Fiscal Cliff – Lies
December 14, 2012, 12:09 pm
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I was reading today about the Fiscal Cliff discussions and I realized that this whole thing is a lie. Now lets look at all this nonsense that keeps coming out. The President says he wants to work with the Republicans to make sure the country will not go over the cliff, the Speaker of the House says he has offered increased revenue from the “rich” but wants reductions in spending to go along with this before he will agree to it. The Majority leader in the Senate, who will not even consider any bills passed by Republicans in the House, says, no income, no changes to entitlements, and give us the increased taxes and next year we will talk about reducing spending.

Doesn’t sound like there is much room for compromise between the factions. Of course even if they came out today and said that they had an agreement, an agreement that would reduce spending by 1.5 trillion dollars, it would not be true. It wouldn’t be true because of the way the Federal Gov’t figures out its budgets. They start with a baseline, say 20 billion for Department X, then they add 10% to that for inflation then they cut spending by 5% so they actually raise spending by 5% over last year. They never cut spending, they just cut how much it will increase.

Of course they say it will be cut by 1.5 trillion dollars, but the truth is that is over a 10 year period. It is also not possible for them to force future Representatives, Senators and Presidents to stop spending or even to cut their budget by 5%, this Congress doesn’t have that authority, therefore the 10 year figure is a lie. Also if we assume that the 10 year figure is true, we have to understand that there are a number of assumptions in that calculation. For one thing the assumption is that nothing will happen to change the baseline figures, they don’t build in inflation, nor do they have a crystal ball that would show them the next recession that might come along, so the figures get skewed by greater or lesser amounts over the course of the 10 year period.

They also don’t have the ability to build in changes in the marketplace, such as the EPA deciding that air pollution is a problem in one or another industry so they pass aq regulation that says they have to cut back emissions by 25%. Well that means an increase in the costs that the industry has to absorb, that gets passed on to the consumer, the problem though is that some of the smaller businesses in that industry, cannot make a profit and go under, that cuts the tax base that is a part of the assumption for the 10 year figure.

Basic Economics should have taught them a lesson or two over the years. Lets face it, if we figured our household budget the way the Federal Gov’t figures theirs, we would be bankrupt real quick. So when you hear all the talk, about this one or that one being responsible for sending us over the cliff, remember that both the Republicans and the Democrats are responsible, because they all spend more than they take in. They all use the same baseline plus 10% figures, and they all listen to the CBO tell them that everything will be fine over the next 10 years – MALARKY, it will not be fine, it will get us bigger and bigger deficits, until eventually we will not be able to finance our deficit spending and will have to declare bankruptcy. Talk about too big to fail!! With the Government we have now, a government that ignores the Constitution, spends like they never have to worry because the rich can pay the bills, sets standards that cannot be met because the science doesn’t exist, and basically promises the moon and can’t deliver even one job. we will be facing massive debt for the forseeable future.

We really need to begin to bring people into the government who are willing to say NO, to more spending, who are willing to actually work within the confines of the Constitution. We also need states to step up and begin to work within the confines of that Constitution, the 10th Amendment reads: “Amendment 10 – Powers of the States and People. Ratified 12/15/1791.
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to
the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

We can stop this, but we have to be willing to stand up and bring the power back to where it belongs with WE THE PEOPLE. So, are you willing to make things change? Are you willing to suffer the consequences if we don’t? What do you think about all this?

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Speaking of mothers
April 15, 2012, 3:54 pm
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I am absolutely amazed at the statements of so many about stay at home mothers, my own mother was a stay at home mother until we 3 boys got old enough to take care of ourselves. She went out and got a job then and that was what she wanted to do. I have to admit it was nice to have her doing that, but you know, I also remember that my mother was the coach of our Baseball team. She also helped with our Soccer Team, and Football teams as well.
She was a working woman, whether y’all think so or not, you think it’s easy raising a family, managing the books (checking, savings, mortgage payments and what all), you think she didn’t know about finance? Hah, she had her degree in Business, she knew how to balance books and keep money from running out. She also knew that our government loved to spend taxpayer dollars on frivolity, then as now.
I find it extremely stupid of people who think that stay at home mothers don’t know anything, can’t do anything and should just shut up. I think it is time to clean house in Washington D. C. especially when it comes to Democrats and lobbyists. Fire them all, bring back the citizen legislator 2 terms and go back home to a real job.
This thing really has me riled up, my mother and father taught us to be responsible for our actions, but these people in Washington, want everybody else to be responsible for the mess they’ve made. Sorry but y’all can’t get away with it, you keep talking out of both sides of your mouth, and it is getting seen and understood by we the people. Please begin packing your bags, your time is almost up!

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Identification required
March 17, 2012, 2:07 am
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If I want to cash a check, or take money out of my account, the bank wants a picture ID. When I went for Social Security after I retired, I needed ID. When I went to take a test in the hospital, I needed to prove my ID. Why doesn’t anyone complain about all the other Identification needs we have in our daily lives. When a cop pulls you over on the highway, you have to show your drivers license, at least that ‘s what they tell me. (LOL). The truth is that life requires us to identify ourselves in many situations so I have to admit I do not understand why it is so bad that we also want to ask people to identify themselves when they vote.

The State of Texas passed a law that says you have to produce a picture ID in order to vote in an election, DOJ said it discriminated against Hispanic voters. It seems reasonable to me to have this law, yet the folks in the Democratic party, LULAC, NAACP and others are taking the state to court saying that it is discrimination against blacks and hispanics. Why? The state issues ID’s to people without cost to them, seems to me that these folks want to continue having fraud as a part of the election process. I hate to think that this is a truth, but I don’t see any other reason for this adamant cry of discrimination. If this was 30 or 40 years ago, I would be inclined to believe that these folks had the right of it. Not today, simply because, we have folks with Hispanic surnames and there are also many folks of color running for office and holding seats of power in both business and politics in the State of Texas today. The same folks who are against this law, are also the ones who took the state to court over the voting redistricting. Making the same discrimination claims.

It is time for the voting rights act to be questioned and if not done away with, at least modified. It is anti-constitution simply because it treats one group of states differently than others. The assumption is that the state is automatically guilty of discrimination, even when there is no good reason for that assumption.

What do y’all think?

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