IMF wants us to pay $1.49 a gal tax
March 30, 2013, 3:43 pm
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The International Monetary Fund wants us to pay an extra $1.40 a gallon of fuel so that we can help save the environment. Just listened to Cavuto and Charles Payne talking about this issue. It seems that the IMF wants us to pay another $1.40 a gallon for our gasoline, in order to help take care of the social programs in Europe and of course to help fight Global Climate Change. I don’t think this will actually happen, but just the thought that these people think that our government would actually allow this to happen, is scary.

I remember that when Obama was running for President the first time, he spoke about prices going up because he wanted to change our energy picture. Get rid of fossil fuels and use “solar, wind and other types of fuels.” Since then we have seen pump prices go up over $3.50 a gallon, this would drive them up to $4.90 a gallon. Who would it hurt, the poor, and the middle class, jobs would be lost because businesses that depend upon shipping from their suppliers would have to lay off, or at least not hire workers. So now we have Obamacare that has all those taxes that we are just beginning to see, and the administration is also talking about new taxes on gas as well.

When is our nation going to wake up and realize just how intrusive this government is becoming, how much of our lives are now being run by government intrusion. If you live in New York City you know how much the government is intruding into your private life. New York State passes a law that they cannot enforce, there are no 7 round magazines, so they have to back off their law that says you have to use a 7 round magazine.

Politicians grow government, unless they see that the people have had enough and want them to stop interfering in our lives, they will continue until we are like France or Greece.

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