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February 18, 2016, 10:21 am
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I watched an interview a couple of days back, an interview with a 62 year old man, who was dressed as a child. Not just any child but a 6 year old girl. He had grown up, married, had kids and grandkids, and then suddenly he realized that he was a 6 year old girl trapped in his body. So he abandoned his family, and was adopted by a couple, who actually treat him as a 6 year old girl, they buy his clothing, little girls clothing, in his size of course. He spends his day playing with little girl stuff dolls and all, and not being concerned with the things of the world.
This is the new thing in our world, it is now OK to self identify as whatever you wish to be. Boys now can self identify as girls and get to use the girls locker room at school in some places in our nation. There are others who self identify as animals, dogs, cats, even bigger animals, whatever they like.
Another interesting new thing is self marriage, there have been a number of self marriages where the person marries themselves, making vows to themselves, and even going on honeymoons with themselves. Of course these are not legal weddings, no state actually has issued a marriage license to Jane and Jane or John and John, but these folks have actually had weddings performed by family or friends as if they were actually getting married. One woman actually had her entire wedding, with 10 bridesmaids, her sister performed the ceremony, and she then went on a cruise with herself as her honeymoon.
To think we used to worry about polygamy, and here we have sologamy. What happens if you decide you don’t like you? How do you split the assets of your marriage? How do you divorce?

