Freedom of Religion
December 15, 2017, 11:29 pm
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The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is quite clear in that it states in no uncertain terms that it is aimed at the Federal Government, namely those who write law, the Congress of the United States. It does not stop the states from doing what they wish at Christmas or Easter or any other time of the year.

Yet here it is a city puts up a manger scene on the their property to celebrate the season, and some Grinch group decides they will threaten a lawsuit to stop this blatant move by the city to endorse Christianity. I wish these people would read the Constitution instead of making it say what it does not say.

Amendment 1 “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” That is quite clear and should not be made to say that a state or city or county cannot do what they please in regard to celebrating religion of any kind. Christianity included in that statement, after the ratification of the Bill of Rights, states still had state churches. It wasn’t until later in the 1800’s that States all gave up on State churches.

Just to help out you grinches out there read the 10th Amendment which is a part of the Bill of Rights. It says: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Since Congress does not have the right to mess with our everyday lives in regard to our practice of religion, or peaceful assembly, or the right to petition our Government, nor to mess with the freedom of the press. We the people have that power to ourselves and our States. The other truth is that the news people need to get their act together and begin to report properly on the egregious examples of groups threatening to sue cities and counties, knowing that their bully tactics will make the things they don’t like go away, because the cites and counties don’t have the money to fight the battle.

It is high time that the press written, and broadcast, get their act together and begin to report the truth about these cases, shaming those who bring these lies out knowing that they can bully we the people, and our local governments into capitulation because the socialists are the ones with the so-called power. That is why it is time for term limits in Congress, we need to rid ourselves of lawyers who write the laws and think they are the royalty of our nation and they deserve their positions for 50 or 60 years. 3 terms for the House and 2 terms for Senators.

Support the Constitution Party, they are the ones who want to return our nation to the Republic it was originally founded as. Democracies always end in Chaos, Republics do not. Get rid of the career politicians, and you will get the swamp drained. Get sanity back into our nation, read and teach the Constitution of the United States and practice it in your own lives. You will be the richer for it, hold these grinches accountable, do not let them ruin your Christmas, or Hanukkah. Support the Constitution Party, we believe in term limits, we believe in a free and open society, and we believe that our Constitution is the Law of the Land, and that it has been abandoned by our politicians and the lawyers that suck us dry.

Leave the Dark Side and come over to the Light Side, learn of the true freedom that our Constitution guarantees. It is time to throw the bums out! Elect true Constitutionalists.

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Partisan Politics – Now Hyperpartisan
October 21, 2017, 9:49 am
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I am old enough to remember when Democrats and Republicans actually worked together to solve issues, and coming from New York, I remember when there were 5 or 6 different political parties on the ballot in most elections. Around the time of Jimmy Carter, we saw a change in how politicians worked. It became a very Partisan race to get elected, no longer did we hear argument regarding issues, we started to hear muckraking, and sometimes even hatred between sides.

In High School we had partisanship, we went to baseball, football and basketball games and rooted our hearts out for our team. After the game we all went to the hamburger place for dinner, and had a great time with both our team and the opposing team members and fans. Today, after the game might see a riot break out and people actually get injured in the melee. It is even worse in professional sports, fans go to the opposing team stadium to root for their team, and might get beat up during or after the game, because of the hatred they each have for the other team.

I have been in jury trials, where the two lawyers worked hard for their client, and argued for their positions whatever the trial might be about, both lawyers argued and fought for their respective client, sometimes with real passion in their voice and manner. The reality is, lawyers, fight for the person paying them. You might see the two lawyers fight one time on one side of an issue and a month later on the other side and just as passionate on both sides of the issue. Money talks, and they have billable hours to fill with that money.

Notice that most of the denizens of the Washington D. C. House and Senate are lawyers, remember that money talks and lawyers listen and do what the money is telling them to do. Someone on one of the News shows once said that a good politician never lets a crisis go to waste. This is true, not only for the politicians but also for their partisans on the talk shows, news shows, and newspapers as well. If you want to know what is the latest crisis just watch the news, listen to talk, and read the papers. For Republicans it is the Washington Times, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh. For the Democrats it is Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post and others. Each hypes the crisis du jour, with of course their side of the story.

