What Next?
April 3, 2013, 11:02 am
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In the midst of North Korea blustering about destroying the United States, and being at war with South Korea, with Iran talking trash about destroying Israel and the Americans, with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt, Libya and Turkey what do we want to be worried about?

According to Forbes Magazine it is whether Austin, TX can become the Dubai of the United States. A new book has come out written by Daniel Brook and it describes the “History of Future Cities.” Think about this, he says that St. Petersburg (Russia), Mumbai (India), Shanghai and Dubai will be the models for city life in the future. He says that they will be more able to attract smart people from all over the world, and they, congregating together will become the centers for creative ideas.

Now it may very well be true that this country is no longer the capital of creative ideas, although Silicon Valley might disagree with that. I do believe that San Antonio Texas, and other cities would also disagree with that premise, but, SO WHAT? As the countries of the world continue to spiral downward in chaos, why should we worry about whether or not one of our cities will be the city of the future? As Russia returns to dictatorship, and Putin tries to rebuild the “Soviet Empire” while the North Koreans try to again conquer the South Koreans and of course let us not forget the Middle East which is in the midst of turmoil too. Let us also look to Europe, as it falls apart in the midst of fiscal stupidity, and political idiocy. The latest figures from the EU is that there are 26 million people out of work, that is a sizable chunk of the EU, how long can that last before it explodes and the EU slides into depression.

Of course our own nation is not doing all that well, what with subsidies for all sorts of hair brained schemes, like wind farms, and solar farm arrays that are the “future” of our power grid. How about the fact that we subsidize our Sugar Companies, and I ask you why? So they can continue to control the price of sugar in this country. If we allowed other sugar producers to sell their sugar in our country, the price would go down. Let us also understand that companies who have Billions in profits, GE comes to mind, yet they have all sorts of tax advantages that you and I will never see. If GE had to pay taxes on all that money they are hoarding, we would not need to tax our citizens, so let us get rid of these tax breaks for huge corporations and let them pay, as our President is fond of saying, their Fair Share.

Speaking of political idiocy, our politicians do not want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. You just need to look at where all that money comes from to fill the campaign coffers and you know why these big corporations get off scot-free when it comes to taxation, and why you and I have to pay for the boondoggles that these politicians come up with to help out their contributors. Follow the money and you will see that even our man of the people, President Vacation Obama, rakes in millions from those corporate bigwigs.

I am glad that Texas and other states are willing to say to the Federal Government “leave us alone” we don’t want or need your interference in our affairs. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, it is time for the federal government to do what it is empowered by the Constitution to do, that is to guard the borders of our nation, to deal with foreign threats and to leave we the people to work out our own destiny in our respective states. Look out for our interests, and don’t worry so much about pleasing others, we don’t need to be loved, we need to be respected! This is the best hope for freedom in the world, don’t destroy that by trying to be liked.

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