The magic of establishment economics
March 17, 2015, 7:30 am
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We are over 205 TRILLION in debt, not the 18 trillion (doubled in 7 years by Obama and the Democrats). Is it any wonder that the government doesn’t want to report on the true state of our economy?
The magic of establishment economics – Personal Liberty.

I do hope you will read this installment of the truth from Personal Liberty, because it is WAY past time to remove these people (democrats and republicans), these career politicians from office. It makes little difference which party these men and women are in, they are all working to feather their own nest, not to return our nation to the Constitution that will make them stop the foolishness. Government should not be growing, it should be shrinking. It should not take over our Schools, it should be protecting our borders. Government should not be giving away money that we don’t have to those who want to destroy us, yet money is flowing out to countries that have a vested interest in our destruction. Of course the Clinton Foundation is receiving billions from China, Saudi Arabia, and others who do not want to see us prosper.

Career politicians, democrat and republican, and I include Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Shumer, John Cornyn and others in this statement. Must be seen for the people they truly are, and rejected as our representatives, they do not represent you and I they represent themselves. They have gotten rich from their years in office, they line their own pockets, and continue to tax us into poverty.

40 million people on Food Stamps, is absolutely outrageous, so is 100 million unemployed or under employed. Wake up folks, see this government for what it is, a place where career politicians continue to get rich, continue to grow the control of our population by increased bureaucracy, that is unelected people who issue rules and regulations that become more and more convoluted every year. They stifle your ability to get ahead in the name of fighting poverty, while we the people sink deeper into the morass of poverty ourselves.

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Watching Greta on Fox News
February 17, 2015, 6:53 pm
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I hear a report during the program that ISIS today has murdered by fire 45 persons. It is time that our President wakes up and does what is needed. Support Egypt, and Jordan and anyone else who wants to fight against this horrible scourge in the middle east. If we don’t stop these people in the middle east they will bring the fight to us here as they already are in Europe. Is that what our President wants?

Not only does he not identify the Islamic Fascists as Islamic but he will not admit that the people killed were not just citizens of Egypt, they were Coptic Christian citizens of Egypt. If our government is so cowardly that they cannot name the enemy or the ones they are killing, why do we think this government even wants to stop this horror from happening. It reminds me of the situation a few years back during the Clinton administration where we saw the horror of genocide between the Tutsis and their neighbors, the Hutu, who decided to kill as many as they could.

Now we see that our government wants to get jobs for those poor people who are poor and that is why they fight. This is total idiocy, I cannot believe that our State Department is so stupid as to think they can deny that this is a Religious War. These people are killing and raping and destroying because that is what the one they call god has instructed them to do. They hate with a complete and absolute hatred anyone who is not like themselves. I pray that this government will awaken from whatever drugs they are on and begin to actually care about the United States of America. If they don’t, we will be a 3rd rate country with no power to do anything, and may be living in absolute anarchy within the next two years.

I have to admit, I am angry. I see what used to be a great country, becoming a laughing stock. The Russians are laughing at us, Putin is acting because he knows Obama will do nothing or will go play another round of golf. ISIS knows we will do nothing about them, and our allies know they cannot trust us, they know we don’t have their back, we are just a bunch of hot air. Thanks to our President and the fools that surround him including Kerry, Biden and the rest of these nut cases.

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They can’t understand why they lost?
March 5, 2014, 12:58 pm
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Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin can’t understand why they lost to Obama? How about because they were too stupid to run a good campaign. Romney had Obama on the ropes, and let him get back in the game. He did not press any advantage he had against Obama. He did not push Benghazi or any of the other scandals that he could have used to prove to people that Obama was not the right man to set us back on course. Had he done so they might have won the election, and the country might be on the right track now.

I have to admit that I am absolutely disgusted with the Republican Party. If and when they get some backbone and begin to actually do what they run on then perhaps things will get better, but what I see is a spineless Boehner, a spineless McConnell and his henchman Cornyn both of them are RINO’s. John McCain is another one, I don’t want to see these guys continue in power but of course they have the money to keep going.

When will the electorate wake up and see what is going on? We have now created a Royal Class in our Senators and Representatives, as well as our Emperor President. These people poop all over us and we keep sending them back to do so again. What ever happened to the Statesmen that used to inhabit our Senate, House and Executive branches? This is a short note because I have a longer one to follow-up with.

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Unpopular Truth
October 29, 2013, 2:20 pm
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Government has no business in Charity yet Billions of dollars are given to people and called entitlements. Walter Williams has written an excellent piece in regard to this issue. The truth is that our government is giving more handouts than ever before. There are more people on various forms of welfare than are actually working at full-time jobs, yet our President continues to talk about spending even more.

