President (Emperor) Acting Unilaterally
January 28, 2014, 7:03 pm
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At the State of the Union tonight according to John Podesta presidential advisor, the President will talk about taking action as he pleases since Congress will not move quickly enough on his priorities. The only problem with this is that he does not have the Constitutional authority to act without the House and Senate passing the laws for his to enforce. Of course this president will only enforce the laws that he likes and will ignore laws that he does not like.

If you want to see and hear the truth about this President, the man who would be emperor, then listen to him tonight. I find it reprehensible that this man is acting as if he were completely in charge and there was no Congress to actually debate the issues and pass the laws that would give him authority to do what he is doing. If he doesn’t like a law he will issue instructions that it is not to be enforced, yet it is his job to insure that the laws of this nation are enforced. He is supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar, but, he acts as if there was no Constitution in this nation of ours.

Of course it is not only Obama who acts like this, a number of Democratic Senators intervened with a Supreme Court case today, the case of Hobby Lobby against Obamacare forcing them to go against their own religious beliefs. The court has not heard the case yet, it will in a few weeks, but these people have decided to file a brief with the Court stating that the Corporation owners cannot cite their religious belief as a reason to deny coverage to their employees for contraception, and abortion under Obamacare.

It seems to me that the progressive (read Liberal/Socialist) manner of thinking and acting is going to destroy the freedoms that we have enjoyed in this great nation since the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written and the Constitution was amended by the first 10 amendments. This president has done some terrible things including lying to the American People with his repeated statements about keeping your existing insurance and Doctor, and his statements regarding the murder of our people in Benghazi, being a reaction to a film about Mohammed. Folks you have voted for this man twice, and he continues to ignore the will of the American People, when will you begin to wake up and realize that this President, wants nothing more that to be a Dictator in Chief not Commander in Chief.

Republicrats or Demopublicans?
December 20, 2013, 1:57 pm
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I read an interesting piece today by a man running for the Senate in Kansas, his name is Dr. Milton Wolf. He basically makes the case that “R” does not necessarily mean that the man is a conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan. If we look at the last time Republicans were in full charge, we find that spending was increased more than any other administration in history, we had bailouts, increases to Medicare and a dozen other “programs” that helped to send us into deeper debt. Of course now there are Democrats in charge and they have spent more that any other government in the history of this country. They have sent us into a 17 plus trillion dollar debt and still counting.

Here is the address for Dr. Wolf’s article. He tells the truth about the two parties that are becoming one party, it becomes harder and harder to tell them apart. The Republicans have surrendered their principles and become Democrat light. When I hear Democrats saying that John Boehner is not one of those evil conservatives, it tells me a whole lot about who and what he is and it is not Republican in the classic sense of the word. Looking at the Senate we have McConnell and Cornyn in bed with the Democrats. In the house we have Ryan who decided to write a spending bill that rips the retirement funds from WOUNDED WARRIORS men and women who served honorably and were injured in the line of duty, and will not receive the retirement benefits they were supposed to receive. All because this congress wanted to show how they could work together to spend more money and kick the can down the road to avoid FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Wake up people, your government is taking away your freedoms, read, NSA, IRS, Border Patrol. I have added the Border Patrol because they are becoming an army unto themselves, they don’t even work the border anymore, they are 40,50 even 100 miles away from the border. They stop law abiding citizens and look into our vehicles, ask us if we are citizens, and even have dogs sniffing our cars and trucks. Unreasonable searches are the rule of the day.

The government wants to split us up into groups, so that we will not watch what they are doing to us. The Government continues to grab more and more power every day, killing our businesses with hundreds of pages of useless regulations, and of course let us not forget the “Affordable Care Act” AKA Obamacare. Over five million people have lost their health care that they wanted to keep, more will lose theirs as well over the next couple of years. $717 million dollars has been taken out of Medicare to pay for this boondoggle that was forced upon us by this President and his goons. My monthly Medicare Advantage plan cost has increased this coming year to help offset the costs associated with the Medicare loss of funds. Folks if you have a true conservative, or a good libertarian running for Congress or the Senate vote for them, in my State it was Ted Cruz, we need another one this year to defeat RINO Cornyn, so we can stop the bleeding.

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