DHS has the Ammo – not our troops!
April 28, 2013, 1:23 pm
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I read this post made by a soldier in our National Guard: I find this to be quite interesting, as I have written before questioning why DHS needs so much ammunition, and now finally some Senators and some news outlets are beginning to wonder as well. DHS currently has 263 million rounds in storage, that is more than what they bought in 2010 and 2011. It gives each DHS officer 1000 rounds just for practice while our National Guard troops have less than 100 rounds. Hello? Who is going to war? When our troops don’t have enough ammo to keep up their ability to kill the enemy, then our troops are decidedly in harms way.

It appears that DHS is becoming some kind of army within our country, why is that? I ask the same question when the Obama administration takes down the Radar System along the border, which helps to spot low flying aircraft, and missiles coming across our border, because they can’t afford it? Then we find out that the system is being moved to Washington D. C. to protect the White House. To hell with the country, we have to protect our Emperor/Dictator. Perhaps that is why DHS needs that ammunition, so they can wage war against the citizens of this country, along with the drones that can kill from the air.

Call me paranoid if you want, but it sure does seem strange to me that I can’t even buy 20 rounds of .22 caliber long rifle but DHS can buy millions of rounds of whatever they want. Better learn how to hand load, it will be the only way you can supply your own ammo, so you can protect yourself against those who would kill you and your family. Stand up and protest these assaults against our own people, our National Guard needs to be able to fight against enemies that might come across our unprotected border, HAMAS happens to have people in Mexico, teaching the cartels how to kill and maim. Nothing is stopping them from entering this country, wake up America, time is short, and we are heading down a really steep decline.

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Gun Bill by Cruz and Grassley
April 19, 2013, 3:31 pm
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At Townhall.com Kevin glass reports that Grassley from Iowa and Cruz from TX have authored a new gun bill, the difference with this bill is it makes some sense. What these two Senators are trying to have happen is that existing law will be enforced. What a strange idea, that we would actually want the government to enforce the laws already on the books. Of course they also want to restrict the government from another “Fast and Furious.”

One of the things that is supposed to be a part of the NICS system is convictions (felony) and mental illness which has not been reported in many states at all. In the case of the last few nuts who killed innocent folks, they had issues that were never reported. Sen. Grassley is very concerned about this, and said; “I’ve been very interested in the mental health aspect of this debate, so we include provisions to study and address that issue.” Also Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire is co-sponsoring this bill.

These Senators want to improve and reauthorize grants for the NICS database. Require Federal Courts to submit relevant info to NICS, that is a part of wanting the government to support the and enforce laws, it is a shame when the Federal Courts won’t support the law of the land. The also ask that mental health records are submitted to NICS, many States have ignored that requirement. Federal Grant money will not go to states that do not submit mental health records to NICS. Increase fed prosecution of gun violence. Also we need to see prosecution of those people who are caught lying on their statements regarding trying to purchase guns.

There are many other provisions that do not infringe on 2nd Amendment rights, but do place the onus on those who are tasked to provide law enforcement. Also to basically force the DOJ to do the job it is tasked to do, and stop the political focus of prosecution or lack of same.

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What Can You Do With A Drunk Driver?
April 14, 2013, 4:16 pm
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It appears that there is very little you can do with a Drunk Driver, especially in Texas. Seems that we have a Democrat member of the Texas House, and the Democratic Travis County DA, both of whom have been arrested for drunk driving. The DA says she won’t resign, of course she won’t be able to try any cases for drunk driving. Now the State Representative is another story, she struck another vehicle, which in turn hit a person on a bicycle. Everybody went to the hospital, she was arrested and then released. She asked to address the House not to resign, she just apologized for having caused such a mess. She regrets having been caught. Understand that this woman is the chair of the ETHICS committee.

neither of these politicians are going to resign, even though people in the case of the House member were injured. The DA of course is the chief prosecutor in Travis County, but she seems to feel that she too is above the law. I do hope that both of these people will be prosecuted and penalized to the fullest extent of the law. I also hope that those who had the temerity to give the House member a standing ovation, and flowers, pay a price for doing so. I cannot understand these politicians, but I do think it is time to move them ALL out of office.

I have become increasingly disgusted with the political royalty, at least that is how they act. It seems that they are convinced that they are immune to the laws that they pass, that only we the lesser persons in the country have to live under the oppression of these people. Whatever happened to Government of the people, by the people? Now it seems to be government of the elites over the people. They ignore the laws, including the Constitution, we the people need to reassert our position we need to be the ones in charge, these politicians need to be reminded that they work for us. We also need to begin to term limit these people, no more than 2 terms for any politician. No pensions either, let them go back to their home states and get a job, like you and I have to do. Politics is not a career, it is a time to serve the Nation, then return to real life. Perhaps if these people realize that they will have to live under the laws they pass, it will change their minds about who they are, and what kind of laws they pass.

