Is impeachment the right course?
July 9, 2014, 2:08 pm
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I have to wonder about the calls for impeachment of President Obama. As much as I believe he has committed offenses that warrant impeachment, I also wonder if this is a wrong move. I read that Pat Buchanan thinks it would be a mistake. That to impeach the President would just give added fodder to the democrats to use against the Republicans. Sarah Palin on the other hand cites the scandals that surround this President as being proof that he has committed numerous offenses that fit the bill and that it should be done now.

I have to admit, this President has shown a propensity for ignorance, in that, he continues to tell us that he knew nothing about the atrocity at Benghazi, the IRS and the many other scandals swirling around him. Yet there is mounting evidence that Democratic Senators were applying pressure on the IRS, and that much of the IRS targeting was directed from Washington DC not Cincinnati. Of course we also know that the White House and State Department people were also instrumental in propagating the lies about what the Benghazi attack was. Yet the President does not admit to knowing anything, until he read about it in the Newspapers. That of course goes for the deaths of Veterans at VA hospitals around the country.

The problem with writing Bills of Impeachment against the President, are quite literally an exercise in futility. The Senate will never agree to convict the President. Remember Bill Clinton was embroiled in an impeachment bill from the house, and some of the democrats even admitted that he was guilty, but refused to vote to convict. The same would happen today if there were a Bill of Impeachment filed against Obama.

What do you think about this thing? Should the House of Representatives go through the gyrations to bring a bill of impeachment? I do believe it would be an exercise in futility for the house to do this. Join the conversation


If their goal is to redeem his popularity, by all means, impeach! It did wonders for Clinton.

The problem isn’t just that the Senate has a Dem. majority. It’s that things like incompetence, ignorance and making unpopular decisions aren’t even crimes, let alone “high crimes and misdemeanors”. Presidents can do all kinds of damage by the legitimate exercise of the powers of the office, and there’s no recourse (except protest) until the next election. That’s why informed voting matters.

You can’t get away with impeaching a president just because you really, really don’t like the stuff they do. Buchanan realizes what Palin is too uneducated to understand.


Comment by Invisible Mikey

His refusal to do his job, enforcing the laws of the land, can be considered as high crimes/misdemeanors. Also the racism that exists in his administration and that is separating our people can be considered as such too. Still, impeachment is not something that I think needs to happen at this point in time. Boehner feels the same way. Gov. Palin is not an uneducated person, attacking her in that manner, is the same as attacking George W. Bush in the same vein. You may not like these folks but it is ignorant to use personal attacks against them, disagree with them and show why, but personal attacks do not change anything and is aggravating as well. I may not like what the President does, but I can see no good reason to impeach him. His Attorney General now is another story. But that is for another blog entry.


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