I am so Angry

I have listened to the latest attacks from the Democrats and I have to admit I am so angry at these dogs I could scream! The cries of Racist, Racism and the other words that these people use to describe their opponents make me sick. These people lie, cheat, steal, and any thing else they can think of to denigrate those who disagree with them that it seems like nothing is too low for them to stoop to. They sic the IRS on Americans who just want to speak out against injustice, they hide the truth from the families of slain officers who work for them, because they did not want them to know that it was guns they let get into the hands of the killers. The NSA spies on Americans, and then lies to congress about it and the government goons won’t prosecute or even admit to wrongdoing.

I am so sick of this administration and the lies, innuendo and downright fabrications, “If you like your health care insurance you can keep it, if you like to your doctor you can keep him or her”. We heard this over and over again, yet it was a LIE. We watched as the NSA chief sat and lied to congress when he was asked if we were spying on American Citizens, he said no. We watched as the government lied about Benghazi over and over they told the lie about the movie about Mohammad. We find later on that it was a well planned and executed Al Qaeda attack on our consulate. When will we find ourselves doing what really needs to be done. When will you sheeple wake up and see what the Democratic Party is doing? They are fomenting hatred of each other among us. They have armed their minions in the Homeland Security Department with enough ammunition to kill all of us 10 times over, yet you keep electing these lying dung heaps to office. You deserve what you have gotten, a government that doesn’t give a darn about you, they only want more and more power.

They are stealing you blind and you don’t even realize it. They have raised taxes, stolen money from Medicare, and are in the process of taking away our freedom. They are acting like the bullies they really are, beating up on citizens inside our own country. I watched the BLM almost kill people, over a piece of land that is only good for one thing, raising cattle and goats, but they confiscated cattle from a rancher who was grazing on this property. When people began to protest, they were knocked to the ground by government goons, tased, one guy was actually bleeding from the would caused by the taser. They didn’t care that it was women and children as well as men that they were attacking. I was waiting for one of these trigger happy goons to shoot someone with their M16 (the real assault weapons) that they carry. I am glad they backed off, it could have gotten really ugly out there.

I find myself becoming very much afraid that our government is rapidly becoming like the German Gestapo, of WW II. They are interfering in our lives more and more every day, including telling us what we can and cannot eat, forcing us to purchase products (health insurance) which as men we cannot use the right to abortion. Forcing nuns to take insurance that goes against their very soul. Telling states that they cannot control elections within their own borders, by enacting common sense laws like picture ID to insure that someone is who they say they are.

When will this hatred of their own citizens end? When will the American People wake up and realize that we are no longer FREE that our freedoms are being dismantled by the man who told us 6 years ago that he wanted to fundamentally change our nation. How much longer will we allow this to continue? How much more loss of freedom will be have to suffer?

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