Were we cheated by the Media?
November 14, 2013, 11:16 am
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The story of Vietnam is one that has told us how the people of this nation were against the war and hated our military. Is this true? This is a great website and I do hope you will visit it and find out the truth about We The People and our Military during and after the Vietnam conflict. I think that the truth needs to be told, and we need to know what really happened instead of the slanted garbage that the Main Stream Media continues to peddle.

The people on the left, and that includes many in the print and Television media, do not want us to know what is really going on in our nation. They have an agenda and it is the agenda that is pushed, not the truth. We do not have a free press, that has been evidenced by the Department of (In)justice under the present administration going after reporters who will tell the truth about what they are doing. It is also a reality that our Main Stream Media will do anything they can to indoctrinate we the people into the “Progressive” meme so that we will become like sheep, led wherever they want us to go instead of moving into the future as FREE and INDEPENDENT citizens of a Constitutional Republic.

I suggest you start your investigation at the above website, just click on the link at Is the true? and you will see what is the truth. From there you might want to start actually doing your own research to find out what the Main Stream Media (Socialists) don’t want you to know.

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