Islamic Terror
January 24, 2015, 2:38 pm
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It seems to me that our President has a problem with naming that which happens in the world with the proper appellation, when terrorists attack a newspaper office in Paris, shouting “Allahu Akbar” it is not an act of terror, it is an act of Islamic Terror. When a group of terrorists attack and wipe out an entire village in Nigeria, it is not an act of terror it is an act of Islamic Terror. In both of these incidents the protagonists (attackers) were Muslim Terror fighters. It was a Muslim group “Al-Qaeda in Yemen” that took credit for the attack in Paris, it was Boko Haram who attacked and killed the people in that Northern Nigerian village. They, Boko Haram, are of course Muslim in their religious beliefs. I am beginning to wonder if part of the Obama plan to fundamentally change our nation, is to make it a part of the Worldwide Islamic Caliphate under Shariah Law. Since he refuses to close our borders to protect us from invasion, since he bows to Muslim leaders and then threatens the leader of our only ally in the Mideast, Benjamin Netanyahu with unspecified costs if he comes to the US to speak to our congress.
Yet it is OK for the British Prime Minister to come to America and lobby our Senators to stop the bill that will force Obama to sanction Iran if they do not make a treaty to stop their Nuclear Bomb making project.
While we are at it, I read a very interesting piece on Islamic End Time events prophecies. You see the Shia sect of Islam is planning to set up their own Caliphate and they now are closer than ever to realizing the goal. Looking at what they see as fulfilling prophecy tells us that Iran – Hezbollah and other Shia groups in the world are looking at the death of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia as fulfillment of another prophecy. Both Iran and Hezbollah rely on a book of prophecy called Al-Jair. Supposedly, the 12 Imam (The Mahdi) will come to lead them into being the World Dominating power. There will be a Sunni ruler in Syria, then the Iranians will attack Syria and defeat the Sunni ruler on their way to sacking Jerusalem.
According to these prophecies the death of King Abdullah will trigger widespread internal strife throughout Saudi Arabia. Iran figures they can then move against the Saudi’s. Please note that the Saudi’s are concerned because they are now faced with Shia all around them especially now that Shia are taking over Yemen.
It does seem that events are moving toward some kind of horrible war in the middle east. It is time we as a nation decide who it is we will be backing. The Russians have decided to back Iran, who will we be friend to? I certainly hope that we will be the people who continue to back Israel. Whatever we do, it behooves us to look seriously at what is happening in that part of the world. We continue down the present path and we will soon be staring our own destruction in the face.
Where do you stand?

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