Income Tax – The road to serfdom
July 19, 2013, 8:53 am
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As the government of the United States gets bigger, 16,000 new agents for the IRS alone, our government will need more and more of our money. In history it meant that the people worked for the government, not for themselves. Usually it meant that the people were ruled by Kings, Emperors or Dictators of one kind or another. In medieval England, there were serfs who actually worked the land, and there were rulers, local and of course the King or Queen. It was pretty much the same in the rest of the world as well. The serf worked the land, and gave the bulk of the crop to the baron or earl or whoever lived in the castle, who in turn had to pay to the next higher ruler up the line.

Today, in modern America, we pay taxes on land we own, but do we really own that land? Or are we renting it from the local governing authorities? We also are required to pay Income Taxes, as long as we are not considered as being in poverty. We have a graduated tax structure so that the more money you make the more you have to pay. Our government says this is fair, and of course we think it is because they say it is. So when government needs more money, they raise taxes and of course to be fair, they raise taxes on the rich. Now if you are middle class you would like to move up into the next higher group, but if you do you have to pay a higher rate of tax than you do now. So is the tax structure really fair? No it is not, think about it, you are really working for the government, not for yourself. We are just as much serfs as were those living 500 years ago, we just don’t really see it.

The more I look at the unfairness of the fair tax code, the more I see our government spending money so they can make it seem as if they are fair to all, the less I like what I see. It is becoming very obvious to me that our governing bodies, are taking more and more from us, so they can live high on the hog. We see IRS people enjoying a vacation which they claim is a seminar, at which they learn to line dance instead of doing their jobs. We also find out that some of these IRS employees are not even doing IRS business but rather are working for the union while receiving a paycheck paid for by you and me. Our taxes have even paid for a place where the National Security Agency can keep records on every one of us, billions of dollars going so that the government can spy on we the serfs, (people).

It is time to throw off the shackles and chains that bind us to this serfdom, it is time for the fair tax or the flat tax, one or the other. Personally I want to be able to go to the grocery store, buy my groceries, untaxed, then go and buy some hardware for my home or something of that nature and pay a sales tax say of 15% and that takes care of my tax burden. I don’t have to file an income tax return, just pay a sales tax and it is done. The government gets the money they need to run the jobs they have to do, and we the people can keep as much of our income as we want, we can save it or spend it. Spending will of course be taxed, but saving won’t be taxed. There will be no special interest loop holes, no deductions, everybody will pay for what they spend. Groceries, the necessary items for survival, will not be taxed, but everything else will be. Each and every one of us will have skin in the game so to speak, we will each be taxed at the same rate, and will not have any forms to fill out, we won’t need a tax consultant, or CPA to help us to avoid taxes.

Write to your government liberal or conservative representatives and senators, tell them you want the fair tax. Tell them also that you want them to balance the budget, spend what they need to spend, stop trying to buy friends in this country and in foreign lands as well. It is time to stop foreign aid which doesn’t do us any good as if just fuels the flames of hatred in all the places that already hate us anyway. Tell them also that you want to see them honor the constitution, and stop trying to ignore it and grab more and more power. This government is not longer of by and for the people, it is only to enrich those who are career politicians. It is time to end our serfdom!!!!

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