The dictionary defines entitlement as: “to have the right to get or receive something.” This usually means, I have the right to go into my house, which I paid for. I have the right to drive my car, I have the right to use my equipment. Since I own the item it is mine to use, but the government says that people are entitled to my money so they steal it from me to give it to others. Of course they call it taxation, and threaten me with jail or fines or both if I don’t pay those taxes. After taking that money from me, they then give it to others, in the form of Food stamps, welfare and other “entitlements”. That is the “Robin Hood” mentality, the story of Robin Hood was that he stole from the rich to give to the poor. He was fighting against the governing class who were stealing from everybody to give to themselves, much like our career politicians today. Take a look at the obscene salaries of these men and women, and the fact that they are exempted from having to live under the same laws that we live under.

This government is forcing us to buy insurance, whether we think we need it or not, if we don’t buy their insurance, we will be fined, although the oligarchy called the Supreme Court calls it a tax, it is a fine pure and simple. Of course this is an unpopular truth, simply because all the people who are receiving this government largesse are unwilling to give it up. I remember when charity was something that was handled by the Churches in our country, not by the government. Those who needed a helping hand got one, today, people work the system and get handouts like they were nothing, from the government. politicians promise the world to people and get elected and then deliver as much money as they can so they will be re-elected again and again. This system cannot sustain itself, even the CBO has said that entitlement spending (welfare) will exceed tax income within the next 30 years. That means no Army, Navy nothing but welfare.

Something has to change, now, not later or our nation will not be able to defend herself against enemies foreign or domestic long before spending passes the point of no return. Someone must stand up and say, NO MORE! Our political class will not do so, that I can assure you. They have become used to the perks that they enjoy, and are no longer willing to look at what must be done in order to insure our national survival. In ancient Rome the political class, gave the people bread and circuses, including killing those who were considered enemies of the ruling class, as well as men fighting animals to the death. Today we don’t have those things, we do have of course Football, Soccer, Baseball and Hockey to entertain us and to keep us from thinking too much about what our government is doing to our nation.

Remember that President Obama promised to radically change our nation, he is well on the way to doing so, but the folks don’t see it, or don’t want to see it as long as the money keeps rolling in. For those who are losing their jobs, their health insurance, and their families, they see what is happening, but the government doesn’t care to change its way. In a few more years, those welfare checks, those food stamps and the other benefits will begin to shrink as well. Then it will be too late to do anything about it, there will have been too many years of living on credit, too many years of dependency on government largesse, and unfortunately, many will suffer and die because of this government which fundamentally changed the American Dream into the American Nightmare.

Yes this is not a popular thing, it is an unpopular truth, but it is nonetheless the truth. Will you continue down the road? Will you fight to return this country to the Constitutional Republic that our founders envisioned or will this shining city on the hill, turn into a much bigger version of Detroit. What do you think?

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More people on Federal Money
October 25, 2013, 2:14 pm
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Interesting article It seems that there are more people receiving Federal subsidies such as, welfare, food stamps, medicare and other forms of Federal assistance, than there are full-time working americans. There are actually so many people that they are more than the population of the Philippines.

The actual figure is: 108,592,00 at the end of 2011 according to the Census Bureau. The number of full-time workers is: 101,716,000. Quite a disparity, it seems that this is about 1.07 people receiving Gov’t assistance for every 1 person actually working full-time. This is a not a good statistic, as a matter of fact it is a terrible one, because it means that this is not sustainable in any way. This does not include folks on Social Security either, this is people who are receiving means-tested assistance from the Federal Government. This can only get worse not better, especially as more people are laid off because of the “Affordable Care Act” better known as Obamacare. Not only does this mean that there will be less people paying for the programs, it also means that our Advantage Plans will go away as well. The Feds have already taken 500 billion dollars away from this program to pay for the Obamacare programs, which people cannot get, because the website is not functional. They are also raising taxes, putting fines in place if you don’t get the proper coverage, and many insurance companies have decided they can’t afford to continue to offer policies if they have to pay for abortions, sex change operations, and other elective procedures.

In other words this program is going to bankrupt the nation quicker than any other program that political hacks put in place. Our politicians don’t seem to be able to understand or to see the consequences of their actions, but it will have a devastating effect on you and I and they seem to think it is OK that we have to face this and they get exempted. Rise up people see what your Political “Royalty” is setting in front of you. Know that this is going to cost you and your children and grandchildren and probably even your great-grandchildren. Think about what is already happening in our nation, and how much worse it can be if we allow these career politicians to continue in their mad dash toward oblivion for our nation.

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It is time to leave the Republican Party!
October 18, 2013, 5:10 pm
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Now that the leadership in both House and Senate have sided with Obama and the Democrat murder machine (abortion providers). It is time for conservatives to STOP funding this group of slime balls. Boehner, McConnell, McCain and the rest of these cowardly traitors have shown they don’t care about us, why should we continue to fund them and elect them to term after term. We have only one decent senator now in Washington from Texas, that is Ted Cruz. The other one, Cornyn has turned into another RINO. I for one will do all in my power to insure that this turncoat is not sent back to the Senate in 2014. I hope that those who support McConnell and the other RINO’s in their states will fund true conservatives not these buffoons.

