Murder of the Innocent
January 24, 2019, 4:50 pm
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In the 10 commandments it says You Shall Not Kill. The word in the Hebrew is better translated Murder. We talk about the woman has a choice, yes she does, but, she made the choice when she allowed herself to decide to have sex. If you have unprotected sex, you take a chance on getting pregnant. If you get pregnant, your choice is to have that child, and then give it up for adoption, your choice cannot be to have an abortion, that becomes murder. You murder your baby because you thought about it and then made a conscious decision to kill that baby.

You become therefore a murderer, you did not actually kill that child but you allowed it to be killed therefor you are guilty of murder. In the Bible it talks about people actually using their children as sacrifices to the god Molech, God in his wrath passed judgement on the people.

The fault today is not just on people who have decided to murder their baby, but also on the church. The Church has been silent or has actually come out in favor of this heinous crime against humanity. We see politicians celebrating abortion, the State of New York has just passed a law to allow murder of babies up to the moment of birth. When it was passed the Democrats in the house cheered, don’t know of any Republicans who did.

These children did not ask to be in that womb, but they were, and where is their choice to live or die? They don’t have any choice, but we do, murder is not an answer. Jesus said suffer the little children to come to me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Childlike faith is what he was talking about, but he was also talking about how those children are innocent, they have not reached the age of accountability and so they are innocent. Think that the unborn child is not an innocent child, a person who should have the right to life not a death sentence, that is who that child is, and should have life.

I just watched a movie in regard to this issue. It is at http://babiesaremurderedhere.com/ if you want to know how important this is, please watch this film.

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The Gospel or Socialism
January 24, 2019, 3:37 pm
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The Gospel of Jesus Christ, is that which sets man on a path to heaven, Socialism sets one on a path to Hell. The teaching of Jesus Christ, is that we are to show love not hate toward our fellow man. The teaching of socialism is that we are to hold down all who disagree with our teaching, and if they will not go along with our rhetoric, we destroy them. Socialism is that which brought us Communism, Nazism,and other forms of hatred for anything that could not be controlled by itself.

Let us look at The Gospel first. What does it teach us about living our lives? First it says that if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then you are to be one who loves your brothers and sisters in the faith. It also says that we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind, then to love our neighbor as our-self. That last one is pretty hard to do sometimes, especially when that neighbor might just want to slit my throat because he or she considers me to be an infidel. Pretty hard to turn the other cheek when your head is no longer attached to your body. In the early church, Christians used to help their neighbors, when there was someone sick, they would go with food and pray and anoint and whatever else might ease their suffering.

We are also told to visit the sick, the prisoner, and others who have a need to hear the gospel that says, Jesus is the way, truth and life, the only way to healing of your soul. He is the way to eternal life in heaven.

OK lets take a look at the alternative. The socialists in New York State have just passed a law that says it is OK to kill your baby for any reason at any time up to the point of actual birth. Socialism brought us Hitler, killer of over ten million people, his own and others. Socialism gave us Stalin, killer of over 60 million people, Mao killer of untold millions of Chinese. In this country it has brought us Planned Parenthood, an organization that was responsible for killing over 300,000 babies in 2018, and over 60 million since its inception. They have actually killed more people than Stalin.

Socialism brought us Castro in Cuba, a man responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of deaths, Maduro in Venezuela, don’t know his death toll yet, but he has raped his country of its assets and, his people some of which have starved to death, because there is no food in any of the stores. He took over for Chavez, also responsible for death and destruction in that country.

I must also say that the enmity of the world against Christians has caused millions of deaths as well. In the first 10 years of this century, already there have been more Christians murdered in the name of Islam than in all the centuries before this one. Yet it is alright for someone who practices this religion of “peace” to talk about our President as a Mother F***** and she threatens to impeach him. It is also alright for our politicians to jump on the bandwagon and wish that some high school kids wearing MAGA hats and their parents would jump into a fire and die. This is socialism as its finest. Oh then we have a group who says it is anti-fascist, and goes about beating people up and shouting down any hope for discourse. Fascism is Socialism by another name and these people are the Socialist/Fascist brown shirts of this era. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric, they are indeed fascist/socialist brown shirts of Hitler or black shirts of Mussolini.

So which one do you want to lead our nation? Socialism or Christianity? Tell me your preference, let us have a conversation on this topic.

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