It has been said that there are 3 sides to every story, your side, my side and the truth. We tend to listen only to what we want to hear, and ignore the rest. I know that I have become tired of shows that have opposing sides on at the same time, and whichever side you are on then the show that you are watching will invariabley shut down the opposing view. This is true on left and right leaning shows. From Shaun Hannity to Bill Maher, the opposing side is to be made to look foolish.

Congress is the pinacle of this problem, we have gone from compromise to solve issues to hatred and inability to get much of anything accomplished. Listen to the rhetoric, especially in the House of Representatives. You have people writing bills of impeachment against the President, not for any crimes but for tweets that they found offensive to their side. Rhetoric from this or that politician talking about the President as if he was the biggest criminal in the world, meanwhile ignoring real issues, just trying to score political points so they can get re-elected. I was really struck by this hatred when Gen. Kelly White House Cheif of Staff, came to the press breifing this past week and talked about the attacks on the President and his phone call to parents or spouses of the 4 soldiers who were killed in Nigeria. One Congressperson claimed to have heard the President say something that she felt was insenstive to the parents of one of the soldiers.

Let me pause for a moment, she was not in the oval office, how did she hear this conversation? That has not been brought up in the ensuing CRISIS that has ensued for the statements she made in regard to this conversation. How did she hear this conversation? Anyway, this whole thing served to sweep away all the other news of this week, this should not have gotten in the way of honest reporting on what is happening in Congress, that is the passing of the budget in the House and Senate, which allows now for other bills to come up, such as tax reform. However, as long as these Professional Politicians can keep the crisis going, we the people will continue with hyper-partisanship and will attack our opponents. This hatred that has been brewing for many years now, has finally reached a point where we no longer talk to one another but rather we attack one another, not hearing what each has to say.

This hyper-partisanship is destroying our nation, we no longer speak with one another civilly, we rather attack one another. Look at the Governor of Florida, declaring a state of emergency because a man was coming to speak to people who wanted to hear him. The Governor was afraid that there would be rioting and mayhem because this man was what has been described as a white nationalist or white supremacist. The problem is simply that because people today do not want to listen to the opposition, we have riots in the streets. Now I don’t agree with what the man espouses, but in our nation he has a right to speak, and his supporters have the right to listen to him. If you don’t agree and don’t want to hear him, don’t go to that venue.

I have to admit watching the last couple of years when a conservative was going to speak at a university, people would show up in masks so you could not see who they were, and would set fires and beat up anyone who came to hear that person, breaking windows and just generally acting like the brownshirts in the 1930’s in Germany. We have the group Antifa, which claims to be anti-facists, yet they act like facists, wearing black, masked faces and showing up with baseball bats, balloons filled with urine, mace and other terrible things. They beat people with these weapons, hit them with their balloons and mace both civilians and Police officers. Those are definite facist tactics.

So what is to happen here in the USA? Do we continue down this road, with Professional Politicians manufacturing crisis after crisis just to keep us riled up, or do we work to change what we see happening? I believe it is time for us to work to change the system, electing people who are constitutionalists, who believe in our Constitution and are willing to work within its confines. We need people to stand for the rule of law, and to stand for the right of the people to live their lives peacefully. We need to rid our State Houses and our Federal Houses of these career politicians and put in place Term Limits for all politicians. This will also rid us of the monetary corruption, it doesn’t pay to buy a politician who will only be there a short time and then a new face will take his or her place. It is I believe time for Term Limits after all, Congress limited the President to 2 terms, because the knew it was not good for the executive to continue longer in office. FDR served too long and had begun to take more and more power to himself and the Federal Government.

What do you think, do we really need this partisanship to continue until we are so isolated from one another that our country will not be able to defend itself from enemies without or within. If we continue down this path, I do believe that Civil War will again spring forth and our country will be torn asunder, it will end in a blood bath the like of which we have never seen, because it will be between factions, black, hispanic, asian, white and whatever other faction these politicians can break us into, just so they can stay in office.