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The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution
April 10, 2013, 4:49 pm
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The 4th Amendment to the Constitution reads: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

According to the history of this country, the 4th Amendment came about because of British “General” warrant searches and seizures prior to the Revolutionary War. Soldiers would basically decide someone had an item or items that were not allowed to the citizen and could obtain a general warrant to search and seize any property deemed to be criminally possessed. This could be on your person or in your residence, your home was not your castle in that time period. John Adams wrote this into the Massachusetts Constitution, and Jefferson wrote it into the Virginia Constitution.

Standards of course do differ between an arrest and a search. An arrest can be made, for a misdemeanor if the officer witnesses the actual activity, for a felony if the officer has information that says the person is the perpetrator. However in the United States of the 21st Century it appears that the 4th amendment is pretty much dead. If I travel East from where I live less than 40 miles from my house, I will be stopped and asked if I am an US citizen, and a dog will sniff my car to be sure I am not carry contraband. That means I have been searched without probable cause, and if I refuse to answer the question about my citizenship, I am liable to be detained, physically searched and made to feel like a criminal. If I want to fly from anywhere in the US to anywhere else, I will be forced to be searched by a person who has less training than I did when I worked for the NYC PD as a Police Admin Aid. This too is unreasonable search. So the 4th Amendment is at the very least suspended under this government, and of course under the patriot act I can be observed, my phone tapped and now that drones are legal observed from the air. Even my home is no longer sacrosanct.

The government doesn’t even need probable cause to do these acts, because I live in a place where illegal activity is common place, namely people enter the country without permission and invade our property again with permission, so the government has to survale all of our property, just in case you know? BTW it doesn’t make any difference which party is in power. The Republicans passed the Patriot Act, but Obama and the Democrats have also passed it and use it too. So here we are in the American Police State. Isn’t it wonderful? I for one mourn at the passing of the 4th Amendment.

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Now Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics are extremists?
April 6, 2013, 8:44 am
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Todd Starnes has reported on a class that was delivered to a group of Army Reservists in Pennsylvania that part of the class identified Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics along with Hamas, Sunni Muslims, and Al Qaeda as extremists and terrorists. It is interesting that people have the idea that Christianity is under attack and the government keeps saying that it isn’t true. Yet there is more and more of these sorts of stories coming out. The Army has removed crosses from chapels because some people find the offensive. The Air Force has even removed the word God from their logo.

The interesting fact in this story is that the person delivering this class was not an expert in the subject she was teaching. She relied on internet research to compile her list of terrorists/extremists and the Army Reserve did not review her slides or notes prior to her delivering the lecture. No chaplains were consulted either so it is obvious that this person had a bias against Christianity. There is a war against Christianity, when the military removes the steeple and crosses from a chapel because it is offensive to others. Yet I find it offensive that there are now Pagan and Witch chaplains, that military bases now have sacred groves for the practice of pagan rites. Yet I don’t demand the removal of these things, so why it is that others get to demand and it is done. Is this not a war against one group of persons?

Check out the story from Todd and see what you think.

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Another Assault against the 1st Amendment
April 6, 2013, 8:19 am
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You can read the full story at Fox News. A Fox News reporter was sent from New York to Colorado to Report about the Aurora Theatre shooting. She discovered that a psychiatrist had received a notebook from the shooter which had all the information in it about his plans, even including drawings of stick figures shooting other stick figures. The defense team got all bent out of shape, even though they have the notebook, and Holmes has not denied the story, and has even intimated he would please guilty as long as the death penalty was off the table.

The defense team however, launched an investigation as to who released the information to the reporter, the now recused judge in the case even issued a subpoena in the case compelling the reporter to testify under penalty of prison time if she refused to name her sources. The first amendment to the Constitution reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The freedom of the press to garner information and to report that information is not to be abridged. This reporter was doing her job, she got information found her source to be reliable, and promised she would not reveal his/her name.

That is how reporters get information from informers, by guaranteeing them immunity by not releasing their names. It is a time-honored privilege that reporters have used to gather information so they may inform the people, you and I, about what is happening around us. This particular information not being made public, says that this man should never have gotten a firearm in the first place. It is the law that someone under treatment and found to be a danger to themselves or to others, must be reported to law enforcement and their name would be added to the data base that FFL holders use to do a background check before selling a gun to a customer. Holmes was not reported. The killers who do these things are criminals, but the people who are responsible to report them, should also be prosecuted for not reporting them, the are complicit in the crimes committed. The reporter did her job and informed the public of this set of facts in this case, and she is put on trial by a criminal justice system, that is a best corrupt. It does not seem to be able to go after the true criminals but rather wants to punish those who are doing a job they don’t want to do.

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Duty Honor Country
April 3, 2013, 12:25 pm
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When I enlisted in the Army in 1962, it was a time when the world was a quiet place, quiet in that there were no threats of violence, such as we have today. There were no terror bombings, no wars. There were of course some things going on as there always are, but not like we see today. When I took my first ets 3 years later, we were embroiled in Vietnam, President Kennedy had been assanated and the world was a different place, Today we are in a world that is very different from that time, I ended up re-enlisting and spent 12 years in the military. My brother is now 100% disabled from Agent Orange and we are both in our 60’s and retired.

