Guest Worker Program
January 31, 2013, 10:47 am
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I like the ideas put forth by Senator Rubio, it makes sense to first, secure our borders and second, to allow unskilled as well as skilled persons to enter the country under a guest worker program. This to be done in conjunction with the strengthening of our data base to show when an employer hires a non-guest worker. We need fines that can be imposed on employers and of course those who are undocumented will be deported.

In this way, the legally hired workers will not be squeezed out by those who have tried to circumvent the law, and work for lower wages as well. I have a friend who used to work in the construction industry. He and his brother would work together, building homes, and doing roofing work as well. Then there was a tremendous influx of undocumented persons who came in and did the same work for as much as 50% less than he and his brother could do it. He is an American of Mexican descent, and feels that one of the great problems of our time is the illegal immigrants in our country. I also knew of a man with a green card, he would come to a small community in the hills above Del Rio TX and work for 6 months or so at jobs that the people in the community were not able to do as this was an aging population. He would then go home for a couple of months and then come back.

That was a good thing for him, his family and for the folks in that community. It was also a good thing for showing how things can be done so that everyone wins. There used to be a guest worker program in this country, it ended in the middle 1960’s. It was a good program but there were abuses in the system. Some workers were treated badly, some would have to work for very low wages. However, when the system worked, the workers were treated fairly and they received fair wages for their work.

We in this nation need to have this program working again, but with proper safeguards to insure that the workers and the employers are all treated fairly. That workers who come into this country under the program will have decent housing, their children will be able to receive an education and that there are fair wages paid for the work that is done. I am sure that those who are highly educated, scientists, doctors and the like don’t have to worry about these things. It is the ones who work in agriculture that sometimes get treated a little shabbily, and it is not everybody just a person or two who will take advantage of these folks. We want to be able to monitor the program in such a way as to make it fair and equitable for everyone.

At the same time, we also MUST secure our borders, there are drug smugglers, slave smugglers and others who abuse the openness of our borders and this must be curtailed as much as possible. I know there are those who want to allow open borders but that is just not feasible in a world where there are those who want to kill and maim. Those who hate us because we are not like them, terrorists if you will, whether Islamist, or some other group really doesn’t make a difference. We don’t want to see our citizens killed and maimed because we won’t control our borders, that is tantamount to the government being complicit in the deaths of our citizens. That is not acceptable, our borders MUST be secure.

What do you think? Is a guest worker program a good thing? Can we really control our borders? Leave a comment, join the conversation.