In scripture we find something a bit more like truth, a bit more real, for those who wish to self identify, and for those who wish to actually mutilate their bodies so that they look like what they say they are. Listen to the words of both Jeremiah the prophet and David the King.
Jer 1:1-10 NKJV The words of Jeremiah the son of Hilkiah, of the priests who were in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin, (2) to whom the word of the LORD came in the days of Josiah the son of Amon, king of Judah, in the thirteenth year of his reign. (3) It came also in the days of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah, king of Judah, until the end of the eleventh year of Zedekiah the son of Josiah, king of Judah, until the carrying away of Jerusalem captive in the fifth month. (4) Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying: (5) “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” (6) Then said I: “Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.” (7) But the LORD said to me: “Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’ For you shall go to all to whom I send you, And whatever I command you, you shall speak. (8) Do not be afraid of their faces, For I am with you to deliver you,” says the LORD. (9) Then the LORD put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the LORD said to me: “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. (10) See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, To root out and to pull down, To destroy and to throw down, To build and to plant.”
Psa 139:13-16 NKJV For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. (14) I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. (15) My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. (16) Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them.
In Psalm 139 we are introduced to the knowledge of David, that he was from before birth, known to God. He talks about how the body was knit together in his mothers womb, that from conception all that David was to become was already written. Jeremiah learns from God that before he was born, God had already ordained him as a prophet. Just as David was a king before he was born, so Jeremiah was a prophet.
People in this world have abandoned the truth and adopted the lie. They have decided for themselves what they are, many mutilate themselves to change their physical appearance so that they look like what they say they are. Men into women and women into men. Spending thousands of dollars, enduring quite a bit of pain all so they can change into what they have self identified as. There is of course a problem that our society no longer wants to deal with. DNA, it says you are a male or a female at birth, that does not change, no matter what you do, you cannot change the truth. Of course those who used to try to help people recover their true identity now try to help them with their self identity, and say it is not an aberration, it is their real self.
Of course we now have to remove God from the equation, we cannot allow this God thing to get in the way of what we want to be, what we know we really are. We have our “alternative” life style, and we know that God is but another way of controlling our lives, so we kill God in our souls, and instead become our own god.
Yet how can we ignore God, how can we become our own god? We have to also ignore the wonder of our universe, the wonder of our own planet and our very existence. Our bodies are wonderfully made, everything works together in beautiful symmetry. Think about this, and tell me that you can make this for yourself:
The woman produces an egg the man produces the fertilizing sperm, when they meet together in the womb, a human being is formed. At the moment of conception it is a baby boy or girl, all that this child will be is programmed right into its DNA, God knows every cell in that body, and long before it is born God has seen where it will go and what it will do with all that God has given it as gifts and graces. Of course the man or woman can reject what God has set in motion and live life as he or she sees fit. But the human being that this person is, cannot be changed, it cannot become whatever animal, it chooses. It cannot become a woman when it is already programmed as a man. No matter how hard we try we cannot change the inner reality of who and what we are, that has been ordained from the moment of conception.
Can science create life from nothing? Can science actually tell you how it all works? Think about this, when you are born your body is already functioning and as it grows it also learns how to function better. As you grow your body grows with you. Here is what God programmed into your DNA when you were conceived: 60 trillion cells, 100 thousand miles of nerve fiber, 60 thousand miles of vessels carrying blood around the body, 250 bones, to say nothing of joints, ligaments and muscles. How about that heart that pumps that blood through those vessels. How about that brain, that thing in your skull that solves problems that performs functions constantly all day and night.
How about those lungs that breathe in and out, that feed our bodies with much needed oxygen to keep our blood flowing. How about those fingers and toes, fingers that grasp and hold, toes that help us to walk upright. Do you really think that it all comes from a cosmic accident?
If the big bang theory is correct, who lit the match? Who made the explosive powders that were set off when who lit the match? How does something come from NOTHING? Science cannot make even dirt from thin air, and while we are at it, there was nothing, not even air before the universe was formed. Can science make dirt from NOTHING? So how can we dare to think that we know better than the creator of this universe in which we live?
The first verse in the scripture says it all! “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Next of course is the fact that all living beings on land and sea, were created by God. Men were men and women were women and each knew who and what they were, yet today, that has changed, today men and women think they can change places. Yet a man who changes into a woman, cannot produce an egg, no tubes, no womb, a woman who becomes a man cannot produce sperm, no prostate, no equipment. It is all just decoration, just a fake. We are now making chaos out of order, we are now ignoring the natural so we can celebrate the unnatural.
Today we say we can self identify as whatever we think we are, white people try to say they are black. Men say they are women and women say they are men. People claim to be Native American, whose DNA says that is a falsehood. People are even holding weddings to marry themselves, others are claiming they are animals in human bodies, or children not adults.
Science says this is normal. It is not an aberration, it is not a mental imbalance, even when a boy says he is really a girl so he needs to use the girls locker room at school, and the girls restroom as well. Have you heard any girls saying they are really boys and they want to use the boys restroom and locker room at school?
Our world is chaotic, our world is turning topsy turvy. We used to know who and what we were and are, but today so many of our people no longer are willing to live in reality and so are making their own fantasy world. Now we also see that our young people no longer believe in God. Can you blame them? The people who should be living godly lives, no longer do so. We the so-called adults, no longer act like adults, we want to be children, so we become our own children’s friends so we can hang out together, text each other, live vicariously on Facebook and other social networks. We celebrate the aberrant in our society as normal, and morality continues to become less important than our own lusts.
God is not a lover of Chaos, in Genesis we read this: Gen 1:2 “The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” It was chaotic, and God made all that we see around us, and then he made humankind, to cultivate, to control and to care for all that he created: Gen 1:26 “Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”” God set in motion our lives, and gave us dominion over the earth and all that inhabits it, but not over each other. We are to live and work together to subdue the earth, to make it a good place to live in for ourselves and the animals, birds, fish, even snakes.
Yet, we mess it up, we have not cared for the earth, oh we claim to care, we hear about global warming, but the things we are doing has not changed one thing on the earth. Yes we did clean up our waterways, we stopped dumping sewage into our lakes and rivers, and that was a good thing. We try to clean up the atmosphere, because we claim there is an imbalance and it is causing the earth to get hotter, however, that is not true. Volcanoes put out more pollutants in a year than we can produce in 10 years. Temperatures have not risen in over 10 years. Yes we have a drought here in Texas, and another in California, but these are natural happenings, exacerbated by our own foolishness of trying to improve on God’s work. We also have witnessed excessive snowstorms in the north and east. I grew up in New York City, we used to make snow forts in the winter time and have snow ball fights across the street with the kids on the other side.
We have wars that are devastating whole countries, causing massive calamities, including crop failures and famine. It has nothing to do with global warming, it has to do with our inability to get along with our neighbor, much of it today has to do with oil in the middle east, and people wanting power, and of course those who believe they must exterminate anyone who is not exactly like themselves. Yes I refer here to Muslim Extremists, Jihadi’s if you will. We have returned our world to CHAOS. God is not pleased, our nation has become immoral like the rest of the world, and God is not pleased. One more thing that God has said: 2Ch 7:13-14 NKJV When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, (14) if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
We are God’s people if we call on His name, and the name of Jesus, and we are a sinful people. First and foremost, we who say we are Christian, Christ people, must recognize that we are sinners, for we have denied God, we have stopped believing in His sovereignty, and instead we pick and choose what parts we will believe and throw out the rest. We have caused this chaos, because we have stopped working for God and working instead for ourselves and our lust.
WE first must humble ourselves, admit our sin, ask forgiveness with a broken and contrite heart, and when God forgives us our sin, we must work for that Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. We must stand against the sin of a world steeped in lust, greed and hatred. We must stand FOR the Kingdom of God and for Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Savior. It is not too late, but we must be willing to pay the price for our Lord, he paid the price for us when he gave his life on the cross at Calvary.
Will you stand for Christ, or are you not willing to stand for the Kingdom? Your choice!

