Speaking of mothers
April 15, 2012, 3:54 pm
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I am absolutely amazed at the statements of so many about stay at home mothers, my own mother was a stay at home mother until we 3 boys got old enough to take care of ourselves. She went out and got a job then and that was what she wanted to do. I have to admit it was nice to have her doing that, but you know, I also remember that my mother was the coach of our Baseball team. She also helped with our Soccer Team, and Football teams as well.
She was a working woman, whether y’all think so or not, you think it’s easy raising a family, managing the books (checking, savings, mortgage payments and what all), you think she didn’t know about finance? Hah, she had her degree in Business, she knew how to balance books and keep money from running out. She also knew that our government loved to spend taxpayer dollars on frivolity, then as now.
I find it extremely stupid of people who think that stay at home mothers don’t know anything, can’t do anything and should just shut up. I think it is time to clean house in Washington D. C. especially when it comes to Democrats and lobbyists. Fire them all, bring back the citizen legislator 2 terms and go back home to a real job.
This thing really has me riled up, my mother and father taught us to be responsible for our actions, but these people in Washington, want everybody else to be responsible for the mess they’ve made. Sorry but y’all can’t get away with it, you keep talking out of both sides of your mouth, and it is getting seen and understood by we the people. Please begin packing your bags, your time is almost up!

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