#BlackLivesMatter, White Guilt and the Marketing of Racism – Ryan Bomberger
July 9, 2016, 9:01 am
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I read this article this morning and knew that it needed to be read by others. This war has to stop, our President who we all hoped would bring us together, has instead moved us further apart by his rhetoric about guns and police. Please read this article, by a man of color who speaks the truth about what is going on today. It saddens me that we cannot seem to get beyond the hate rhetoric of Black Lives Matter, and the media who depict police and white people as all haters, then talk about killing cops. Our nation was better about race relations 8 years ago than we are today. It needs to change, we need to see one another as human beings instead of black, brown, red or white.

That was the dream of Martin Luther King, and it should be the fact among us as members of the human race. Let the anarchists, and race baiters go somewhere besides our country.

I’m literally fighting back tears as I write, again, about this prevalent injustice. They dont see us as individual human beings, but a group to be exploited, separated, and judged based on our pigmentation.

Source: #BlackLivesMatter, White Guilt and the Marketing of Racism – Ryan Bomberger

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