4 Hostages, 1 Murder
July 16, 2015, 5:22 pm
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President Obama has cemented whatever it was that he wanted to accomplish in regard to the Nuclear program in Iran. He also has insured the Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East and the possibility of Nuclear conflagration sometime soon in that part of the world. In the process America seems to have forgotten that Iran holds 4 Americans in their prisons, and this president doesn’t seem to care one whit about that, he ignored the opportunity to say to Iran, “if you truly want this deal, you will immediately release those 4 men to us. Once they are safe in our hands outside of Iran, we will conclude our agreement with you.” Instead he said, they had nothing to do with Nuclear programs, yet when Iran asked for the ability to purchase ICBM’s from Russia, again mind you nothing to do with Nuclear programs, he gave them what they wanted. This is so egregious on the part of this President, after giving 4 Taliban generals from Gitmo in exchange for one traitor, he won’t even try to get the release of 4 of our men while giving away the store to the Iranians who are chanting even louder “Death to America, Death to Israel.”

While we are talking about the egregious actions of this President, let us take a moment to look at his history of intervention in various killings across this nation. There have been 4 incidents in which this president decided to get involved each had to do with a black person being killed by a white man. Starting with Martin in Florida, a case that was decided as self-defense on the part of the white man. Ending with Gray in Baltimore the President and the Department of injustice decided to get involved, and of course in the case of the horror in Charlotte with the racially motivated killing of 9 innocent black persons by one hateful racist. I have a problem with a President who will get involved with one and ONLY one type of killing, that of a black by a white, while totally ignoring the senseless murder of a young white woman walking with her father and being gunned down by an illegal (criminal) resident of a Sanctuary City in direct contravention of Federal law. We have heard NO word from this President nor from his INJUSTICE Dept. in regard to this horrific crime.

I seem to remember him claiming that he would be the President of ALL the people of this nation, yet it seems that ALL the people are black and anything else is not worth mentioning except in pejorative terms. His legacy will be that he has managed to BALKANIZE our nation he has set in motion a clear program of marginalizing those not of color in this nation as beneath his notice and those of color are near and dear to his heart. This is a terrible and completely a destruction of 250 years of work in this nation to try to bring us together as one people. He has single-handedly set back racial progress in this nation by at least 100 years. I grew up in an integrated neighborhood in NYC, today it would not be the same as it was 60 years ago when I was a young man. The we played together and worked together, today it is becoming more and more difficult to see that happening, simply because this President and his Injustice Dept. have set about destroying those who would work together to build a greater nation that what they inherited. I fear for this nation, I fear for the people who would try to undo the horrible damage this man has done to this country, it seems that we may very well have walked down this road perhaps a mile too far.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong in this assessment but I fear that I may be right. I pray that God still holds some love for this nation that once loved and revered Him, but that too seems to have vanished. We are a morally bankrupt nation these days and we continue on that pathway to destruction. What do you think? Leave a comment and tell me what you see for this nation.

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Page Nine
March 16, 2015, 2:54 pm
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Page Nine. This is a blog which gives us information on what is really going on. Iran is not going to stop, nor slow down it production of U235 (Bomb Material) so that it can wipe Israel off the map. Of course they also will make the land uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. Of course they really don’t care since they believe that Allah tells them to do this and it will bring the 12 Imam to life so that they can take over the world.

Killing all Jews is first on their agenda, then killing the United States, AKA the Great Satan, is second. After that who knows. Check this out folks it is an excellent read.

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Islamic Terror
January 24, 2015, 2:38 pm
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It seems to me that our President has a problem with naming that which happens in the world with the proper appellation, when terrorists attack a newspaper office in Paris, shouting “Allahu Akbar” it is not an act of terror, it is an act of Islamic Terror. When a group of terrorists attack and wipe out an entire village in Nigeria, it is not an act of terror it is an act of Islamic Terror. In both of these incidents the protagonists (attackers) were Muslim Terror fighters. It was a Muslim group “Al-Qaeda in Yemen” that took credit for the attack in Paris, it was Boko Haram who attacked and killed the people in that Northern Nigerian village. They, Boko Haram, are of course Muslim in their religious beliefs. I am beginning to wonder if part of the Obama plan to fundamentally change our nation, is to make it a part of the Worldwide Islamic Caliphate under Shariah Law. Since he refuses to close our borders to protect us from invasion, since he bows to Muslim leaders and then threatens the leader of our only ally in the Mideast, Benjamin Netanyahu with unspecified costs if he comes to the US to speak to our congress.
Yet it is OK for the British Prime Minister to come to America and lobby our Senators to stop the bill that will force Obama to sanction Iran if they do not make a treaty to stop their Nuclear Bomb making project.
While we are at it, I read a very interesting piece on Islamic End Time events prophecies. You see the Shia sect of Islam is planning to set up their own Caliphate and they now are closer than ever to realizing the goal. Looking at what they see as fulfilling prophecy tells us that Iran – Hezbollah and other Shia groups in the world are looking at the death of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia as fulfillment of another prophecy. Both Iran and Hezbollah rely on a book of prophecy called Al-Jair. Supposedly, the 12 Imam (The Mahdi) will come to lead them into being the World Dominating power. There will be a Sunni ruler in Syria, then the Iranians will attack Syria and defeat the Sunni ruler on their way to sacking Jerusalem.
According to these prophecies the death of King Abdullah will trigger widespread internal strife throughout Saudi Arabia. Iran figures they can then move against the Saudi’s. Please note that the Saudi’s are concerned because they are now faced with Shia all around them especially now that Shia are taking over Yemen.
It does seem that events are moving toward some kind of horrible war in the middle east. It is time we as a nation decide who it is we will be backing. The Russians have decided to back Iran, who will we be friend to? I certainly hope that we will be the people who continue to back Israel. Whatever we do, it behooves us to look seriously at what is happening in that part of the world. We continue down the present path and we will soon be staring our own destruction in the face.
Where do you stand?

