NRA T-Shirt lands 14 yr old in jail?
June 15, 2013, 1:20 pm
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I sometimes have to wonder, where common sense has flown to. A kid wears a shirt to school that has NRA on it, and the school calls the police, because the kid wouldn’t change the t-shirt. The police arrest the kid for obstructing an officer, because he was talking????? I worked with the NYC PD for a couple of years back in the 1970’s I can’t believe that officers of the law have gone so far to the left of common sense that they would first: arrest the kid and second that they would charge him with obstruction of an officer, because he was talking too much.

This story is at the website of WTRF 7 The DA and the Court thought this had merit and so the case will go forward. It has a possible fine up $500, and up to 1 year in jail. Now I have to admit, there are so many other possible crimes out there that I cannot fathom why this is even on the radar. It is a ludicrous case, on its face it makes no sense. I find the cop who filed and the DA who agreed as well as the idiot judge to be reprehensible people. I also find the school district without any brains whatsoever. If a T-Shirt interferes with learning, what kind of teacher is that who cannot interest their students in their lessons?

I also find it interesting that neither the school nor the Police were willing to give a statement, the DA basically ignored the reporter, and then at the end of the film you see that someone came over to cover the lens of the camera. Our nation seems to have lost its way, this is just one example of how screwed up our schools and our legal system have become.

What do you think, should this kid have been arrested?

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