NAPOLITANO: Obama mocks Catholic nuns for resisting Obamacare contraception mandate – Washington Times
January 16, 2014, 3:55 pm
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I guess that people forgot, once he was re-elected as President he did not have to worry about the peasants, he can’t run again, so he doesn’t care about those who disagree with him. That is why he tells Congress that he will do what he wants and they can go pound sand. The Dictator in Chief will listen to no one!!!!

NAPOLITANO: Obama mocks Catholic nuns for resisting Obamacare contraception mandate – Washington Times.

Dishonoring our Soldiers
October 8, 2013, 11:59 pm
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Soldiers who have died will not have the contract the Department of Defense made with them. $100,000 to their families plus free transportation to and from Dover to pick up the remains of these men and women. Now personally, I don’t give a damn about this government shutdown, it is bogus to begin with. Only 17% of the government is actually shut down, but when the DOD, and the Commander in Chief (President Obama) will not care for the families of these fallen men and women, that tells me that the Executive branch is hollow. We have a do nothing except to help his buddies president, a man who will not even tell the DOD to do the right thing, but instead will blame the Congress, who has passed a bill 100% voted for it, in the House and Senate and the President signed it and then refuses to honor it.

The House and the Senate voted to fund the military through the shutdown, and the DOD along with the Commander-in-Chief will not honor our fallen heroes. This is totally WRONG! This is something that in unforgivable and these people need to be GONE, throw the BUMS out of office, impeachment proceedings should begin immediately. This is so far beyond the pale it is totally outrageous. Mr. President, you are the man who is in charge of the Pentagon, yet you won’t tell them to do their jobs properly. first you block access to WW 2 vets from their own Memorial, then you let illegal people into the same area to trample on those same vets who fought for this country, yet you will allow people here illegally to spit on our country!!! You should be impeached and run out-of-town on a rail!

Homeland InSecurity
February 26, 2013, 3:02 pm
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It appears that the Obama administration doesn’t give a fig about your security, since illegals are already being released, because Homeland Security Chief Napolitano says they can’t afford to keep the 34,000 beds mandated by Congress, so they have to release prisoners who are known illegal aliens. The so-called cuts to the budget will not hit until next month, but they are releasing these criminals now because they need the money.

The local sheriff Paul Babeu is not very happy with this turn of events. Five Hundred of these criminals have already been released in Pinal County. The sheriff says that this endangers the citizens of the county, because these released prisoners are also criminals. “President Obama would never release 500 criminal illegals to the streets of his hometown, yet he has no problem with releasing them in Arizona. The safety of the public is threatened and the rule of law discarded as a political tactic in this sequester battle,” he said.

Politics can get really nasty, but it seems to me that this is beyond the pale. Our President should be working to protect our citizens, but he doesn’t have to worry since he can’t run again, what are the voters going to be able to do? He is practicing the worst political hate campaign I’ve seen in 68 years, and I don’t look for him to move to the center anytime soon. I think we are going to see him move further to the left, he will also continue to ignore the Constitution, ruling like a king, proclaiming laws and rules by executive order, bypassing Congress which needs to get some backbone, and stand up to this President and tell him enough.

Meanwhile, we the people are the ones paying the price. We pay it at the grocery store, the hardware store, we pay it at the gas pump, and in our paychecks. Taxes go up, spending goes up, and the people are the ones filling the bills. When government taxes business, business raises prices for the products that you and I buy, we pay on both ends of the equation. I don’t understand why y’all re-elected this president, but you did and now we all have to pay the piper. Please, take a good look at what is happening, stop blaming the “rich”, the “republicans” and anyone else, look in the mirror, if you voted for this man, or if you simply stayed home because you couldn’t vote for either candidate, you and you alone are responsible for the situation we the people are now in.

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Continuing Scare Campaign
February 25, 2013, 10:11 am
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The Congressional Budget Office keeps saying one thing and the White House – President Obama and his propaganda team saying the opposite. The Daily Caller has an article today in regard to the latest propaganda push by the White House. According to the President, if the sequester is allowed to stand, the country will suffer greatly. First on his list is that he will cut one aircraft carrier from the middle east battle group.

Unless you pay more taxes, of course he is referring to the top earners in our society, which he already upped taxes on in December. Of course he neglects to admit that you are also paying higher taxes, since your payroll tax has been put back in place, so you have less money in your pocket. Oh but did the President not say that if you make less than $250,000.00 you would not have higher taxes? This president will screw you again if you continue to listen to his rhetoric, the tax hikes will go to fund his programs not to bring down the deficit. It will mean even more tax hikes when we get to the next CRISIS that the White House can manufacture.

I was really impressed when the President stood in front of a bunch of first responders and said that the sequester was going to hurt them, that police officers and firemen would not get the equipment they need, some would be laid off so there would be less help in times of need. Now he is in the process of getting the nations governors on board by saying that states would not get funding if the sequester goes into effect.

Let us look at reality for a change. 1. There is no budget, so there is no way to stop spending. 2. We are already half way through the Fiscal Year, you will not be able to cut what has already been spent. 3. Much of the spending that is supposed to be cut is not even going to be paid out for several years.