Comments are welcome! What do you think? I personally believe in the Constitution Party, I invite you to check them out, in Texas it is cptexas.us come and see what they are about.

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Professional Swamp Creatures!
October 16, 2017, 8:03 pm
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Looking at the House and Senate, it seems to me that the Swamp includes a number of ancient creatures who have been there for longer than most of us can remember. John Conyers Democrat, almost 53 years, he came into office before the Vietnam war realy took off, he started  1964. Thad Cochran Republican House and Senate almost 45 years and his fellow Republican in the House, also almost 45 years Don Young, these two have been in office since 1972. I have to wonder why they keep getting elected to the House and Senate, when they don’t seem to be able to accomplish anything.

Orrin Hatch, Republican almost 41 years, he of course along with his fellow Republicans in the Senate could not muster enough votes to rid us of Obama Care, wonder how they will do with Tax Reform. House and Senate combined Ed Markey Democrat, 41 years. If these are your representatives or senators, don’t you think it might be a good idea to put someone in office who might have some fresh ideas. These guys have been there so long they ave put down roots in the Swamp.

Professional politicians, they think that they are entitled to their seat in the government. They tell you one thing, and then vote another way, and come back during their multiple vacations, sorry, town hall meetings to get the pulse of their constitutents, when they really don’t even know who you are anymore. They live in mansions, they go to parties and hobnob with the “high and mighty”, they are wined and dined by lobbyists and they have become blind to what goes on in their home states. Mary Landrieu from Louisiana actually didn’t have a home in her district, she had a mansion in the D.C. area. Actually I think it was in Georgetown, along with the rest of the rich people. Your Senators and Congress persons, make more money for less work than 90 % of the population.

Jim Sensenbrenner, Republican, 38 years in the Senate, Richard Shelby, Democrat then Republican 38 years House and Senate. I could go on with this but I hope you are getting the point, The men and women who work for you and I, I would call this a joke but I’m not laughing,  they set their own salaries and perks, they even get to insider trade legally.

The exempt themselves from the laws that you and I have to live under. It is high time we started a revolution, a peaceful one but one that will end this Professional Politician. It is time for Term LIMITS. Now the SCOTUS in cahoots with their buddies in the House and Senate, said that the Constitution set the parameters and States were not able to set the limits on their time in office. There is a way to take care of this however, our Constitution has a remedy. The States can begin a Constitutional Amendment process and each State passes the exact same bill limiting the amount of time each of the offices can be filled by the same person.

These people work for us, they are not our rulers, they serve only as long as we the people allow them to do so. Notice I said the SERVE, not rule! We need people who have read and understand our Constitution, who are willing to work under that Constitution, and return us to the Constitutional Republic that we were originally formed to be. The American dream is only as good as the people who understand it and work under it, those who have no clue about that document, are doomed to continue down the path of servitude without even realizing that they are serving the rulers.

Help us to elect constitutional representatives. Join with us in the Constitution Party, if you live in Texas come to the Constitution Party of TX, we have a Facebook presence come check us out. Let us move together into a brighter future.

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POTUS – tweet war is infantile
September 25, 2017, 4:24 pm
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Well here we are in a new week and the people of Puerto Rico are suffering greatly, “Rocket Man” is threatening to attack the US with nuclear weapons, the Iranians are ready to get back to making nuclear weapons themselves, and Russia is still pushing buttons trying to take over more of land belonging to Ukrainian people. What else can the President tweet about?

How about starting a tweet war about firing all the athletes taking a knee, or staying in the locker room until after the National Anthem? Gee that sounds really infantile, something a 6 year old might like to do, but the President of the United States? Please tell me it ain’t so, this is the leader of the free world, the one who is standing up to the bluster of others and knocking them down and he is engaged in this asinine tweet with the millionaire infants of the NFL?

I had thought that this man would get things done, so far we have seen the Medical care repeal and replace crash and burn twice and fixing for a third time. We still don’t have Tax reform although it is claimed that he will introduce his plan Wednesday, I’ll see it when I hear it. I was not a fan of this man when he ran, I voted for the right man for the job, the candidate for the Constitution Party of the United States. Could not, never, ever vote for a Democrat, no matter who it was, but Hillary??? NEVER.

