DHS has the Ammo – not our troops!
April 28, 2013, 1:23 pm
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I read this post made by a soldier in our National Guard: I find this to be quite interesting, as I have written before questioning why DHS needs so much ammunition, and now finally some Senators and some news outlets are beginning to wonder as well. DHS currently has 263 million rounds in storage, that is more than what they bought in 2010 and 2011. It gives each DHS officer 1000 rounds just for practice while our National Guard troops have less than 100 rounds. Hello? Who is going to war? When our troops don’t have enough ammo to keep up their ability to kill the enemy, then our troops are decidedly in harms way.

It appears that DHS is becoming some kind of army within our country, why is that? I ask the same question when the Obama administration takes down the Radar System along the border, which helps to spot low flying aircraft, and missiles coming across our border, because they can’t afford it? Then we find out that the system is being moved to Washington D. C. to protect the White House. To hell with the country, we have to protect our Emperor/Dictator. Perhaps that is why DHS needs that ammunition, so they can wage war against the citizens of this country, along with the drones that can kill from the air.

Call me paranoid if you want, but it sure does seem strange to me that I can’t even buy 20 rounds of .22 caliber long rifle but DHS can buy millions of rounds of whatever they want. Better learn how to hand load, it will be the only way you can supply your own ammo, so you can protect yourself against those who would kill you and your family. Stand up and protest these assaults against our own people, our National Guard needs to be able to fight against enemies that might come across our unprotected border, HAMAS happens to have people in Mexico, teaching the cartels how to kill and maim. Nothing is stopping them from entering this country, wake up America, time is short, and we are heading down a really steep decline.

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