History repeats itself
August 11, 2022, 4:25 pm
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In the lead up to World War II, there were in Germany – Brown Shirts, they were thugs and did the dirty work for the Nazi party which was led by Adolf Hitler, in Italy it was the black shirts. These were the precursor to the death of millions in Germany and Italy. I thought of that the other night when I was watching a program on TV and found out that the FBI had raided the home of Donald Trump the previous president of the US, and they ransacked his home, taking box after box of, who knows what? You see they also illegally refused to give a copy of the so-called search warrant, and told the people, and lawyers who were there to get out and refused to allow anyone to see what they were doing. I think it is time to change the name of the FBI to Gestapo, because that is what they are becoming. Our attorney general seems more like Himler than an American attorney.

It scares me to think that our nation is now run by hoodlums, and they act like the horror of pre-World War II Germany. People in the last few years have been murdered, especially Police officers and white and black people. The BLM rejoices at the death of white and black people, especially when they can use it to further their assault on truth, of course the Demonrats love all of it because they think they will become powerful and be able to run this country into the ground and then make it over in their image.

That is what Hitler thought too, today we have a war against Ukraine, which our leaders are using as an excuse to hurt Russia, not that the Communists there do not deserve to be attacked, but our Generals are nothing more than thugs who could not fight their way out of a wet paper sack. They are cowards, and toadies for the Demoncrats running our country. Of course you can also say the same for the leadership of the FBI, or as I believe the Gestapo. Of course more of this is coming 87,000 new “IRS” agents will fan out across the nation like the SS of old Germany, the elite soldiers of Hitler, who raped and pillaged everywhere they went.

As an aside, George Soros, who is a Jewish man, in WW II became a German Nazi under Hitler and when he saw that Germany was going to go down in flames, stole as much as he could and moved it and himself to Switzerland, going back to being a Jew who had escaped the Nazi’s. He today is returning to the Nazi (socialist) ways so that he can destroy this nation just as the Nazi’s destroyed much of Europe.

We look at Russia and say they are communists, and so they are, however they were socialists as was Hitler and Mussolini in Italy. Our nation is becoming like 1930’s Italy and Germany, and will soon be like those nations were then. All the riches that belonged to the people was destroyed and those socialists took what they could and escaped to other countries and set up housekeeping with their riches. If we do not wake up in this country and turn it around we shall become just another socialist state.

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