More people on Federal Money
October 25, 2013, 2:14 pm
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Interesting article It seems that there are more people receiving Federal subsidies such as, welfare, food stamps, medicare and other forms of Federal assistance, than there are full-time working americans. There are actually so many people that they are more than the population of the Philippines.

The actual figure is: 108,592,00 at the end of 2011 according to the Census Bureau. The number of full-time workers is: 101,716,000. Quite a disparity, it seems that this is about 1.07 people receiving Gov’t assistance for every 1 person actually working full-time. This is a not a good statistic, as a matter of fact it is a terrible one, because it means that this is not sustainable in any way. This does not include folks on Social Security either, this is people who are receiving means-tested assistance from the Federal Government. This can only get worse not better, especially as more people are laid off because of the “Affordable Care Act” better known as Obamacare. Not only does this mean that there will be less people paying for the programs, it also means that our Advantage Plans will go away as well. The Feds have already taken 500 billion dollars away from this program to pay for the Obamacare programs, which people cannot get, because the website is not functional. They are also raising taxes, putting fines in place if you don’t get the proper coverage, and many insurance companies have decided they can’t afford to continue to offer policies if they have to pay for abortions, sex change operations, and other elective procedures.

In other words this program is going to bankrupt the nation quicker than any other program that political hacks put in place. Our politicians don’t seem to be able to understand or to see the consequences of their actions, but it will have a devastating effect on you and I and they seem to think it is OK that we have to face this and they get exempted. Rise up people see what your Political “Royalty” is setting in front of you. Know that this is going to cost you and your children and grandchildren and probably even your great-grandchildren. Think about what is already happening in our nation, and how much worse it can be if we allow these career politicians to continue in their mad dash toward oblivion for our nation.

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