Gun Bill by Cruz and Grassley
April 19, 2013, 3:31 pm
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At Townhall.com Kevin glass reports that Grassley from Iowa and Cruz from TX have authored a new gun bill, the difference with this bill is it makes some sense. What these two Senators are trying to have happen is that existing law will be enforced. What a strange idea, that we would actually want the government to enforce the laws already on the books. Of course they also want to restrict the government from another “Fast and Furious.”

One of the things that is supposed to be a part of the NICS system is convictions (felony) and mental illness which has not been reported in many states at all. In the case of the last few nuts who killed innocent folks, they had issues that were never reported. Sen. Grassley is very concerned about this, and said; “I’ve been very interested in the mental health aspect of this debate, so we include provisions to study and address that issue.” Also Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire is co-sponsoring this bill.

These Senators want to improve and reauthorize grants for the NICS database. Require Federal Courts to submit relevant info to NICS, that is a part of wanting the government to support the and enforce laws, it is a shame when the Federal Courts won’t support the law of the land. The also ask that mental health records are submitted to NICS, many States have ignored that requirement. Federal Grant money will not go to states that do not submit mental health records to NICS. Increase fed prosecution of gun violence. Also we need to see prosecution of those people who are caught lying on their statements regarding trying to purchase guns.

There are many other provisions that do not infringe on 2nd Amendment rights, but do place the onus on those who are tasked to provide law enforcement. Also to basically force the DOJ to do the job it is tasked to do, and stop the political focus of prosecution or lack of same.

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Guest Worker Program
January 31, 2013, 10:47 am
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I like the ideas put forth by Senator Rubio, it makes sense to first, secure our borders and second, to allow unskilled as well as skilled persons to enter the country under a guest worker program. This to be done in conjunction with the strengthening of our data base to show when an employer hires a non-guest worker. We need fines that can be imposed on employers and of course those who are undocumented will be deported.

In this way, the legally hired workers will not be squeezed out by those who have tried to circumvent the law, and work for lower wages as well. I have a friend who used to work in the construction industry. He and his brother would work together, building homes, and doing roofing work as well. Then there was a tremendous influx of undocumented persons who came in and did the same work for as much as 50% less than he and his brother could do it. He is an American of Mexican descent, and feels that one of the great problems of our time is the illegal immigrants in our country. I also knew of a man with a green card, he would come to a small community in the hills above Del Rio TX and work for 6 months or so at jobs that the people in the community were not able to do as this was an aging population. He would then go home for a couple of months and then come back.

That was a good thing for him, his family and for the folks in that community. It was also a good thing for showing how things can be done so that everyone wins. There used to be a guest worker program in this country, it ended in the middle 1960’s. It was a good program but there were abuses in the system. Some workers were treated badly, some would have to work for very low wages. However, when the system worked, the workers were treated fairly and they received fair wages for their work.

We in this nation need to have this program working again, but with proper safeguards to insure that the workers and the employers are all treated fairly. That workers who come into this country under the program will have decent housing, their children will be able to receive an education and that there are fair wages paid for the work that is done. I am sure that those who are highly educated, scientists, doctors and the like don’t have to worry about these things. It is the ones who work in agriculture that sometimes get treated a little shabbily, and it is not everybody just a person or two who will take advantage of these folks. We want to be able to monitor the program in such a way as to make it fair and equitable for everyone.

At the same time, we also MUST secure our borders, there are drug smugglers, slave smugglers and others who abuse the openness of our borders and this must be curtailed as much as possible. I know there are those who want to allow open borders but that is just not feasible in a world where there are those who want to kill and maim. Those who hate us because we are not like them, terrorists if you will, whether Islamist, or some other group really doesn’t make a difference. We don’t want to see our citizens killed and maimed because we won’t control our borders, that is tantamount to the government being complicit in the deaths of our citizens. That is not acceptable, our borders MUST be secure.

What do you think? Is a guest worker program a good thing? Can we really control our borders? Leave a comment, join the conversation.

