Gordon College, Don’t Sell Your Soul
October 17, 2014, 10:18 am
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Persecution comes in many shapes and sizes, Gordon College a Christian college is now being threatened by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. They have issued a statement about whether or not the college prohibition on “homosexual practice” conflicts with their accreditation standards. The college has appointed a committee to study its current campus policies on same-sex behavior. Seems to me that there is no reason to “study” this issue. Scripture is clear from beginning to end, homosexual behavior is against God’s teaching. There is no change to what the scriptures teach, no word from God that says it is an acceptable life style.

Gordon College, Don't Sell Your Soul For Secular Accreditation.

Why do we need to change? Why is it that Christianity has to change to accommodate society? I don’t hear society hollering for Islam to change, they too recognize that homosexual practice is against their teachings. They of course prescribe death for anyone caught in this practice, while we Christians try to show that this is against God and will cause them to spend eternity in hell, but we do not prescribe stoning.


Why the attacks on Christians by less than 2% of the population? Give them legal partnership rights, marriage is a sacrament! Stop eroding my faith with Law!


Comment by Dalene

Truth is that the Church has allowed this usurpation, marriage is a sacred trust that the government has taken away by licensing it (to collect money). It used to be the purview of the Church to marry people, the government will not recognize marriage unless you get their license.


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