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Cornyn of Texas – Supports Democrats
October 8, 2013, 10:58 am
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I thought that John Cornyn senior senator from Texas was a conservative. That started to unravel when he refused to support Conservative candidates, he was the chair of the Senate Campaign Committee and he supported “moderates” not conservatives. He would not support Ted Cruz in TX until he had to because Cruz won the nomination to the Supported Candidate, Moderate that he is. So now Cornyn votes to allow the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid to add back in the funding for Obamacare, yes Cornyn was one of the turncoats who refused to vote against Cloture on the House Bill to fund the government, without funding Obamacare.

He claims that he supports defunding Obamacare, but he doesn’t support his fellow Texas Senator Ted Cruz, so instead of voting with Cruz and other Senators to defeat cloture, and force the Senate to continue debate on the bill, he voted to allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote, which allowed the Democrats to include an amendment to fund Obamacare. I will say he voted against the bill, but it never should have gotten to the floor in the first place. Of course he can say that he voted against funding Obamacare, but the truth is he voted for it before he voted against it. Just like John Kerry could say he did.

It seems to me that if you are against something then you should do everything you can to stop it from even receiving a vote. Ted Cruz stood against any funding for Obamacare, and filibustered against the cloture motion, all to no avail since the establishment Republican Senators refused to stand against the cloture motion. It is time to vote these old people out of congress and senate positions that they have held for years, it is time for us to send true conservatives like Cruz and Lee to the Senate and the House. Of course that means that we have to stop voting for people who promise us the moon, more spending and more taxation is not the answer, it is time for austerity. We need to reform the tax laws and the so-called entitlement programs. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are rapidly going bankrupt, they need to be reformed. We also need to get rid of the invasive actions of our Federal Government. End the NSA spying on us, rid us of IRS and its goon squads who will do anything to keep the Democrat machine in power. Especially rid us of the UNIONS who bleed us dry and do little to actually help anyone, workers included.

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Piles of Scandal

Here is another one for the IRS and the Congress since this has apparently gone on for at least the last 14 years. The article points out that there are thousands of people requesting the IRS issue an ITIN to them. There are thousands living at the addresses in question. Apparently in 2011 there were 23,994 unauthorized (illegal) Aliens living at one address in Atlanta GA. These folks received a combined total of $46,378,040.00 in refunds to these 23,994 individuals living at this same address in Atlanta. There were also 3 other addresses in Atlanta that held over 1,000 persons living at them, who received millions more in refunds.

That is our Tax Dollars going to undocumented, illegal or as the IRS puts it unauthorized aliens, I wonder which of the Cartels in Mexico got the money, or maybe we should look in the politicians in Mexico to see which of them received the money. I am amazed that our government seems to be working against itself and the American people. INS is supposed to stop illegal persons from entering our country, the IRS helps them to live here illegally and even pays them for doing so. Of course these days the Obama Administration has hogtied the INS so they can’t enforce the law anyway.

They just keep piling it up, deeper and deeper, when does the pile get to the point of stinking so bad, that the outrage of the American People boils over? I think it should have already reached that level, if it gets any deeper, FEMA will have to send out crews to rescue the country, oh, I forgot, they are out shooting up thousands of rounds of bullets to make sure they can control the population so that the outrage will be controlled. After all, the government has to have its own private army you know, and then of course, they have their secret police, spying on American citizens in direct contravention of the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution. Then there is the BATFE and the various SWAT teams around the country, breaking into people’s homes and seizing their goods under warrantless searches, because they may, MAY have a gun in the house.

