Eric Holder – Destroyer of the Constitution
July 20, 2013, 9:14 am
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A new article in the Washington Times speaks about the Attorney General of the United States telling the Police in Florida that they have to hold the evidence in the Zimmerman trial. That of course means that he thinks they will be able to find something new in this case. He is looking to file criminal charges against Zimmerman under the Hate Crimes law. Of course the FBI, Florida State Police, the local police and the Court/Jury have already done all this and NO EVIDENCE of racial hatred was found.

Under the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, George Zimmerman is allowed to carry a gun for personal protection, and under the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, Zimmerman is supposed to be secure in the persons, papers, houses and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. The Attorney General of the United States is sworn to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States. Instead this AG has decided to trample all over the Constitution, depriving private citizens of their rights and trying to trump up charges against them where there is no evidence to support his assertions. He has made repeated references to the Stand your Ground statute, however, this had nothing to do with the George Zimmerman trial. Zimmerman was tried for murder 2, not for standing his ground, and the Jury found him not guilty by reason of self-defense.

I find it reprehensible that our Federal Government would trample the Constitution into the dirt, and take away the rights of the American People. Know this you who may be reading this blog, today it is George Zimmerman, tomorrow it may be you. Fascists don’t care about law, they change it to suit their wants. After the Fascists/Nazi’s took control in Germany they began to systematically destroy those that they hated. Gypsies, Jews, the infirm. The people in Germany said nothing, the government then went after anyone who spoke against what was happening, finally they went after Christians. The government in the United States has begun to go after people in this country, the Infernal Revenue Service investigating people and groups who want to express their views as the 1st Amendment says they can. The NSA keeping records on everyone in this nation and soon you might just see some of us picked up as dangerous to the nation because we do speak out.

I realize that those of you who keep getting your benefits from the Feds, will want to keep your status and so I don’t really expect you to get upset when others are treated unfairly, but for those of us who are not afraid to speak out, please do so. These infringements on our Constitutional rights must be stopped. Support the movement to abolish the IRS, if your representatives won’t move toward a fair tax system, then replace them. Many of them have been in office way too long, it is time to retire them and bring new and conservative blood into the system.

Stand up and be counted!

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Voter Fraud
January 27, 2013, 8:51 am
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The following story appeared in Edinburg TX, having to do with of all things a School Board election.


South Texas school board election results nixed

(Information in the following story is from: The Monitor, http://www.themonitor.com)

EDINBURG, Texas (AP) A judge has overturned the results of a South Texas school board election after finding that votes were illegally cast.

The Monitor of McAllen reports visiting District Judge J. Manuel Ba ales ruled the Hidalgo County Elections Department allowed some voters who aren’t part of the school district to cast ballots in the November election.

Ba ales says removing those illegal votes means that Hidalgo school district trustee Mentor Cantu, who had lost to challenger Norma Garza-Torres, is the winner of the school board seat in question. Cantu was sworn into office on Friday.

Friday’s ruling doesn’t settle the November school board election as two other losing candidates still have a pending election lawsuit. New elections could also be ordered for Cantu and the two other losing candidates.”

The State of Texas passed a law requiring voter ID, the law was shut down by the Federal Attorney General because he said it discriminated against “minorities”. The truth of Texas is that we are all minorities in this state. The population shifts here have made it so that Hispanic persons outnumber other groups in many parts of the State. If you look at the names of the persons involved you will see that they were all Latino/Hispanic persons. Even the Judge who adjudicated the case. Would voter ID have helped in this case, I think it would have, but of course it was killed by AG Holder for reasons that no longer make any sense.

In my estimation, if you want to have everybody treated the same, which was supposed to be the reasons for the anti-discrimination laws in the first place, then voter ID makes great sense. It levels the playing field, it helps those who have been disenfranchised regain the vote that they might have lost for whatever reason. You see if you want to vote now, you have to present some kind of ID but anyone can get your ID just by going through your trash and picking up a thrown away electric bill or gas bill or some other kind of identifying document. Then they go and vote early, which in Texas is legitiment way to vote, and use the piece of paper they got from your trash to cast the ballot. Your name goes on the voter role as having voted.

Needing to have an ID with a picture on it will negate that problem. Is it hard to get this type of ID, NO it is not. We hear how hard it is for poor or elderly people to get to the place where they can get this ID. Wrong, we have all sorts of transportation for folks to use, including, but not limited to, public transportation. There are also local transportation vans for those who are unable to afford the bus, or who live in rural areas. The other side of that coin is that most of these folks already have photo ID, in the form of a drivers license. The arguments against this Voter ID law, are spurious and actually are discriminatory in that they are used to say that minority persons are poor and have no way to get to the issuing authority. That is a straw man of huge proportions set up by those who wish to dis-enfranchise those who they claim to be helping.

What do you think about this? Join the conversation, send a letter or email to your State Representative if you live in my State of Texas, contact your representative and tell them what you believe. Then tell the Dept. of (In)Justice what you think. Lets level the playing field so that all persons will have the right and privilege to vote in our elections, without having to worry about Voter Fraud.