It is interesting, I did not vote for Obama, but I hoped he would be a good President, one who would work to bring us together. OOPS not in a million years could this man bring us together, race relations were better 50 years ago than they are after the last 8 years of Obama. Now we have Trump in the White House, he started out fairly well, and his response to the hurricanes has been outstanding, but now he gets into a shouting match with athletes???? Why, they are within their rights as American citizens to protest what they believe is injustice. Of course if they believe that Black Americans are persecuted, why don’t they take some of their millions of dollars and help their fellow Americans get good educations so they can like Dr. Ben Carson, one day become all they can be. Taking a knee when the National Anthem is played is also infantile, it does nothing to change anything. Well it has changed one thing, I used to love watching a good football game, now I shut the TV off and go do something better with my time.

So Mr. President Trump, why don’t you quit this stupid game you are playing and actually care enough to get involved personally in the battle over Health Care reform? We need real reform, the Republicans are so screwed up they claimed for 7 years they would repeal Obamacare and yet you find that it’s like herding cats to get them to agree to anything. Of course they never had a real plan anyway, it was just a way to get re-elected and continue lining their pockets with the money they begin raising for their next bid to be re-elected as soon as they get to D.C.

If you are such a GREAT DEAL MAKER why are you sitting on the sidelines when you should be working to make a deal. Better yet why don’t you put up a real plan to fix health care yourself, have it written up and submit it to congress so they will have the real deal to work on instead of their make believe fix. I sure hope that your tax program will be in good shape when you deliver it to Congress although the Democrats will rip it up and spit it out, and the cowards in the Senate will kiss Chuck Schumer and then claim that you didn’t really care, you were tweeting about inconsequential nonsense while Rome was burning, then blaming Mitch McConnell and I am no fan of do nothing Mitch, but if you don’t get off the dime Mr. President, your plans will come to naught and we will have to find someone who will actually do the job that you claimed you would do.

You haven’t even been able to get rid of the Obama holdovers in your White House much less in the DOJ or should I say DOIJ? (Department of Injustice). Get on the stick Mr. President Trump, or you will become a one term President, like do nothing Jimmy Carter.

Ronald Reagan was a man who got things done, who shook up the establishment in D.C. you are so far, not much of anything other than HOT AIR.


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Fiscal Responsbility Texas House
August 27, 2017, 12:50 pm
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The Texas House of Representatives was given a grade on their votes for fiscal issues in this past House session and special session. Passing grade is 70 % although I have to admit for me it is much higher, say 90%. However let us stick with the grades as given by Empower Texans, here is the URL if you want to see it for yourself: https://index.empowertexans.com/indexes/2017-index/house#tables

It is disheartening to see how many of those who claim to be Republicans failed even the 70% mark. However it is obvious that this would be the case, these people are really not Republicans, they are Republicrats instead. They kowtow to the Demoncrats and give away the house.

Name                                            District                                         Party                    Grade