Read the article at CNS news today talking about how they have funded abortion for all! It is time to send all of them packing. It is time to return our nation to the Constitutional Republic it was in the beginning. We the people need to rise up and demand that our States call for a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution so that we can stop this insanity. The Federal Government is out of control, return the power to the States and to ourselves as it was meant to be. Stop this slide into Socialism, and take back our Nation.

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Dishonoring our Soldiers
October 8, 2013, 11:59 pm
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Soldiers who have died will not have the contract the Department of Defense made with them. $100,000 to their families plus free transportation to and from Dover to pick up the remains of these men and women. Now personally, I don’t give a damn about this government shutdown, it is bogus to begin with. Only 17% of the government is actually shut down, but when the DOD, and the Commander in Chief (President Obama) will not care for the families of these fallen men and women, that tells me that the Executive branch is hollow. We have a do nothing except to help his buddies president, a man who will not even tell the DOD to do the right thing, but instead will blame the Congress, who has passed a bill 100% voted for it, in the House and Senate and the President signed it and then refuses to honor it.

The House and the Senate voted to fund the military through the shutdown, and the DOD along with the Commander-in-Chief will not honor our fallen heroes. This is totally WRONG! This is something that in unforgivable and these people need to be GONE, throw the BUMS out of office, impeachment proceedings should begin immediately. This is so far beyond the pale it is totally outrageous. Mr. President, you are the man who is in charge of the Pentagon, yet you won’t tell them to do their jobs properly. first you block access to WW 2 vets from their own Memorial, then you let illegal people into the same area to trample on those same vets who fought for this country, yet you will allow people here illegally to spit on our country!!! You should be impeached and run out-of-town on a rail!

Income Tax – The road to serfdom
July 19, 2013, 8:53 am
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As the government of the United States gets bigger, 16,000 new agents for the IRS alone, our government will need more and more of our money. In history it meant that the people worked for the government, not for themselves. Usually it meant that the people were ruled by Kings, Emperors or Dictators of one kind or another. In medieval England, there were serfs who actually worked the land, and there were rulers, local and of course the King or Queen. It was pretty much the same in the rest of the world as well. The serf worked the land, and gave the bulk of the crop to the baron or earl or whoever lived in the castle, who in turn had to pay to the next higher ruler up the line.

Today, in modern America, we pay taxes on land we own, but do we really own that land? Or are we renting it from the local governing authorities? We also are required to pay Income Taxes, as long as we are not considered as being in poverty. We have a graduated tax structure so that the more money you make the more you have to pay. Our government says this is fair, and of course we think it is because they say it is. So when government needs more money, they raise taxes and of course to be fair, they raise taxes on the rich. Now if you are middle class you would like to move up into the next higher group, but if you do you have to pay a higher rate of tax than you do now. So is the tax structure really fair? No it is not, think about it, you are really working for the government, not for yourself. We are just as much serfs as were those living 500 years ago, we just don’t really see it.

The more I look at the unfairness of the fair tax code, the more I see our government spending money so they can make it seem as if they are fair to all, the less I like what I see. It is becoming very obvious to me that our governing bodies, are taking more and more from us, so they can live high on the hog. We see IRS people enjoying a vacation which they claim is a seminar, at which they learn to line dance instead of doing their jobs. We also find out that some of these IRS employees are not even doing IRS business but rather are working for the union while receiving a paycheck paid for by you and me. Our taxes have even paid for a place where the National Security Agency can keep records on every one of us, billions of dollars going so that the government can spy on we the serfs, (people).

It is time to throw off the shackles and chains that bind us to this serfdom, it is time for the fair tax or the flat tax, one or the other. Personally I want to be able to go to the grocery store, buy my groceries, untaxed, then go and buy some hardware for my home or something of that nature and pay a sales tax say of 15% and that takes care of my tax burden. I don’t have to file an income tax return, just pay a sales tax and it is done. The government gets the money they need to run the jobs they have to do, and we the people can keep as much of our income as we want, we can save it or spend it. Spending will of course be taxed, but saving won’t be taxed. There will be no special interest loop holes, no deductions, everybody will pay for what they spend. Groceries, the necessary items for survival, will not be taxed, but everything else will be. Each and every one of us will have skin in the game so to speak, we will each be taxed at the same rate, and will not have any forms to fill out, we won’t need a tax consultant, or CPA to help us to avoid taxes.

Write to your government liberal or conservative representatives and senators, tell them you want the fair tax. Tell them also that you want them to balance the budget, spend what they need to spend, stop trying to buy friends in this country and in foreign lands as well. It is time to stop foreign aid which doesn’t do us any good as if just fuels the flames of hatred in all the places that already hate us anyway. Tell them also that you want to see them honor the constitution, and stop trying to ignore it and grab more and more power. This government is not longer of by and for the people, it is only to enrich those who are career politicians. It is time to end our serfdom!!!!

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