Texas House – NOT Conservative
April 14, 2017, 12:31 pm
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Living in Texas is becoming a crazy adventure. The Texas Senate has passed a number of bills to reform the Ethics laws especially for those serving in Government, End Sanctuary Cities, Constitutional Convention of States, and Child Protective Services reform. These are all priorities our Governor stated in his State of the State address.

When the Senate and House began this session, I was sure the Senate would pass these bills. I was just as sure that the House would kill them if they possibly could do so. Well I received my copy of the Texas Scorecard and sure enough the House Speaker (RINO) Joe Strauss has held these bills not even sending them to committee for review and hearings. The only one of these items to move forward, albeit a House version, not the Senate version is Child Protective Services reform. What we have here is a House Speaker, who works hand in glove with the Democrats to kill anything that has a stamp of approval on it from conservatives. We can thank the City of San Antonio for Liberal Democrats and for RINO Joe Strauss.

Just to be sure I keep this non-partisan, I also wish to thank the gutless House Republican Caucus for keeping Strauss in the Speakers Chair. They did not even mount any kind of movement to replace him, so both Democrats and Republicans are in cahoots to make sure that conservatives cannot pass anything resembling fairness for the citizens of Texas. The House leadership even went so far as to physically attack a member who disagreed with a movement to suspend the rules to vote on a bill that had not been given a fair hearing. They wanted to kill School Choice in Texas!

Our Texas Attorney General has been under attack by the Liberals/Democrats since the election that brought him to the AG’s office. They have even gone so far as to sic the SEC on him with false charges of security fraud. He has been acquitted twice on that charge and the Federal District in North Texas has found him not guilty for the second time, basically saying that the SEC could not prove any wrongdoing by Attorney General Paxton. Of course there is another case pending in criminal court, using the same evidence that has been thrown out twice by the Federal Court. It has two special prosecutors one of whom has been the lawyer for the Bandido Motorcycle Gang, and has already been declared an unindicted co-conspirator in a case where he was the general counsel for the leadership (Bandido leadership).

Of course it would not be a complete rant if I did not mention that voter fraud is alive and well in the State of Texas. In one election in Hays County, an entire Ballot Box went missing, and in another part of the election there was a precinct with 420 registered voters, yet the actual vote tally showed 718 voters cast ballots. 170.95% voter turnout, that is amazing, considering that most elections are lucky to have 40% turnout.

If you live in Texas and are concerned about our politicians and our elections, as well as the attempts to steal money from our Rainy Day Fund so these politicians can spend more than they receive in taxes, you need to get the Texas Scorecard.

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