The truth is that although a line item in an expense report for this fiscal year shows money being paid out this year, much of these things are paid out over several years, but Federal Accounting practices, which are not real world by any stretch of the imagination, show it all going out now. Of course the other truth is that since we are half way through the fiscal year, we actually can only reduce spending by about 42 billion dollars instead of the 87 billion that they keep talking about.

Bob Woodward wrote an article in the Washington Post on 24 Feb. in which he says: “When the president asks that a substitute for the sequester include not just spending cuts but also new revenue, he is moving the goal posts.” This is very true, when Obama requested that the sequester be put in, as an exchange with the GOP to raise the Federal Debt Ceiling to 16 Trillion, (so he could put off the deficit talk until after the 2012 election), he wanted to have a club to hold over the Congress (read GOP) for cuts of 1.2 Trillion dollars over 10 years.

Yes, both Democrats and Republicans voted for this draconian measure, however, Mr. Obama who now says it is a terrible thing, signed it into law. The original idea was to force cuts to the budget (which does not exist), but now the President wants more REVENUE which is another way of saying MORE TAXES and of course cuts in spending. The only problem with this idea of cuts in spending is that it really means SLOWING THE GROWTH IN SPENDING! That is why I say that Federal Accounting Practices are not real world. Where else could you say that instead of spending 10% more this year we will only spend 9% more, and say that is a cut in spending.

By the way, that is exactly what we are talking about here a cut in the growth in spending of 1% of the entire spending that has been approved. Now there is still no budget, and there probably won’t be one. The President keeps blaming the Republicans for there not being spending cuts to actually trim the budget, that doesn’t exist, when in reality, the Republicans in the House have passed budgets, that cut spending, and the Senate Majority Leader (Harry Reid) tabled them. They never came to the floor, nor to committee to be talked about to be worked on to be amended by Senators. No one on the Senate side ever had to deal with what the Republican House had passed. The President is in full campaign mode again, he wants to scare you into forcing your Senators and Representatives to give him what he wants.

As long as he can keep the people of this country scared about what Congress is or is not doing, he wins. Don’t allow that to happen to you, do not panic, a 1% cut in the rate of growth is not a cut in the budget, it is just a slowing of the growth of spending. The Government will still increase spending by 9% over last year, and if the President gets what he wants, there will be more taxes, more brakes on an already hurting economy, and more chance for the recession to deepening into something no one wants to see but will become a reality if we continue on this path to destruction.

Find out the facts, become an informed people, stop the madness, stop the class warfare.

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No Air Defense on Mexican Border
February 12, 2013, 2:35 pm
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Our nations capital, Washington D. C. will be receiving a new Air Defense system even though the Obama Administration has caused the Air Force to shut down the same type of system on our Southern border, from Florida to California, the system will be shut down on the 15th of March. However I read today on the Texas Conservative Republican blog that the Army had been tasked with putting up the same type of system around D. C.. Seems like fortress Obama needs protection, but our Southern border can be left wide open.

This system was put out there to spot low flying aircraft, low flying missiles, and other things that would come in under the radar. This way if Al Qaeda, or some other group, like one of the Cartels wanted to bring in drugs or white slavery type operations they will be able to once the system is down. Our enemies will just love this I think. Take a look at what this government is doing to our security, when John Kerry can have more personal security while going to Virginia than our ambassador in Benghazi had, it seems to me we have become a society that doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. Our Federal Government seems to be getting itself into the Royalty mode forgetting that this is not a kingdom, this is a Republican Form of Government, it is a Constitutional Republic, and our President is not Emperor or King, but just another one of us. He is, however, acting as if he were the King of the Nation, not the President. More like a Hugo Chavez, than Abraham Lincoln.

So, what do you think, am I off base with this or are we, as a people, in deep trouble?

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Tuesday Debate
October 18, 2012, 12:06 pm
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I listened to the entire debate, I noticed that Gov. Romney was actually debating both Pres. Obama and the so-called moderator. She cut him off 28 times during the evening, only on 8 occasions did she tell the President that he was over his time, yet the President still had about 3 1/2 minutes more speaking time than did Gov. Romney. The most egregious part of the debate came at the last question. On Libya, when Pres. Obama said he referred to the actions on the very next day in the Rose Garden as Act of Terrorism. In reality he was referring to the previous acts of terrorism that had precipitated our nation going to war with Muslim extremists in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. When Gov. Romney stood to speak he mentioned that the Pres. had not called this an act of terrorism for 2 weeks.

At that point in time, Pres. Obama says loudly and clearly, get the transcript, which Ms. Crowley dutifully does. Now, my understanding of this process is that the candidates do not know what the questions are in advance, there is no conversation between them and the “moderator” and yet, Pres. Obama knew that Ms. Crowley had that transcript handy in front of her. That seems to me to say quite loudly that there was collusion between the so-called moderator and the President. Along with other indications, such as 28 interruptions of Gov. Romney and only 8 of the President, and of Ms. Crowley giving the President leads into his answers of Gov. Romney, the only possible explanation is that this was rigged from the beginning. That this question was a deliberate trap, and that Ms. Crowley cut off Gov. Romney to get this last question in, just so they could spring that trap.

