellow Texas Senator Ted Cruz, so instead of voting with Cruz and other Senators to defeat cloture, and force the Senate to continue debate on the bill, he voted to allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote, which allowed the Democrats to include an amendment to fund Obamacare. I will say he voted against the bill, but it never should have gotten to the floor in the first place. Of course he can say that he voted against funding Obamacare, but the truth is he voted for it before he voted against it. Just like John Kerry could say he did.

It seems to me that if you are against something then you should do everything you can to stop it from even receiving a vote. Ted Cruz stood against any funding for Obamacare, and filibustered against the cloture motion, all to no avail since the establishment Republican Senators refused to stand against the cloture motion. It is time to vote these old people out of congress and senate positions that they have held for years, it is time for us to send true conservatives like Cruz and Lee to the Senate and the House. Of course that means that we have to stop voting for people who promise us the moon, more spending and more taxation is not the answer, it is time for austerity. We need to reform the tax laws and the so-called entitlement programs. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are rapidly going bankrupt, they need to be reformed. We also need to get rid of the invasive actions of our Federal Government. End the NSA spying on us, rid us of IRS and its goon squads who will do anything to keep the Democrat machine in power. Especially rid us of the UNIONS who bleed us dry and do little to actually help anyone, workers included.

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HAMMOND: But starving Obamacare is a winner – Washington Times
August 12, 2013, 8:02 am
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Excellent points made in this editorial. If the Republican Party will hold together on this issue and show some real backbone. It will be Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid who will shut down the government not the Republicans. I hope fervently that they will stay the course.

HAMMOND: But starving Obamacare is a winner – Washington Times.

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Senator Ted Cruz
July 11, 2013, 5:35 pm
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Senator Ted Cruz is moving to defund Obamacare

Senator Ted Cruz.

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PAUL: Obamacare, one year after Supreme Court approval – Washington Times
June 28, 2013, 2:31 pm
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PAUL: Obamacare, one year after Supreme Court approval – Washington Times.

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Senate Bill Incentivizes Employers To Fire Americans and Hire Amnestied Immigrants
June 26, 2013, 10:26 am
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Senate Bill Incentivizes Employers To Fire Americans and Hire Amnestied Immigrants.

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Political Nonsense
September 18, 2012, 10:17 pm
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Congressman Francisco ‘Quico’ Canseco is running against Democrat Pete Gallego. Mr. Gallego has produced an ad that basically accuses Rep. Canseco of being rich and then that he doesn’t care about the people of TX23. The problem with that is that Rep. Canseco has worked hard to make sure that all the people of our district have been represented. He held many town hall meetings, and listened to the people of the district, then made decisions that I did not always agree with, but he made them based on what was best for all the district. That I can agree with.
As for Mr. Gallego, his record in the Texas House has been less than stellar, he is beholden to special interests and to the Obama administration, he supports the so called “Affordable Care Act” aka “Obamacare” which is going to destroy our health care and will raise taxes on all of us. A program which has already taken 500 billion dollars away from Medicare advantage plans to fund other parts of Obamacare. He claims to be for the small business person, yet the programs that the Obama administration is propagating will injure small businesses most. Because of this take over of health care, we are also seeing layoffs. We also see Doctors retiring from practice so they will not have to mess with the problems of trying to practice medicine while D. C. bureaucrats will tell them what they can and can’t do. They will interfere with the Doctor/Patient interaction.
Let us not forget that your medical records will also be available to these same bureaucrats, who says they will stay private? The truth is there is not any real security with our records, Social Security numbers are constantly being stolen from the Government, other forms and information has been released for the entire world to see. Do you really want the Democrats to continue taking away our freedoms, with their lies, and their hatred for people they don’t agree with.

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Congressman Canseco’s Weekly Column: Finding Another Way to Reform Health Care
September 3, 2012, 10:20 am
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Congressman Canseco's Weekly Column: Finding Another Way to Reform Health Care.

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Medicare and the Republican Plan
August 14, 2012, 2:56 pm
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<p>Here is a link to Paul Ryan’s proposal to change Medicare. This plan is not what you continue to hear about from the Democrats, it is instead a pretty straightforward and common sense approach to fix a very badly broken system. Medicare/Medicaid are broken, they have to be fixed or they will disappear within a few short years. The Democrats have no plan to fix these programs, just to continue to kick the can down the road and promising the seniors that everything will be just fine. That is patently untrue.</p>

<p>Let’s look at what Paul Ryan and the Republican Party have proposed to fix this mess.

  • Starting in 2022 Medicare would change for all persons born AFTER 1956 it would not change for you or me. We need to understand that for those of us born before 1956 there is no change to our coverage. It is people who are coming up behind us that will have changes to their plan, not, BTW bad changes.
  • People born in 1956 or later
    • Starting in 2022, the age of eligibility for Medicare would increase by two months per year until it reached 67 in 2033.
    • After 2022, the current Medicare program ends for all people who have not already enrolled. People already enrolled in the current Medicare program prior to 2022 would continue to receive the program. New enrollees after 2022 would be entitled to a voucher to help them purchase private health insurance.Beneficiaries of the voucher payments would choose among competing private insurance plans operating in a newly established Medicare exchange. Plans would have to insure all eligible people who apply and would have to charge the same premiums for enrollees of the same age. The voucher payments would go directly from the government to the private insurance companies that people selected.
    • Please note that there would be the following changes to the plan as well. If you are a top 2% wage earner your voucher amount would be: 30% of the full voucher amount. If you are a person whose income is between 8% and 2% in other words in the top 8% of all income then you would receive only 50% of the total amount. The remaining 92% of people would receive the full voucher amount. Currently in 2022 that is $8,000 and it would be adjusted for inflation each year.

    Medicaid will also change:

    • Starting in 2013, the federal share of all Medicaid payments would be converted into block grants to be allocated to the states. The total dollar amount of the block grants would increase annually with population growth and with growth in the consumer price index (average inflation).
    • Starting in 2022, Medicaid block grant payments would be reduced to exclude projected spending for acute care services for elderly Medicaid beneficiaries.
    • States would have additional flexibility in designing their programs.</li></ul>


    I do not understand why the democrats are so hateful that they want to tell you that the Republicans want to kill your grandparents and parents and destroy medicare. Of course they also don’t want you to realize that they are going to remove 700 billion dollars of funding for medicare so they can use the money on other programs. 500 billion of that money comes out of advantage plans, but please note that the AARP plans which are supplement plans not advantage plans will still be funded. Thats one reason I turned my membership back to AARP and will never again support them. They were pro the Obamacare program and of course convinced many of you to follow along with them.

    I would love to know what you think of the Ryan plan after you actually read it and discover that he is trying to save medicare, while Obama and the democrats want to destroy it so that all you can do is beg the government for their help, so they will be the insurer of choice. Namely of course they will have destroyed the insurance companies in the process. Please do yourself a favor and read the plan, become a truly informed voter. Let me know what you think once you have actually read the plan. Thank you.

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