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The Land of Israel
September 28, 2012, 8:47 am
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I have watched the news and the speeches of world leaders at the United Nations, and I am absolutely mystified at what I have seen and heard. Our own President Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech that was spurious at best. He told the same untruth that his administration has been giving us since the attack on our embassy and the murder of our Ambassador to Libya and 3 others. His speech was long on apologies and short on action. I watched Israel’s Leader Binyamin Netanyahu, who stood up and spoke truth into a hateful group of people who wish only his and Israel’s destruction. I watched as Iran’s Leader spoke hate and destruction of Israel and the United States and then Egypt’s Leader spew hate for Israel and the West. I was amazed that we still allow the U. N. to take up space in our nation. It is not a group of nations who are intent on cooperation but rather a set of factions ready and willing to destroy those who are not like them, and then to destroy each other in the name of their god.

I did some research into this people called Israel, and am even more surprised and mystified as to why so many people want to destroy this land and its people. First let me dispel this lie that the Jewish people have only been in that part of the world for 50 to 60 years. Jews have lived in Israel (the Romans called it Palestine) for thousands of years. There is scientific evidence for their presence in the land. Even after Rome defeated them and destroyed the 2nd Temple in AD 70, there were still Jews left in the land. Jews returned to the land over the next 2,000 years after having been exiled, they came back and joined with their brothers and sisters who were not exiled. By the 1870’s they were again the majority religious group in Jerusalem. As they moved back they purchased the land from the Arabs who claimed it but did not live on it.
In modern times the Jewish people have reclaimed the desert, they planted trees and crops and the land again became what it once was, a land of beauty.

Why would the Arab nations want to destroy Israel, a place where the people have improved the standard of living for all who live in their land. Arabs and Jews alike share in the bounties of the land, Arab citizens serve in the Government, and in the Homeland Security positions, they are not discriminated against they are active participants in the life of Israel. Let us also understand some of the things that Israel has contributed to the world. They are the only Country in the world that entered the 21st Century with more trees than there were prior. It was the Israeli scientists who came up with bacteria to clean up oil spills. They have developed systems for irrigation that has changed agriculture, their drip irrigation system uses less water and is more efficient than other systems. It is in use here in the United States in South Texas. They developed the sun heated water tank, which converts solar energy into thermal energy.

Israeli scientists have also developed a vaccine to treat anthrax, research is moving on for treatment and/or cures for type 1 Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and emphysema. They even have a device that causes acne bacteria to self-destruct without damage to surrounding skin. Safer methods for diagnosing diseases, how about a mini-video camera that fits inside a pill (indigestible of course) that will allow for diagnosis of intestinal diseases, and safer imaging techniques for diagnosing breast cancer.

Israeli researchers are also working on a (the Jetsons live), flying car, the Israeli company Urban Aerodynamics has a prototype they are testing, it is called, “X-Hawk Rotorless Flying Evacuation Car”. Israel is also the “Silicon Valley” of the world, they are the 4th largest high-tech economy since the 1990s. Microsoft and Intel have both built their only non-US R&D facilities in Israel. They developed the cell phone (Motorola-Israel), the technology behind AOL Instant Messenger, the first PC anti-virus software (1979), voice mail technology, nanotechnology and electro-optic chips. They also developed the Pentium 4 Microprocessor for desktops and the Centrino processor for laptops.

Israel also has the third-highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world, including the highest rate among women and people over 55. They also have the world’s highest per capita rate of university degrees, they have the highest ratio of scientists and technicians in the workforce, 135 per 1,000 citizens. In the U. S. the number is 85 per 1,000 citizens. They also rank third worldwide in per capita patents, behind the U. S. and Japan. Why then would there be so much hatred toward the Jews, toward Israel?

Why destroy such a treasure trove of science and technology? Could it be that the hatred that has exhibited itself over and over again throughout history, is something that will only be ended when, as we Christians believe the Messiah will come to right the wrongs of the world? The Jewish people are still waiting for the first coming, we believe it will be the second coming, but it does seem that the only way this hatred will be ended is for God to intervene and end the bloodshed and hatred that emanates from the Arab and Iranian (they are not arabs) people. This seems to be the only explanation, for this terrible wish to destroy Israel that comes from so many of these countries. Of course we can’t forget the Russians and the Chinese who are backing the Arabs and Iranians against the Jewish people.

I pray that we in the United States will wake up and again be a people who stand solidly with our ONLY ally in the Middle East. I was horrified when our President said that Israel was one of our strongest allies in that region. Even Jordan is under attack by the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Jordan has been an ally, but, that is going to end before too long as the Caliphate comes closer to realization.

Join the conversation, what do you think about Israel and it’s people? Leave a comment so we can talk about this.