May 20, 2013, 3:41 pm
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Fox News reporter James Rosen has been named as a Co-conspirator in a criminal case involving the release of information from 2009. The story is here. Now it seems to me that Rosen just reported what he had found out, from a briefing perhaps or from a source that he had cultivated. It really doesn’t matter, it appears that the original leaker has already been arrested and is serving time for the release of the information. Meanwhile the Obama Administration is attempting to stifle the freedom of the press. Obama claims to be a man who really believes in the freedom of the press, as set forth in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

If this were true, why is the DOJ trumping up charges against reporters and going after their personal emails, and telephone calls. Could it be that this White House is lying about wanting a free press? I know that they don’t want law abiding citizens to legally own firearms, why do we think they might want like a free press? Check out the story, then maybe you might be angry enough to write to your congressperson and your senators.

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Justice Department Report

Breitbart News reports on the new Justice Department Report on gun violence, the report deals with the years 1993 to 2011 and shows the hype of Congress and the Press to be just that HYPE.

During this time period the “Assault Weapons Ban” expired and Americans began to purchase handguns. The Supreme Court overturned outright gun bans and individual states lessened gun control restrictions and issued shall issue carry laws.

During this same time period gun crimes went down, here are some of the stats in this report:
A. Gun related murders dropped 40%; from 18,253 to 11,101. For Black Americans it dropped 51%.
B. School Shootings in this time period dropped by almost a third, from 29 to 20.
C. Background checks is also a straw man that has been made up out of thin air. Less than one percent of state prisoners caught with a gun purchased it at a gun show. Moreover, who knows how many of those might have passed or did pass a background check.

I would suggest that you read the actual report which can be found at: http://bjs.gov/content/p8ub/pdf/fv9311.pdf you will that all of this is not happening in one or two years but rather over the entire period.

I have to say I enjoyed the article written John Nolte. We need to know that an armed populace is a much safer populace. I hope you will read both the article and the report for yourself.

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Space Tourism Coming
May 7, 2013, 6:17 pm
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I read a wonderful story about a company leasing space at a new Space Port, not airport, in New Mexico. I was glad to read that one, it is a good piece of news, that I wish the MSM would pick up and report on. This is the second company to lease space and prepare to move forward in space, and re-usable space craft. The plans are to perfect their space craft that will allow people to go into space and return in the same vehicle. That of course was the idea behind the Shuttle program that NASA used, but never improved upon and moved to the next level.

The good thing about this is that we have entrepreneurs who are working to move into the future that our government has abandoned. Bravo to these imaginative people. We landed on the moon so many years ago and have never capitalized on that knowledge that we gained in doing so. I really thought back then that we were on the way to the exploration of our Solar System, and beyond. Instead we decided to get ourselves off on a different track, and here we are the government (NASA) is more involved in catering to Muslim people to buck up their self-esteem. I thought that NASA was supposed to be working on moving us into the next section in our exploration of space. At the same time I am actually happy to see NASA taking a back seat to innovators in the private sector, maybe we will actually start a colony on the moon, and Mars and move out into space to look at the tremendous wonder that is the universe. It is a good thing to get rid of bureaucrats, whose sole purpose is to increase their own fiefdom, and move on to the age of innovation and private industry. It was private industry that moved our nation into the powerhouse it had become and will again do so if left alone by the rapacious government that wants to control everything and ends up stifling innovation.

Time will tell of course, but I think it is a wonderful thing for our nation and for the State of New Mexico.

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