A Dying Nation
August 10, 2015, 8:07 am
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Over the last 70 years I have watched our nation change from a country that offered everyone a chance to realize their dream, to a balkanized chaotic place where government becomes the parent. You no longer have to work hard, the Federal government welfare programs will take care of your needs. If you do want to get ahead the government will loan you the money to go to college, where you will not learn how to live and work, but rather how to become a socialist and live off the dwindling working class.

I was born in 1945, I grew up in a nation that was becoming truly integrated, it took a few years and a brilliant man named Martin Luther King Jr. to actually move us to the place where the Declaration of Independence statement that all men are created equal, became a reality. It happened and since then we have moved in positive directions most of the time, but lately, say the last 20 – 25 years, we have begun to move away from a moral society, to a society that looks more like George Orwell’s 1984.

I have to make note here that this has been happening since the so-called sexual revolution of the late 1960’s, that is when drugs and sex became more popular than law and morality. It also has led us to today, where “medical” marijuana, rap music and other forms of gratuitous forms of radicalism have become the norm. Note that this mention of marijuana as a form of radicalism is intentional. It has been shown in scientific experiments that marijuana is at least as harmful as cigarettes, and alcohol, and yet politically it has become advantageous to approve of its use, it does dumb down the population and they vote for more relaxing of moral standards.

The United States was formed as a Republic, not as a democracy. It was deliberately formed by the founders to keep the Federal (central) government contained. It was to be a country where all the power was held in the hands of the people, not governments. A careful reading of our founding documents, tells us that power not given to the Federal government, belongs to the States and / or to the people. The founders of the nation also realized that in order for this to work, it required a moral and educated people. It was quite successful over the first 200 years of existence, but it has, over the last quarter century fallen apart. Morality is no more, it is interesting that we now are even doing away with gender type labels on products, because we now allow people to choose their own gender.

Of course in the process we have had to remove certain items from our culture. Bibles can no longer be openly carried in schools, you may not write a book report on the Bible or on any work which can be considered Christian. The 10 Commandments have been removed from courtrooms, and public facilities, because they are offensive to some of our population. There is even a movement to remove crosses from federal cemeteries. Having children dress in Muslim clothing, and act as Muslims is considered correct, but to wear a T-shirt to school that talks of Jesus is grounds for expulsion. Freedom of speech, is now governed by fiat, certain forms of speech are no longer acceptable as they are offensive to some members of society, God of course is one of those words that are increasingly not allowed in public.

Of course, I still wonder when speech became destruction of property. It seems that if you want to burn, walk on, or otherwise destroy the American Flag, or bibles or other items it is also free speech.
Of course free speech now includes pornography, destructive speech disguised as music, where the N word is acceptable, where women are denigrated and referred to as whores, where cops are denigrated as pigs and other terms. This is probably the greatest immoral trash to be foisted on the American public of any of the now acceptable immorality that flows freely within our society.

The other side of this coin is the banning of certain terms of speech because they are offensive, and certain organizations because they are not following the PC rules. I note that many of our Higher learning establishments are beginning to ban people from speaking, because it hurts the sensibilities of the latest liberal/socialist/fascist crowd on campus. Most times it is conservatives who are banned. This kind of nonsense allows communists to speak at graduation ceremonies but not conservative Americans. I am ashamed at those who banned Condoleezza Rice from speaking because they held her to be offensive.

Since when is a College or University, concerned about offensive views? I thought these institutions were all about free exchange of ideas. Of course these days, the only ideas that are acceptable are those espoused by socialist professors, and by hate mongers such as the so-called “Reverend” Al Sharpton.

One of the reasons for removal of the 10 Commandments from public view, is so the abortion industry can continue murdering babies, and as we have lately seen, selling the body parts to so called research institutions. The 6th Commandment is “you shall not murder.” I know that many of you know it as “thou shalt not kill.” but the truth is the underlying hebrew is “ratsach” and its meaning is somewhat more graphic than kill, it means to “dash in pieces”. Isn’t that what the abortionists do?

How about the next one, “you shall not commit adultery” that one sure trips up a mess of folks, especially in places like Hollywood, that is one place where immorality runs rampant. They even like to flaunt their vulgarity, women who are accomplished actresses showing as much of their bodies as they can, parading down the red carpet offering themselves to whoever can pay the price. Singers, with truly beautiful voices wearing next to nothing so they can be more popular, exhibiting their bodies as objects, rather than their voice and their talent as gifts to the world.

Our nation is rapidly heading into the scrap heap of history, as one more example of destruction from within. It is a shame, but we have thrown out our country so we can become like all other nations, we have not learned from history what happens when you give up your morals, for popularity. Where your god becomes fame, money and yourself, and the true God the one who has blessed this nation for over 250 years is thrown out like trash. Those who we look to as the founders of this nation came here for reasons of freedom. Freedom to worship, freedom to work and increase in wealth by their own knowledge and ethics. Whatever you may like to think about this nation, our founders formed us as men who knew God, those who tell you different have an agenda to destroy the basis of our nation. We were formed under the learning of these men, learning that included the Bible, the law of God and both Hebrew and Christian mores. They knew this verse from the Psalms:
Psa 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance. (NKJV) We forget these things to our own peril. Wake up America, before there is no more America.


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