Ron Simmons 65 Republican


Dennis Paul

129 Republican


James White

19 Republican


Andrew Murr

53 Republican


Cecil Bell

3 Republican


DeWayne Burns

58 Republican


Brooks Landgraf

81 Republican


Drew Springer

68 Republican


Jodie Laubenberg

89 Republican


Ed Thompson

29 Republican


Giovanni Capriglione

98 Republican


Gary Elkins

135 Republican


Wayne Faircloth

23 Republican


Justin Holland

33 Republican


Dennis Bonnen

25 Republican


James Frank

69 Republican


Leighton Schubert

13 Republican


Morgan Meyer

108 Republican


Tom Oliverson

130 Republican


Phil King

61 Republican


Tom Craddick

82 Republican


Kevin Roberts

126 Republican


Jay Dean

7 Republican


Rick Miller

26 Republican


Tan Parker

63 Republican


Tony Dale

136 Republican


Jim Murphy

133 Republican


Lynn Stucky

64 Republican


Charles Anderson

56 Republican


Dade Phelan

21 Republican


Larry Phillips

62 Republican


John Smithee

86 Republican


Paul Workman

47 Republican


Angie Button

112 Republican


John Frullo

84 Republican


John Wray

10 Republican


Scott Cosper

54 Republican


Dan Flynn

2 Republican


Cindy Burkett

113 Republican


Linda Koop

102 Republican


Phil Stephenson

85 Republican


Todd Hunter

32 Republican


Kyle Kacal

12 Republican


Geanie Morrison

30 Republican


Walter Price

87 Republican


John Zerwas

28 Republican


Larry Gonzales

52 Republican


Stan Lambert

71 Republican


Jason Villalba

114 Republican


Trent Ashby

57 Republican


Ernest Bailes

18 Republican


Lance Gooden

4 Republican


J.M. Lozano

43 Republican


Chris Paddie

9 Republican


Charlie Geren

99 Republican


Dan Huberty

127 Republican


John Raney

14 Republican


Travis Clardy

11 Republican


Drew Darby

72 Republican


Ken King

88 Republican


Lyle Larson

122 Republican


Gary VanDeaver

1 Republican


Byron Cook

8 Republican


John Kuempel

44 Republican


J.D. Sheffield

59 Republican


Hugh Shine

55 Republican


Joe Pickett

79 Democrat


Terry Canales

40 Democrat


Sarah Davis

134 Republican


Ryan Guillen

31 Democrat


Richard Raymond

42 Democrat


Oscar Longoria

35 Democrat


Jarvis Johnson

139 Democrat


Tracy King

80 Democrat


Joe Deshotel

22 Democrat


Sergio Muñoz

36 Democrat


Abel Herrero

34 Democrat


Eddie Lucio

38 Democrat


Barbara Gervin-Hawkins

120 Democrat


R.D. Guerra

41 Democrat


Victoria Neave

107 Democrat


Eddie Rodriguez

51 Democrat


Ramon Romero

90 Democrat


Tomas Uresti

118 Democrat


Roland Gutierrez

119 Democrat


Nicole Collier

95 Democrat


Harold Dutton

142 Democrat


Poncho Nevárez

74 Democrat


Roberto Alonzo

104 Democrat


Carol Alvarado

145 Democrat


Rafael Anchia

103 Democrat


Diego Bernal

123 Democrat


Ana Hernandez

143 Democrat


Eric Johnson

100 Democrat


Ina Minjarez

124 Democrat


Senfronia Thompson

141 Democrat


Alma Allen

131 Democrat


Yvonne Davis

111 Democrat


Dawnna Dukes

46 Democrat


Helen Giddings

109 Democrat


René Oliveira

37 Democrat


Armando Walle

140 Democrat


Philip Cortez

117 Democrat


Mary González

75 Democrat


Donna Howard

48 Democrat


Celia Israel

50 Democrat


Joseph Moody

78 Democrat


Ron Reynolds

27 Democrat


Shawn Thierry

146 Democrat


Hubert Vo

149 Democrat


Diana Arévalo

116 Democrat


Cesar Blanco

76 Democrat


Gina Hinojosa

49 Democrat


Mary Perez

144 Democrat


Justin Rodriguez

125 Democrat


Gene Wu

137 Democrat


Garnet Coleman

147 Democrat


Armando Martinez

39 Democrat


Chris Turner

101 Democrat


Jessica Farrar

148 Democrat


Lina Ortega

77 Democrat


Toni Rose

110 Democrat


Joe Straus

121 Republican


Of course as the speaker of the House Joe Straus doesn’t vote, but he is the one who decides what issues even get to committee, and what committee it is. He also is responsible for the chairs of each of the committees. He has said that he would not allow the governors agenda to be passed, even though it is the agenda that the people of the State of Texas, at least the majority since there are some democrats in the State, but the majority of the citizens wanted this agenda to pass.

