POTUS – tweet war is infantile
September 25, 2017, 4:24 pm
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Well here we are in a new week and the people of Puerto Rico are suffering greatly, “Rocket Man” is threatening to attack the US with nuclear weapons, the Iranians are ready to get back to making nuclear weapons themselves, and Russia is still pushing buttons trying to take over more of land belonging to Ukrainian people. What else can the President tweet about?

How about starting a tweet war about firing all the athletes taking a knee, or staying in the locker room until after the National Anthem? Gee that sounds really infantile, something a 6 year old might like to do, but the President of the United States? Please tell me it ain’t so, this is the leader of the free world, the one who is standing up to the bluster of others and knocking them down and he is engaged in this asinine tweet with the millionaire infants of the NFL?

I had thought that this man would get things done, so far we have seen the Medical care repeal and replace crash and burn twice and fixing for a third time. We still don’t have Tax reform although it is claimed that he will introduce his plan Wednesday, I’ll see it when I hear it. I was not a fan of this man when he ran, I voted for the right man for the job, the candidate for the Constitution Party of the United States. Could not, never, ever vote for a Democrat, no matter who it was, but Hillary??? NEVER.

It is interesting, I did not vote for Obama, but I hoped he would be a good President, one who would work to bring us together. OOPS not in a million years could this man bring us together, race relations were better 50 years ago than they are after the last 8 years of Obama. Now we have Trump in the White House, he started out fairly well, and his response to the hurricanes has been outstanding, but now he gets into a shouting match with athletes???? Why, they are within their rights as American citizens to protest what they believe is injustice. Of course if they believe that Black Americans are persecuted, why don’t they take some of their millions of dollars and help their fellow Americans get good educations so they can like Dr. Ben Carson, one day become all they can be. Taking a knee when the National Anthem is played is also infantile, it does nothing to change anything. Well it has changed one thing, I used to love watching a good football game, now I shut the TV off and go do something better with my time.

So Mr. President Trump, why don’t you quit this stupid game you are playing and actually care enough to get involved personally in the battle over Health Care reform? We need real reform, the Republicans are so screwed up they claimed for 7 years they would repeal Obamacare and yet you find that it’s like herding cats to get them to agree to anything. Of course they never had a real plan anyway, it was just a way to get re-elected and continue lining their pockets with the money they begin raising for their next bid to be re-elected as soon as they get to D.C.

If you are such a GREAT DEAL MAKER why are you sitting on the sidelines when you should be working to make a deal. Better yet why don’t you put up a real plan to fix health care yourself, have it written up and submit it to congress so they will have the real deal to work on instead of their make believe fix. I sure hope that your tax program will be in good shape when you deliver it to Congress although the Democrats will rip it up and spit it out, and the cowards in the Senate will kiss Chuck Schumer and then claim that you didn’t really care, you were tweeting about inconsequential nonsense while Rome was burning, then blaming Mitch McConnell and I am no fan of do nothing Mitch, but if you don’t get off the dime Mr. President, your plans will come to naught and we will have to find someone who will actually do the job that you claimed you would do.

You haven’t even been able to get rid of the Obama holdovers in your White House much less in the DOJ or should I say DOIJ? (Department of Injustice). Get on the stick Mr. President Trump, or you will become a one term President, like do nothing Jimmy Carter.

Ronald Reagan was a man who got things done, who shook up the establishment in D.C. you are so far, not much of anything other than HOT AIR.


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