It is past time to rise up and demand that the government of the United States get the blazes out of our lives, shut down the NSA and the IRS. Bring in the Fair Tax or the Flat Tax, but get rid of the Gestapo that is the IRS. Get rid of the Secret Police that go under the moniker of NSA, curtail the BATFE, and the SWAT goons who rip up people’s homes and lives with phony raids against innocent civilians. Return the police to being police instead of a small army inside our cities and towns. It is past time to get some spine people, stand up and be counted or continue to give up what little freedom you have left.

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Where is the Press?
February 18, 2013, 9:43 pm
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I haven’t seen or heard anyone even Fox news ask the questions that need to be asked. Here is an article written by Michael Porfido The questions really need to be asked, no one seems willing to challenge this President for the stuff he puts out. Saying that his programs will not add anything to the budget, with no cuts or new taxes to offset the costs that these programs will cost.

He talked about universal pre-school, that will cost literally billions of dollars, what is the offset. BTW science says that by 3rd grade there is no difference between kids who went to pre-school and those who didn’t. Why do we need this program? Another good one is the climate change nonsense. Saying that he wants bills to handle climate change, then says that if congress won’t do it he will act. He doesn’t have the Constitutional powers he seems to think he does.

Please read the article written by Mr. Porfido, he has put a lot of stuff out there for others to look at and maybe, if they are reporters, then they need to think about it and maybe in their shame they will actually do their jobs and ask the questions that need to be asked.

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Al-Qaeda in Yemen

The latest wonderful reward offered for the killing of Americans is 3 Kilograms of Gold for killing the US Ambassador to Yemen. You can find the story here. Of course they are just looking for publicity, after all unless we do something to provoke them they won’t do anything. It was just a demonstration in Libya they really didn’t mean to kill anyone, did they? I mean it was just over some stupid YouTube video wasn’t it?

We keep hearing how Al-Qaeda is dead, because our President killed Osama bin Laden, that is what he said on the campaign trail while running for re-election. Of course the whole thing is over now, the Taliban are no real problem, we can leave Afghanistan and they will be able to take care of themselves. Our government is ready to take care of us too, now that they don’t have to worry about wars overseas they can tackle the big problems here at home and get us back on solid footing, they just need another stimulus package. A few trillion more dollars and everything will be just fine.

I do hope y’all will wake up soon to the truth of what is really happening in our nation. Between the TSA, the Patriot Act and the new Drone program in this country, well we are assured that our government is going to keep us safe. Right after they ban any and all guns. That will make sure that crime will not be possible because criminals will not be armed anymore.

Getting back to Al-Qaeda in Yemen, we will of course be safer if we just pull out of Yemen and let them fight with themselves. As a matter of fact, maybe we should just shut down all those bases we have in the world, and bring our men and women home, they could protect our borders instead of trying to build democracies in the rest of the world. Then we would really be safe, wouldn’t we? After all we could just kill them all with our Drones and Hellfire missiles and that would surely keep us safe, wouldn’t it? While we are at it why not get rid of the leaders of Iran, North Korea, Yemen and any other place that threatens our peaceful existence. We can just go spend our food stamp dollars at the super market, and if we are lucky enough to live where we can get a prescription for Marijuana, well we can really be happy then, can’t we?

Time for tongue to come out of cheek, because the truth is, we cannot be safe, we really can’t stop every crazy who wants to kill and maim, we can’t destroy all the people in the world who want to destroy us or Israel. I see that Israel has a great antimissile system, but it can’t stop them all so they try to make sure they get the ones that would cause the most death and destruction and hope that the others will really hit outside of towns and villages. If you are one of those who wants the government to take care of you, remember Benghazi, the government was supposed to protect our ambassador, instead he died along with 3 others who were with him. If you really think that the government can take care of you, look at the Post Office, that is a very efficient money hole, and how about the TSA, do you really want the government grabbing your private parts, just to make sure you have signed up for Obamacare, and have purchased Federal Health Insurance, or paid the fine for not buying it.