I am amazed that no one noticed how convenient this was for the President. What do y’all think about this, collusion or just coincidence?

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The Land of Israel
September 28, 2012, 8:47 am
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I have watched the news and the speeches of world leaders at the United Nations, and I am absolutely mystified at what I have seen and heard. Our own President Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech that was spurious at best. He told the same untruth that his administration has been giving us since the attack on our embassy and the murder of our Ambassador to Libya and 3 others. His speech was long on apologies and short on action. I watched Israel’s Leader Binyamin Netanyahu, who stood up and spoke truth into a hateful group of people who wish only his and Israel’s destruction. I watched as Iran’s Leader spoke hate and destruction of Israel and the United States and then Egypt’s Leader spew hate for Israel and the West. I was amazed that we still allow the U. N. to take up space in our nation. It is not a group of nations who are intent on cooperation but rather a set of factions ready and willing to destroy those who are not like them, and then to destroy each other in the name of their god.

I did some research into this people called Israel, and am even more surprised and mystified as to why so many people want to destroy this land and its people. First let me dispel this lie that the Jewish people have only been in that part of the world for 50 to 60 years. Jews have lived in Israel (the Romans called it Palestine) for thousands of years. There is scientific evidence for their presence in the land. Even after Rome defeated them and destroyed the 2nd Temple in AD 70, there were still Jews left in the land. Jews returned to the land over the next 2,000 years after having been exiled, they came back and joined with their brothers and sisters who were not exiled. By the 1870’s they were again the majority religious group in Jerusalem. As they moved back they purchased the land from the Arabs who claimed it but did not live on it.
In modern times the Jewish people have reclaimed the desert, they planted trees and crops and the land again became what it once was, a land of beauty.

Why would the Arab nations want to destroy Israel, a place where the people have improved the standard of living for all who live in their land. Arabs and Jews alike share in the bounties of the land, Arab citizens serve in the Government, and in the Homeland Security positions, they are not discriminated against they are active participants in the life of Israel. Let us also understand some of the things that Israel has contributed to the world. They are the only Country in the world that entered the 21st Century with more trees than there were prior. It was the Israeli scientists who came up with bacteria to clean up oil spills. They have developed systems for irrigation that has changed agriculture, their drip irrigation system uses less water and is more efficient than other systems. It is in use here in the United States in South Texas. They developed the sun heated water tank, which converts solar energy into thermal energy.

Israeli scientists have also developed a vaccine to treat anthrax, research is moving on for treatment and/or cures for type 1 Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and emphysema. They even have a device that causes acne bacteria to self-destruct without damage to surrounding skin. Safer methods for diagnosing diseases, how about a mini-video camera that fits inside a pill (indigestible of course) that will allow for diagnosis of intestinal diseases, and safer imaging techniques for diagnosing breast cancer.

Israeli researchers are also working on a (the Jetsons live), flying car, the Israeli company Urban Aerodynamics has a prototype they are testing, it is called, “X-Hawk Rotorless Flying Evacuation Car”. Israel is also the “Silicon Valley” of the world, they are the 4th largest high-tech economy since the 1990s. Microsoft and Intel have both built their only non-US R&D facilities in Israel. They developed the cell phone (Motorola-Israel), the technology behind AOL Instant Messenger, the first PC anti-virus software (1979), voice mail technology, nanotechnology and electro-optic chips. They also developed the Pentium 4 Microprocessor for desktops and the Centrino processor for laptops.

Israel also has the third-highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world, including the highest rate among women and people over 55. They also have the world’s highest per capita rate of university degrees, they have the highest ratio of scientists and technicians in the workforce, 135 per 1,000 citizens. In the U. S. the number is 85 per 1,000 citizens. They also rank third worldwide in per capita patents, behind the U. S. and Japan. Why then would there be so much hatred toward the Jews, toward Israel?

Why destroy such a treasure trove of science and technology? Could it be that the hatred that has exhibited itself over and over again throughout history, is something that will only be ended when, as we Christians believe the Messiah will come to right the wrongs of the world? The Jewish people are still waiting for the first coming, we believe it will be the second coming, but it does seem that the only way this hatred will be ended is for God to intervene and end the bloodshed and hatred that emanates from the Arab and Iranian (they are not arabs) people. This seems to be the only explanation, for this terrible wish to destroy Israel that comes from so many of these countries. Of course we can’t forget the Russians and the Chinese who are backing the Arabs and Iranians against the Jewish people.

I pray that we in the United States will wake up and again be a people who stand solidly with our ONLY ally in the Middle East. I was horrified when our President said that Israel was one of our strongest allies in that region. Even Jordan is under attack by the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Jordan has been an ally, but, that is going to end before too long as the Caliphate comes closer to realization.

Join the conversation, what do you think about Israel and it’s people? Leave a comment so we can talk about this.