The Wise Man?
August 20, 2018, 3:21 pm
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Ecc 10:2 ESVĀ  A wise man’s heart inclines him to the right, but a fool’s heart to the left. It seems to me that we do see this in our own day, that the wise man is one who thinks things through and comes to a conclusion based on what he or she knows. I see so many of our politicians and bureaucrats sounding off without knowing what they are talking about. I see and hear so many of these people spouting nonsense, or speaking about what can or cannot be done by the President, and then go and put out the idea that they can pass legislation that will remove the President because they don’t like what he does or says. I think they ought to impeach themselves, since they seem to be committing treason against this nation as they rip us apart.
I hear these so called representatives of the people telling those who will listen to them that they ought to confront and force the members of the Presidents cabinet out of the public square. Actually saying that these folks are not to be allowed a dinner in a restaurant, simply because they work for the President of the United States. There are also those who have stated that they wish the President was taken out, a veiled threat to assassinate the President.
These who are the loudest of course are members of the House and Senate, threatening all sorts of vileness and then when a congressperson is shot at a baseball practice by a Democrat partisan, they disavow their complicity in this action. Yet the louder and more strident these politicians become the closer we get to complete anarchy. They say that those who are conservative are everything vile they can throw at us. From hate monger to homophobe, to racist, and a dozen or so other names they can conjure up. What happens when a person wearing a T-Shirt or a cap that says they support the President? They are attacked, and physically assaulted. I saw an article a couple of days ago about a Trump supporter who went to a rock concert, and one of the band members jumped off the stage and assaulted him.
Then we have this from Maxine Waters, congressperson from California. At a speech she was giving a few days ago, impeach Trump, impeach Trump. She said it over and over again, of course the partisan crowd went wild. She is also the one that started this idea of not allowing members of the cabinet have a moments peace, harassment is to be meted out whenever they can be seen anywhere.
Of course we also have the disgraced head of the CIA, Brennan, accusing the President of Treason, with absolutely no proof to be found anywhere. He lied to Congress about spying on members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. His CIA did just that, and got caught at it too, but he lied about it when asked by Sen. Diane Feinstein. His security clearance should have been pulled right then and there. Of course he is also the one who voted for a member of the Communist Party of the US for President of the USA. He never should have had a clearance to begin with.
So with all these attacks from the left against the POTUS, we have to ask who is the wise man and who is the fool? From where I sit, it appears to me that these Democrats who are trying to smear the President at every opportunity, are pretty much the fools. I hear all the calls for impeachment, the calls that say the President cannot do this or that, it is against the Constitution and he does not have the power to do what he is doing.
I truly begin to believe that these Demo(n)crats have never read the document they have sworn to uphold and defend. They act like the Constitution really doesn’t matter as long as they get their way. The President is acting within his enumerated powers, and if he says you cannot have a Security clearance for your gross negligence of tongue, you don’t have it anymore. When I was an E-6 on active duty I had a Security Clearance, because I handled stuff that was classified as a part of my job. When I became a civilian, I no longer had that clearance, because it was not a part of my civilian occupation. I was no longer in the military. It is high time that all those who held clearances and are no longer in government employment, to lose those clearances. This is a matter of National Security.
So the wise man seems to be the one that everybody is trying to destroy, and those who are making unfounded accusations are the fools on the left. What do you think?

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Destroy Syria?
August 27, 2013, 5:29 pm
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Since when has it become a serious threat to our National Interest? I agree that the use of weapons of mass destruction, is a morally bankrupt action, however, the people of that region have been killing each other in any way they could for 100’s of years. Are we going to change them? Can we enforce the establishment of our form of government? The answers to both these questions are a resounding NO! Will the people of Syria love us because we helped them get rid of Assad? Again the answer is NO!

Why is it that the Arab nations around Syria don’t want to step in and shut this down? They are the ones who are in the middle of all this mess, and they know that Al Qaeda will be the winner in this civil war. Not only that but these folks are enjoying the escalation in the price of oil so why should they intervene when they are actually getting more from the status quo. No way should we allow ourselves to get involved in this mess, let these people work out their own destiny, it is none of our business. These people do not appreciate the help they are given, they hate us and our way of life, they are looking to set up a theological construct with Sharia law, and the Quran as their constitution. We do not need to help that happen.

I hear these Republican Hawks saying we need to put boots on the ground and destroy this regime, these are not conservative voices they are “moderates” they will get more of our young men and women killed and for what? Will Democracy suddenly appear throughout the middle East? NO WAY! There is no good reason for us to get involved in this mess, it can have no good outcome, there is no threat to our nation from this two-bit dictator and that goes for the whole Middle East, there can be no true threat to our National Security as long as we close our border to illegal crossing, and OH NO watch for the people who commit these horrors that they do not enter our nation.

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