Now Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics are extremists?
April 6, 2013, 8:44 am
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Todd Starnes has reported on a class that was delivered to a group of Army Reservists in Pennsylvania that part of the class identified Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics along with Hamas, Sunni Muslims, and Al Qaeda as extremists and terrorists. It is interesting that people have the idea that Christianity is under attack and the government keeps saying that it isn’t true. Yet there is more and more of these sorts of stories coming out. The Army has removed crosses from chapels because some people find the offensive. The Air Force has even removed the word God from their logo.

The interesting fact in this story is that the person delivering this class was not an expert in the subject she was teaching. She relied on internet research to compile her list of terrorists/extremists and the Army Reserve did not review her slides or notes prior to her delivering the lecture. No chaplains were consulted either so it is obvious that this person had a bias against Christianity. There is a war against Christianity, when the military removes the steeple and crosses from a chapel because it is offensive to others. Yet I find it offensive that there are now Pagan and Witch chaplains, that military bases now have sacred groves for the practice of pagan rites. Yet I don’t demand the removal of these things, so why it is that others get to demand and it is done. Is this not a war against one group of persons?

Check out the story from Todd and see what you think.

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