Sequester Mania
March 6, 2013, 9:30 am
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While Janet Napolitano was lying about long lines at airports, and how they would have to furlough TSA agents, so get to the airport early. That same agency signed a contract worth $50 million dollars to buy uniforms for their agents. Not only that but the Government just posted 400 new jobs openings, even though they won’t be able to fully pay all their other employees according to our President. You can find the story about TSA and their uniforms by clicking on this line.

It is amazing to me that our government thinks we are all totally stupid, the sequester is only about 1% of the total amount that the government is going to spend this year. It is not a cut in programs only a cut in the speed of growth in government spending. The government has a projected amount of 3.1 trillion dollars to be spent this year, yet the President says that the sequester will destroy all sorts of programs. Every one of the programs he talks about have increased levels of spending this year, how is the sequester stopping any of these programs? Not only that but the Republicans in the house are all set to fully fund Obamacare with this continuing resolution.

Here is a news flash! STOP THE SPENDING!!!! We the people are getting totally wiped at the excesses coming from the talking heads in Washington D. C. and the facts are clear that spending is the problem not income. The president wants more taxes, not cuts in spending, yet the taxes paid this year are already bringing record amounts into the coffers of government. Second news flash! PAY DOWN THE DEBT!!!! I know they won’t listen unless enough of we the people stand up and tell them to stop the madness. Stop the lying about what is really happening and how we can get out of this mess, and please Don’t say SPEND MORE.

Folks, do yourself and your friends and neighbors a huge favor, tell your Senators and Representatives in the Senate and House, to stop the madness, stop the spending and return control to us, to we the people. We are capable of managing our own lives much better than government, just look at NYC and their madman mayor Bloomberg. He is stopping businesses from making any money because they are no longer able to supply what their customers want, they can no longer sell 44 ounce drinks, pizza parlors cannot deliver 2 liter bottles of soda with your pizza order. Is this what you want in your life? Do you really want government to control even what you eat and drink?

Now I have to admit I don’t drink soda, I drink water, but that is my preference, government did not order me to drink water, I decided for myself. This Nanny State nonsense has to stop before we become a socialist nation, ending up like Greece or France (God forbid). Please folks, get on your congressperson and your senators and let them know you are displeased with the growth in government, and the lies they are telling us.

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Fiscal Cliff – Lies
December 14, 2012, 12:09 pm
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I was reading today about the Fiscal Cliff discussions and I realized that this whole thing is a lie. Now lets look at all this nonsense that keeps coming out. The President says he wants to work with the Republicans to make sure the country will not go over the cliff, the Speaker of the House says he has offered increased revenue from the “rich” but wants reductions in spending to go along with this before he will agree to it. The Majority leader in the Senate, who will not even consider any bills passed by Republicans in the House, says, no income, no changes to entitlements, and give us the increased taxes and next year we will talk about reducing spending.

Doesn’t sound like there is much room for compromise between the factions. Of course even if they came out today and said that they had an agreement, an agreement that would reduce spending by 1.5 trillion dollars, it would not be true. It wouldn’t be true because of the way the Federal Gov’t figures out its budgets. They start with a baseline, say 20 billion for Department X, then they add 10% to that for inflation then they cut spending by 5% so they actually raise spending by 5% over last year. They never cut spending, they just cut how much it will increase.

Of course they say it will be cut by 1.5 trillion dollars, but the truth is that is over a 10 year period. It is also not possible for them to force future Representatives, Senators and Presidents to stop spending or even to cut their budget by 5%, this Congress doesn’t have that authority, therefore the 10 year figure is a lie. Also if we assume that the 10 year figure is true, we have to understand that there are a number of assumptions in that calculation. For one thing the assumption is that nothing will happen to change the baseline figures, they don’t build in inflation, nor do they have a crystal ball that would show them the next recession that might come along, so the figures get skewed by greater or lesser amounts over the course of the 10 year period.

They also don’t have the ability to build in changes in the marketplace, such as the EPA deciding that air pollution is a problem in one or another industry so they pass aq regulation that says they have to cut back emissions by 25%. Well that means an increase in the costs that the industry has to absorb, that gets passed on to the consumer, the problem though is that some of the smaller businesses in that industry, cannot make a profit and go under, that cuts the tax base that is a part of the assumption for the 10 year figure.

Basic Economics should have taught them a lesson or two over the years. Lets face it, if we figured our household budget the way the Federal Gov’t figures theirs, we would be bankrupt real quick. So when you hear all the talk, about this one or that one being responsible for sending us over the cliff, remember that both the Republicans and the Democrats are responsible, because they all spend more than they take in. They all use the same baseline plus 10% figures, and they all listen to the CBO tell them that everything will be fine over the next 10 years – MALARKY, it will not be fine, it will get us bigger and bigger deficits, until eventually we will not be able to finance our deficit spending and will have to declare bankruptcy. Talk about too big to fail!! With the Government we have now, a government that ignores the Constitution, spends like they never have to worry because the rich can pay the bills, sets standards that cannot be met because the science doesn’t exist, and basically promises the moon and can’t deliver even one job. we will be facing massive debt for the forseeable future.

We really need to begin to bring people into the government who are willing to say NO, to more spending, who are willing to actually work within the confines of the Constitution. We also need states to step up and begin to work within the confines of that Constitution, the 10th Amendment reads: “Amendment 10 – Powers of the States and People. Ratified 12/15/1791.
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to
the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

We can stop this, but we have to be willing to stand up and bring the power back to where it belongs with WE THE PEOPLE. So, are you willing to make things change? Are you willing to suffer the consequences if we don’t? What do you think about all this?

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Political Nonsense
September 18, 2012, 10:17 pm
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Congressman Francisco ‘Quico’ Canseco is running against Democrat Pete Gallego. Mr. Gallego has produced an ad that basically accuses Rep. Canseco of being rich and then that he doesn’t care about the people of TX23. The problem with that is that Rep. Canseco has worked hard to make sure that all the people of our district have been represented. He held many town hall meetings, and listened to the people of the district, then made decisions that I did not always agree with, but he made them based on what was best for all the district. That I can agree with.
As for Mr. Gallego, his record in the Texas House has been less than stellar, he is beholden to special interests and to the Obama administration, he supports the so called “Affordable Care Act” aka “Obamacare” which is going to destroy our health care and will raise taxes on all of us. A program which has already taken 500 billion dollars away from Medicare advantage plans to fund other parts of Obamacare. He claims to be for the small business person, yet the programs that the Obama administration is propagating will injure small businesses most. Because of this take over of health care, we are also seeing layoffs. We also see Doctors retiring from practice so they will not have to mess with the problems of trying to practice medicine while D. C. bureaucrats will tell them what they can and can’t do. They will interfere with the Doctor/Patient interaction.
Let us not forget that your medical records will also be available to these same bureaucrats, who says they will stay private? The truth is there is not any real security with our records, Social Security numbers are constantly being stolen from the Government, other forms and information has been released for the entire world to see. Do you really want the Democrats to continue taking away our freedoms, with their lies, and their hatred for people they don’t agree with.

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