As a member of the Constitution Party of Texas I am not surprised, since Republicrats and Demopublicans are really one and the same. It is time for this to change, we need those who believe in the Constitution as the law of the land, to come over to our party, join us and rid us of these career politicians who want to line their own pockets at the expense of we the citizens (taxpayers) of the State of Texas. Come and be a part of the solution, lets end this stranglehold that the Progressives have on Austin, let us bring back the Constitution and its guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In other words get the government off our backs and out of our wallets.

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Does it have to be R or D?
August 26, 2017, 8:10 am
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In the last Presidential election, we had 4 candidates running for the office. You had a Democrat, a Republican (Populist), a Libertarian and a Green Party candidate. Of course we all knew it had to be either the Republican or the Democrat who would win. The other two were too far out in the wasteland of not even getting into the debates. So which of the two REAL candidates did we want to be President of the United States.

Neither of these candidates was especially loveable, so we picked the one that was the better fighter of the two who we really did not want. Now we have a divided nation, and in many ways the left has decided that Bernie would have won so RESIST the Republican. We end up with riots in the streets, with the Antifa and BLM burning buildings, and cars and attacking anyone who is not on their side. Then you have the KKK, the Neo-Nazis and those who seem to think they are the better race (White Supremacists) on the other side. Personally I am amazed that we have so much anarchy, I was horrified at what happened in Charlottesville VA, especially that the Police did nothing until it was way too late to stop the mayhem.

They say there was no stand down order, that makes it even more confusing, why was that murderer with a car able to kill and maim so many people with that many police out there? This is not the first riot, we saw another in Phoenix this past week, again it was Trump supporters, that got caught in the street after the rally. Antifa with clubs and other fun things ready to do major harm to anyone who got in their way.

What is really so surprising to me is that there was an alternative candidate, running as an independent in many states, simply because of the stranglehold the Rs and Ds have on the election process. If you don’t have millions of dollars, so that you can pay each state to let you on the ballot, or pay to have professional pollsters out on the streets getting the thousands of signatures needed to get on the ballot you cannot run. In some states the candidates were actually able to run under their party label. Many times as write-in candidates, but they were on the ballot in all 50 states. I heard it said though that a third party candidate cannot win, we have to pick the lesser of the two EVILS!

Wake up America to the reality that we need to rid ourselves of the two EVILS! The 5th party in that race was the Constitution Party of the United States. The two parties that now run our nation are no longer Constitutional parties. Let us understand that these really are two EVILS in our midst. These two parties are the twins they are more concerned with their own pockets being filled than with doing what is right for the nation. They even exempt themselves from following the laws that you and I have to live under, they expect preferential treatment, they make obscene salaries, well above what you and I make. Not only that but they are now PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS they assume they will be able to stay in D. C. until they decide to retire.

They are the ones who tax you and I to death, so they can live high on the hog in their little political bubble called Washington D. C. and many live in mansions not houses. It is time to wake up to the truth, take a look at your Senators and your representatives. How often does your Senator get out and talk to you, about once in every 6 years, when he or she is running for re-election.

Well the Constitution Party is made up of everyday people, when we run for elected office it is to be there for a term or two and then get back to living our lives at home. The State of New Jersey now has a Constitutional Party candidate on the ballot running for Governor, wonder if the Rs and Ds are even concerned about him? I hope they are because he has an excellent chance to become the next governor of that State. Matt Riccardi is that candidate, check him out. He believes in the Constitution and that will mean that he will govern with the rights of all people in his mind and heart. It cost a lot to get him on that ballot, but he is there and he will be running hard in New Jersey to become their next governor.

In the Presidential election of 1860 there were four candidates running for President, there were actually two democrats because the democrat party had split over the issue of slavery. So the Southern Democratic party ran John C Breckinridge who was of course a true southern Democrat. He held and wanted to keep the slaves he had. The Northern Democrats  ran Stephen A. Douglas, a moderate, he wanted to insure that slavery would be continued in the south to keep the nation together. Then there was the Constitutional Union they ran a man named John Bell, this was a party made up of the old Whig party and a couple of other minor parties. The Republican party which was formed in 1854 and by 1860 had replaced the Whig party. They ran Abraham Lincoln for President.

