They can’t understand why they lost?
March 5, 2014, 12:58 pm
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Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin can’t understand why they lost to Obama? How about because they were too stupid to run a good campaign. Romney had Obama on the ropes, and let him get back in the game. He did not press any advantage he had against Obama. He did not push Benghazi or any of the other scandals that he could have used to prove to people that Obama was not the right man to set us back on course. Had he done so they might have won the election, and the country might be on the right track now.

I have to admit that I am absolutely disgusted with the Republican Party. If and when they get some backbone and begin to actually do what they run on then perhaps things will get better, but what I see is a spineless Boehner, a spineless McConnell and his henchman Cornyn both of them are RINO’s. John McCain is another one, I don’t want to see these guys continue in power but of course they have the money to keep going.

When will the electorate wake up and see what is going on? We have now created a Royal Class in our Senators and Representatives, as well as our Emperor President. These people poop all over us and we keep sending them back to do so again. What ever happened to the Statesmen that used to inhabit our Senate, House and Executive branches? This is a short note because I have a longer one to follow-up with.

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