Government IT can’t tell MalWare from Virus
July 10, 2013, 2:12 pm
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So the Economic Development Agency spends 2.7 million dollars to get rid of a non-existent virus, and destroy $170,000.00 worth of equipment trying to get rid of a virus that did not exist. This is the government that wants us to believe it can handle Health Care?

Of course, this is not the only boondoggle that our government is involved in these days. Lots of Boondoggles millions of our tax payer dollars are being spent to help Brazil improve Mental Health Treatment in their Government run Health System. We also see that our government is spending 2.5 million dollars to improve building safety, in Bangladesh. Since when did the government get the right to send our tax dollars to improve building safety in another country? Where in the Constitution does it say they can do that?

Who is the idiot who approved these expenditures? Even more important who is the IT boss at EDA who told them they had to destroy keyboards, mice and other innocent pieces of equipment, because he thought they had a virus that was hiding out in these innocuous pieces of equipment? This guy or woman needs to be fired and NOW not later. It is most important that we cut the size of this bloated government and the sooner the better.

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