As we all know, Lincoln won that election. He was not well known outside his own State of Illinois even though he had been active in politics for a number of years. He won the presidency because people decided that he was the right man to bring the nation together. He was against slavery, and received almost no votes from the southern states, he actually carried only 18 states, but it gave him 180 electoral votes. He received 1,865, 908 votes or 39.8% of the popular vote. The other 3 candidates received the rest of the votes or almost 60% of the vote.

So although he was not considered a 3rd party candidate, he really was a minority candidate, he won somewhat like Trump did because he carried the states that he needed to win the election. Had one of the other men won, the Southern States would probably not seceded, and the war would not have happened and slavery would have continued. However he did win and 7 confederate states seceded prior to his inauguration. The original capital of the Confederacy was established in Montgomery, Alabama. Later it was moved to Richmond VA.

So why not start now to change the landscape of this nation, the Constitution Party of the United States may very well fit your belief structures a lot better than the two EVILS that we now have running our country. We believe in smaller government, because the Constitution spells out what the Federal government can and cannot do and we believe that it is the law of the land. It is time to rid us of the bureaucracy of Washington D. C. and return the power to the people of this nation. The 10th Amendment states that the powers not given by the Constitution to the Federal government, belongs to the States and the People. Lets take the government back into our own hands. Find out in your own State about your Constitution Party and join us in working to right the wrongs of the two EVILS!

For me it is the Constitution Party of Texas http://www.cptexas.us come and take a look and join us as we work to turn it around in Texas.

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Repeal and Replace?
June 27, 2017, 6:59 pm
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For seven years the Republicans have been asking voters to give them the House and Senate so they could repeal and replace Obamacare, then they said they needed the Presidency as well. Now they have all three, and when did they start working to repeal and replace Obamacare? This year after the President was inaugurated, they never seriously had anything that would repeal or replace Obamacare, it was all a shell game.

Now they have been called on their words, and what has happened, first the House with the weak House speaker, in his years in the House he has accomplished nothing, and his speakership is the same tired old nothing. Of course once the Freedom Caucus got to work they squeaked a bill through the House and sent it to the Senate, where it was dismissed by the Lords of the Senate, and they FINALLY began to work on their own version of repeal and replace. Shades of the House of Representatives, now the leadership (and I use the term derisively) had to pull their bill because they figured out they did not have the votes!

It is a good thing for McConnell and Ryan they are not on the Apprentice -Trump can’t say YOU’RE FIRED! and bring in someone else to lead in both houses. I do not understand why they want to continue to control our health care anyway, why not repeal all the garbage that Obamacare put in place, return health care to the people and the doctors to work out. I cannot find one word in the Constitution that leads me to think that the Federal Government has any role to play in health care for the nation. Of course I cannot see where they have any role in Education either, that was put in place to appease some power lobby that helped elect what used to be considered the worst President of all time, Jimmy Carter. He is the one who did that, and none of the executives have had the guts to repeal that mess either.

It is past time for the federal government to get out of our lives and our pockets and get back to what the Constitution says they have the authority to actually do. We in the Constitution Party believe in limited government. Limited by the Constitution, any law that does not meet muster under the Constitution is illegal and needs to be repealed. Of course we also have cowards and democrats on the SCOTUS, just look at the contortions the Court took in order to saddle us with Obamacare. Justice(?) Roberts voted to keep this abortion of a law, by turning a fine into a tax so that it would not kill the entire bill.

The truth is we are ruled by 9 people in robes, if it was 8 I would call it an oligarchy, in cahoots with the life time power mongers in the bureaucracy, un-elected scoundrels who cannot be fired, and who are the actual law makers in Washington, since the legislators gave up their duty to legislate and gave it over to the bureaucracy to make rules which become laws. We the people then pay the price for a government run amok, I wonder how many of these so-called legislators actually have read the Constitution of the United States which they have sworn to protect and defend.

Join me, vote Constitution Party, Join the Party, we need those of you who are true patriots. Those of you who have read the Constitution and who understand how much of our lives have been taken over by the double dealing scoundrels in Washington D. C. and want to change the country back to the Republic it was founded to be.

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