How do you stop evil?
December 18, 2012, 4:40 pm
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I keep hearing these talking heads discussing how you can make schools safe, and how can we stop people from doing this again. We have the same discussion every time someone does something evil, and it always seems to devolve to the choice of tool not the person.

We always want to do away with the tool, in this case guns, but there are those who then ask the obvious question, since more people are killed by drunk drivers than are killed by guns, should we then get rid of cars, or alcohol, or drugs. You see it is a vicious circle, the tool, is just that a tool. In the hands of a stable law-abiding citizen, the car, the drink, the gun are used properly. Let me say that I am an instructor in handgun use, and the first thing I teach is that we have to watch what we are doing with any tool. The handgun being a tool. 1. The gun is always loaded, do not pick up a gun thinking it is unloaded, please be sure that it is indeed not loaded. If you don’t know how to do this, DO NOT PICK UP THE GUN. 2. Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to shoot at, (some would say, destroy). If you have a gun in your hand make sure it is pointed downrange, or in a safe direction. Better yet, put it down or put it in your holster.

I was reading a piece earlier today that spoke about getting retired first responders, Police officers, Military personnel or others who have experience with firearms, to volunteer at your local school. Of course these would be armed persons, that would be able to at the very least slow down the assailant, and at the best stop that person before they could harm anyone inside the building or grounds. I would add persons who have qualified for concealed carry license, they have learned how to use a gun, they are licensed to carry and they have no criminal record. I know of a couple of people who would be glad to volunteer to protect the teachers and the especially the children in schools. It is a shame that there is a need to protect children in what should be the safe place for them, but our society has become somewhat coarsened over the last 50 years or so.

New gun laws, banning this or that gun, I note that a number of politicians and pundits keep referring to automatic weapons, these have been illegal for almost 50 years, what they are actually talking about are semi-automatic guns. You fire only one bullet when you pull the trigger, not a burst of bullets, just one. If you want to fire another you must pull the trigger again. Another thing that the politicians want to ban is the magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The problem there is simple, if I am out on my ranch, which just happens to be very close to the southern border of the USA, with Mexico. You don’t know what you will run into while feeding cattle or goats, or whatever it is you are raising. There can be anything out there from poachers, to human traffickers, to drug runners. All of them armed, now in the case of poachers, you probably will not have any real problem, but with the drug runners and human traffickers, you will be dealing with a number of guns looking back at you. I want to be able to protect myself with a decent amount of bullets that I can return fire with.

Some of these guys do have true assault weapons, so they can fire multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger. I can only hope that I can stop them before they end my life. So there are those of us who actually do need larger magazines. So let’s have a discussion that is not governed by emotion, or politics, but rather by common sense. First, lets talk about enforcing the law on the books now. Second, if you are going to have a school or place of business go into lockdown, then make sure that the bad guys can’t get past the locked door by shooting out a window and climbing in. Common Sense is a wonderful thing, and usually helps to being some decent ideas to the table.

What kind of ideas to you have about all this craziness? Add your comments to the discussion, I’d love to hear from you.

