About Me

I am an older person, born in 1945, Army Veteran with 12 years total service. Was in during the Vietnam conflict but never went to Vietnam. Not complaining about that, my younger brother went and is now deceased, Agent Orange induced. Have friends who also suffered, many died already from Agent Orange poisoning. I am presently Commander for my American Legion Post, and am a retired United Methodist Pastor.

I am also a Conservative, life member of North American Hunting Club, NRA, Good Sam Camping, and The Partners Club, a golf organization. Although I do like to hunt I do so only for the meat it supplies to our larder, never for trophies. I also am an NRA Certified Instructor in Home Firearm Safety and Pistol. Also have completed a Course of Study with Penn Foster in gunsmithing. Problem with that is my age seems to preclude me from getting a job as a gunsmith and I don’t want to try to start a business since it takes up too much of my time, and won’t allow me to take off to visit with family, or take a 2 or 3 month trip to see places I have never been before. After all, I am retired, why begin a business now?

I have also been a COBOL programmer and for many years built my own systems. It is easier and cheaper to just buy them these days. My wife and I were ranchers as well, but the drought in Texas over the last 7 years has caused us to give that up. Could not afford the feed costs, and finally had to sell our cattle, and now our ranch as well. Actually we are probably getting just a tad to old to ranch anymore anyway.

My wife is a retired Special Ed teacher, (30+ years of teaching, 20 of that in Special Ed). We find ourselves working harder than we did when we were working full-time. It seems that when you retire, if you don’t say NO to requests for your time and energy, you will be asked to take on more tasks than you can handle.  We garden some love fresh fruit and vegetables and organic gardening. It takes more effort but it is worth it in the long run. I also have been a member of TXGenWeb since 1996, it is Genealogy group, and a part of the USGenWeb. We work at the County level to build webpages for our county sites, putting free information out for folks looking for information on their ancestors. My site is txkinneygen.org.

We just harvested a bunch of wonderful Jalapeno peppers, and our Chili Peteens are looking real good too. We also grow squash, sweet peppers, and of course tomatoes and other vegetables. Well that is about all the stuff I think I can tell you about me, nothing too exciting. I invite you to enjoy my blog, and I also invite comments, so feel free to use my contact form.

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