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Fiscal Cliff – Lies
December 14, 2012, 12:09 pm
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I was reading today about the Fiscal Cliff discussions and I realized that this whole thing is a lie. Now lets look at all this nonsense that keeps coming out. The President says he wants to work with the Republicans to make sure the country will not go over the cliff, the Speaker of the House says he has offered increased revenue from the “rich” but wants reductions in spending to go along with this before he will agree to it. The Majority leader in the Senate, who will not even consider any bills passed by Republicans in the House, says, no income, no changes to entitlements, and give us the increased taxes and next year we will talk about reducing spending.

Doesn’t sound like there is much room for compromise between the factions. Of course even if they came out today and said that they had an agreement, an agreement that would reduce spending by 1.5 trillion dollars, it would not be true. It wouldn’t be true because of the way the Federal Gov’t figures out its budgets. They start with a baseline, say 20 billion for Department X, then they add 10% to that for inflation then they cut spending by 5% so they actually raise spending by 5% over last year. They never cut spending, they just cut how much it will increase.

Of course they say it will be cut by 1.5 trillion dollars, but the truth is that is over a 10 year period. It is also not possible for them to force future Representatives, Senators and Presidents to stop spending or even to cut their budget by 5%, this Congress doesn’t have that authority, therefore the 10 year figure is a lie. Also if we assume that the 10 year figure is true, we have to understand that there are a number of assumptions in that calculation. For one thing the assumption is that nothing will happen to change the baseline figures, they don’t build in inflation, nor do they have a crystal ball that would show them the next recession that might come along, so the figures get skewed by greater or lesser amounts over the course of the 10 year period.

They also don’t have the ability to build in changes in the marketplace, such as the EPA deciding that air pollution is a problem in one or another industry so they pass aq regulation that says they have to cut back emissions by 25%. Well that means an increase in the costs that the industry has to absorb, that gets passed on to the consumer, the problem though is that some of the smaller businesses in that industry, cannot make a profit and go under, that cuts the tax base that is a part of the assumption for the 10 year figure.

Basic Economics should have taught them a lesson or two over the years. Lets face it, if we figured our household budget the way the Federal Gov’t figures theirs, we would be bankrupt real quick. So when you hear all the talk, about this one or that one being responsible for sending us over the cliff, remember that both the Republicans and the Democrats are responsible, because they all spend more than they take in. They all use the same baseline plus 10% figures, and they all listen to the CBO tell them that everything will be fine over the next 10 years – MALARKY, it will not be fine, it will get us bigger and bigger deficits, until eventually we will not be able to finance our deficit spending and will have to declare bankruptcy. Talk about too big to fail!! With the Government we have now, a government that ignores the Constitution, spends like they never have to worry because the rich can pay the bills, sets standards that cannot be met because the science doesn’t exist, and basically promises the moon and can’t deliver even one job. we will be facing massive debt for the forseeable future.

We really need to begin to bring people into the government who are willing to say NO, to more spending, who are willing to actually work within the confines of the Constitution. We also need states to step up and begin to work within the confines of that Constitution, the 10th Amendment reads: “Amendment 10 – Powers of the States and People. Ratified 12/15/1791.
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to
the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

We can stop this, but we have to be willing to stand up and bring the power back to where it belongs with WE THE PEOPLE. So, are you willing to make things change? Are you willing to suffer the consequences if we don’t? What do you think about all this?

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Environmentalists Kill an Oyster Farm

An Oyster Farm that has existed for 100 years is now going to be shut down because of Ken Salazar Secretary of the Interior has listened to Environmental Activists and not to actual Scientists. The Drakes Bay Oyster Farm will be closed down and the workers be out of work. Salazar made the decision based on phony data. Here is a video that shows the lengths that the Federal Government will go to shut down a viable business. This is environmental destruction by the Interior Department and the National Park Service. This will not help the environment, it will probably cause more harm, just as the National Park already has done to the seals by allowing humans into their habitat inside the wilderness area. They blamed it on the oyster farm but the proof shows that it had nothing to do with the oyster farm.

The people who had the lease and were running the farm were told they would have another 40 year lease if they would make some changes to the farm, they agreed, now they can’t get permits approved to do the improvements. It really is sickening because the Park Service recognized the Lunney family as being excellent stewards of the land just a few years ago, now they are considered polluters and they Interior Department says they will file criminal charges against them which will drive them into bankruptcy. The Federal Government is no longer a beneficial government, it is no longer protecting the rights of the people, it is instead becoming the Jackbooted brownshirts of this generation. Watch out, they will come for you and me next.