The world is much more violent than it was in the 60’s, hatred is a way of life for many in our world. We hear it coming from governments such as Iran and others in the Middle East. We hear it from terrorists who kill women and children and hide behind their own children so that they can continue to kill and maim. In our own nation we find killers going into schools and movie theatres, killing innocent people, because they themselves are not quite right mentally. The government is trying to punish law abiding citizens by destroying the 2nd Amendment to our constitution. As Jefferson said, it is we the people who are vested the power in our country, we are the ones who are to exercise that power, and that it is our right and duty to be at all times armed. I note that these people who have killed innocents in our country, got their guns because they acted illegally, the ones who were mentally disturbed actually were never reported to the proper authority so that they could have purchased their guns. It is the law that felons, and mentally ill are to be reported and added to the no guns list. This was not done and is not today enforced. It is atrocious that our government will allow drug cartels and criminals to have guns, Fast and Furious but will take guns away from the law abiding.

One of the surest ways for tyrants to be able to control the population is to disarm that population so the people cannot fight back. Our nation is rapidly becoming a tyranny, when armed men hiding behind badges can break down our doors and search our homes without warrant, we are living in a police state. When peaceable citizens are routed out of the place they live in the middle of the night by armed men so that they can search our homes, we are living in a police state. We are no longer a free people when so-called law enforcement can send a drone against us to look into our private property, when they can tap into our phone calls and email accounts, we are living in a police state.

Are we that afraid of terrorists that we will allow ourselves to be manhandled before getting on a plane, or stopped while driving from one town to another so we can be asked if we are citizens. I think we have given up too much of our freedom in the face of a perceived threat. Where is the honor in what we are now becoming? This is our Country and we owe her our duty, our honor, but our Constitution guarantees us our freedom and I for one can see no valid reason to allow the Federal Government to steal that from us.

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What Next?
April 3, 2013, 11:02 am
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In the midst of North Korea blustering about destroying the United States, and being at war with South Korea, with Iran talking trash about destroying Israel and the Americans, with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt, Libya and Turkey what do we want to be worried about?

According to Forbes Magazine it is whether Austin, TX can become the Dubai of the United States. A new book has come out written by Daniel Brook and it describes the “History of Future Cities.” Think about this, he says that St. Petersburg (Russia), Mumbai (India), Shanghai and Dubai will be the models for city life in the future. He says that they will be more able to attract smart people from all over the world, and they, congregating together will become the centers for creative ideas.

Now it may very well be true that this country is no longer the capital of creative ideas, although Silicon Valley might disagree with that. I do believe that San Antonio Texas, and other cities would also disagree with that premise, but, SO WHAT? As the countries of the world continue to spiral downward in chaos, why should we worry about whether or not one of our cities will be the city of the future? As Russia returns to dictatorship, and Putin tries to rebuild the “Soviet Empire” while the North Koreans try to again conquer the South Koreans and of course let us not forget the Middle East which is in the midst of turmoil too. Let us also look to Europe, as it falls apart in the midst of fiscal stupidity, and political idiocy. The latest figures from the EU is that there are 26 million people out of work, that is a sizable chunk of the EU, how long can that last before it explodes and the EU slides into depression.

Of course our own nation is not doing all that well, what with subsidies for all sorts of hair brained schemes, like wind farms, and solar farm arrays that are the “future” of our power grid. How about the fact that we subsidize our Sugar Companies, and I ask you why? So they can continue to control the price of sugar in this country. If we allowed other sugar producers to sell their sugar in our country, the price would go down. Let us also understand that companies who have Billions in profits, GE comes to mind, yet they have all sorts of tax advantages that you and I will never see. If GE had to pay taxes on all that money they are hoarding, we would not need to tax our citizens, so let us get rid of these tax breaks for huge corporations and let them pay, as our President is fond of saying, their Fair Share.

Speaking of political idiocy, our politicians do not want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. You just need to look at where all that money comes from to fill the campaign coffers and you know why these big corporations get off scot-free when it comes to taxation, and why you and I have to pay for the boondoggles that these politicians come up with to help out their contributors. Follow the money and you will see that even our man of the people, President Vacation Obama, rakes in millions from those corporate bigwigs.

I am glad that Texas and other states are willing to say to the Federal Government “leave us alone” we don’t want or need your interference in our affairs. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, it is time for the federal government to do what it is empowered by the Constitution to do, that is to guard the borders of our nation, to deal with foreign threats and to leave we the people to work out our own destiny in our respective states. Look out for our interests, and don’t worry so much about pleasing others, we don’t need to be loved, we need to be respected! This is the best hope for freedom in the world, don’t destroy that by trying to be liked.

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