Destroy Syria?
August 27, 2013, 5:29 pm
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Since when has it become a serious threat to our National Interest? I agree that the use of weapons of mass destruction, is a morally bankrupt action, however, the people of that region have been killing each other in any way they could for 100’s of years. Are we going to change them? Can we enforce the establishment of our form of government? The answers to both these questions are a resounding NO! Will the people of Syria love us because we helped them get rid of Assad? Again the answer is NO!

Why is it that the Arab nations around Syria don’t want to step in and shut this down? They are the ones who are in the middle of all this mess, and they know that Al Qaeda will be the winner in this civil war. Not only that but these folks are enjoying the escalation in the price of oil so why should they intervene when they are actually getting more from the status quo. No way should we allow ourselves to get involved in this mess, let these people work out their own destiny, it is none of our business. These people do not appreciate the help they are given, they hate us and our way of life, they are looking to set up a theological construct with Sharia law, and the Quran as their constitution. We do not need to help that happen.

I hear these Republican Hawks saying we need to put boots on the ground and destroy this regime, these are not conservative voices they are “moderates” they will get more of our young men and women killed and for what? Will Democracy suddenly appear throughout the middle East? NO WAY! There is no good reason for us to get involved in this mess, it can have no good outcome, there is no threat to our nation from this two-bit dictator and that goes for the whole Middle East, there can be no true threat to our National Security as long as we close our border to illegal crossing, and OH NO watch for the people who commit these horrors that they do not enter our nation.

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Republican National Lawyers Association | (RNLA)
August 26, 2013, 3:41 pm
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Here is a round-up of voter fraud cases in 2013 and 2012. Mr. Holder is wrong when he says it doesn’t exist. This is a widespread problem, and it is high time it was stopped. We cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand. It is high time that these fraud cases are properly adjudicated and punished.

Republican National Lawyers Association | (RNLA).

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Texas Watchdog examines voter fraud in South Texas; fraud is rampant, seldom prosecuted | Texas Watchdog
August 26, 2013, 3:35 pm
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This is an older article (2010) by the Texas Watchdog reporters, but it points out what voter fraud looks like and how it can affect elections. It is past time for this practice to be vigorously prosecuted and for sentences to be stiff enough that it can act as a deterrent.

Texas Watchdog examines voter fraud in South Texas; fraud is rampant, seldom prosecuted | Texas Watchdog.

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Coptic Christians and Syrian Rebels
August 24, 2013, 10:41 am
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What is the truth in Egypt and in Syria? In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood has begun a systematic genocide against Coptic Christians who trace their lineage back to Peter and Mark. Over 100 Churches have been destroyed and many if not hundreds of the congregants have been killed by Muslims on Jihad. In Syria, we find that thousands have been killed and it appears that the government is using poison gas against the rebels. In both of these cases our national government seems to be at the best befuddled about what is going on and at the worst they don’t care.

It is absolutely shameful that our nation, which had no problem killing many in air raids in Libya, which uses drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan to kill hundreds in the name of killing one or two terrorist suspects. Yet in clear cases of genocide, we do nothing, even when our President said that the use of chemical weapons would be a red line that would bring dire consequences to the users. Seems like it was one more empty threat, because the President and his minions are dancing all around the issue, saying we need more information, we need proof. What about the deaths of over 1,000 men, women and children in Syria, or the burning of over 100 churches and the death of hundreds of Coptic Christians? It is insane to make threats, which you have no intention of carrying out, but I guess it felt good to make the threat, at least you did something. Words however, have consequences, and when you make a threat about what another person or group is doing, you HAVE TO follow-up on that threat or your words mean nothing.

So, Mr. President, are you going to step up to the plate, or are you going to continue to hide behind needing more information? When will you carry out your threat, when will the United States do more than talk? When will our UN Ambassador show up for a Security Council meeting? How many more deaths will it take to get at least a no fly zone over Syria, how many more deaths will it take for the US to stand up in Egypt? It is time for the Terrorists to realize that we are not just words we are actions. Of course, I guess you could just say it is work place violence like you did in Ft. Hood, when it was clearly a terrorist act. I am glad that at least this terrorist has been found guilty and will face a possible death sentence. However, when will the purple hearts be issued to those who were killed and wounded, when will their deaths be considered an act of terror so that their families will receive the death benefits they deserve to receive?

I am beginning to see that our government doesn’t care about anything except their own power and money that the power brings and it sickens me. I had resisted this belief, but cannot any longer resist it, it has become more than obvious. It really doesn’t make any difference which party is in power just about all of those in positions of power seem to be corrupt. It is a shame to have to watch the demise of this great Republic, but that is what we are witnessing as we continue down the Socialist path to our destruction.

Is Windows 8 a Trojan horse for the NSA? The German Government thinks so | PCWorld
August 24, 2013, 8:21 am
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Looks like the NSA won’t have to work too hard to find out what you are sending out to your friends on FB, or in emails anymore. Not with “Trusted Computing 2.0” it looks like this is going to make it real easy to get into your computer. If you use one of the new Lenovo computers you might also find that China knows what you are doing. Check out this article from PCWorld to find out what this might mean for computers.

Is Windows 8 a Trojan horse for the NSA? The German Government thinks so | PCWorld.

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The Truth About Republicans | American Perspective
August 19, 2013, 11:04 am
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This is a well written and honest look at the Republican Party and its unwillingness to act appropriately when they hold the power and in today’s congress the purse strings. It also gives a clear picture why I have decided I can no longer support the party as I have in the past. Of course I also cannot support the socialist (Democratic) party either.

The Truth About Republicans | American Perspective.

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The United States of Racism – Derek Hunter – Page 1
August 18, 2013, 9:28 am
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An article that speaks the truth in regard to where this country is heading. It is time that we stop the stupidity of race baiting, and get our house in order. There are very real and important problems in the world and if we do not begin to face those problems, we shall surely lose all that this country stands for.

The United States of Racism – Derek Hunter – Page 1.

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