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What is the truth?
October 12, 2012, 10:23 am
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VP Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan squared off yesterday in the one and only Vice-Presidential debate. It was interesting, but I thought that the way it was handled was stilted. I much preferred the more spirited debate structure, it was a real back and forth, of the Presidential debate. I thought I would go to Fact Check today to see what they had to say about the statements both men made. One that I found somewhat disturbing was the Fisker Automotive loan. The purpose of the loan was to push an electric car, and the money was to be spent in the US. So far so good, of course, not one vehicle was built-in this country, but, the money was spent on R&D, Advertising and other things all in this country. Ryan asked about the money in a way that suggested it was spent on cars being made in Finland, well according to financial statements from Fisker it was all spent here, however, the cars were not built here. What happens is that the funds given to the company were used here so that other funds could be freed up to build the vehicles in Finland. The total amount of funds so far paid to Fisker is $193 billion dollars, out of $595 billion authorized. They were supposed to begin actually building cars in Bidens state of Delaware in a closed down GM plant. That has not happened, and the government has cut off the funding to Fisker. So $193 billion taxpayer dollars gone down the Green Technology sinkhole, with nothing yet to show for it. Did the government fund workers in Finland, not directly, but I would say indirectly yes they did.
I also heard the Frank Luntz focus group last night complain that they didn’t hear any specifics from Ryan, yet he was very clear in saying that their 5 point plan was a starting point for discussions with both Republican and Democratic legislators to begin building legislation and budgets to move our country forward. cutting spending and lowering tax rates properly, while also cleaning up the tax code and getting rid of subsidies that corporations and individuals receive so that we could begin getting out of the mess we are in. Gov. Romney said basically the same thing in his debate with President Obama, yet, we still hear the cries of no specifics, give us specifics. I seem to remember that President Obama ran on Hope and Change, no specifics other than closing Gitmo (not done) and improving our relations in the world, (not done). He also said he would ban torture, that one he claims to have accomplished, he did ban waterboarding.
VP Biden also made the statement that Paul Ryan voted to fund two wars using the government credit card, of course he forgets that he voted for it too. These things always seem to get blown out of proportion, politicians do tend to exaggerate their claims and their good things, while trying to demonize their opponents. Of course one thing I found interesting was that VP Biden decided to double down on the claim that they, the Administration, did not receive any information on the need for increased security, nor did they receive information on the attack being a terrorist attack on the Consulate in Benghazi. Yet the hearings in Congress said that the State Department was following events on the ground in Benghazi by satellite with pictures and they knew that it was a terrorist attack immediately. They also knew that there were no demonstrations outside the consulate in real-time. So why did the Administration, including the Secretary of State continue for two weeks to make tha statements that it was all about the video. Is it true that State did not tell even Hillary Clinton the truth? PLEASE that begs to be refuted. There has been a terrible coverup in this murder of our personnel in Benghazi. The administration is culpable in the deaths of our personnel, they were asked for additional resources for security and they refused to deliver that help to the consulate. That is inexcusable.
So tell me, what do you think, has this latest debate changed your mind, do you think that one or the other of our candidates for office is better than the other, or do you want to hear more from President Obama and Gov. Romney?

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CNG H.R. 1712
May 8, 2012, 10:42 am
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Compressed Natural Gas, $1.50 a gallon as opposed to $4.00 a gallon for gasoline, why is it not available today for consumption, retail sales points. Well there is legislation, by a Republican in the House Rep. William Cassidy (R-LA), if we truly want to get away from “fossil fuel” such as oil, here is a clean burning alternative. We have at least 100 years of supply in the ground in the USA. The legislation is quite simple it will allow small companies like Chesapeake, or Apache to not only bring the CNG out of the ground, but also allow them to sell at retail. NO GOV. MONEY! No subsidies, no government intrusion into the type of car, or the location of the fueling station, just a straight forward piece of legislation that says, the company that pulls it from the ground, “independent company” can also sell as much as they want.

Current legislation says that independents cannot sell more that 5 million dollars a year at retail, why? I thought the Democrats were all for the little guy, but, it sure seems they put a mess of regulation in their way. We have already seen what this adminstration thinks about jobs, NO KEYSTONE PIPELINE never mind that it might produce 100,000 jobs, but it might not do so for a few years while it is being built. Besides the environmentalists don’t want it, so the democrats don’t want it either. They might lose votes (money) in their re-election campaigns.

It is high time we got rid of these obstructionists in the Senate and the White House, and put some folks in that might just move the country forward on a sustainable track. A track that will allow for a true “all of the above” energy policy, instead of the picking of winners and losers depending on who will pay the most into the coffers of career politicians. So, here is one thing we can support now, contact your Senators, your congressperson and get them to support this legislation, lets get this ball rolling so we can have an alternative energy source for our vehicles, and jobs for people to build these refueling stations as well as sell the product. That is something worth doing and doing now!

If you agree with getting this done, then act today, get the congress and senate to do the right thing. If you disagree you can always write a comment and we can have a discussion.

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