Legal to Hunt Humans per Dianne Feinstein
March 12, 2013, 2:13 pm
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I sometimes wonder if those who become career politicians are really unable to think or speak clearly. Dianne Feinstein. said it was legal to hunt humans with large capacity magazines. Now last time I checked it was illegal to hunt human beings, as a matter of fact it is called “MURDER” of course there is the truth that it is alright to kill babies, but you don’t need a high-capacity magazine to do so. That is of course legal murder, called abortion.

This Senator from loony land west (California), is trying to ban perfectly good guns, used for hunting, and for personal protection, she is also trying to ban large capacity magazines, that is anything that holds more than 10 rounds. It seems to me that if the Federal Government wants to stop these killings they would allow people to protect themselves, instead of setting up shooting galleries for criminals, called gun free zones. Last time I checked, the only person armed with a gun was the man doing the killing, because no one legally could carry a gun inside the school. Oh and he didn’t knock or ring the bell for admittance, he broke a window so he could kill people.

The man who killed people in the theatre in Aurora CO., sneaked out one of the side doors after legally purchasing a ticket to enter the theatre. He retrieved his guns, let himself back in because he had blocked the door open so he could. Once back in the theatre, he was the only person armed and he killed and maimed people at will, because, again it was a gun free zone.

Politicians always tell us it is for our own good, they are protecting us from ourselves. That if they allow people to carry these dangerous guns, they will begin killing each other at an alarming rate, of course time after time that has proved to be a false assumption on their part. The only thing politicians do is to make things harder for you and I to live our lives. They pass stupid legislation that becomes so convoluted it is not readable, and then when the SHTF they write another set of laws to fix the problem they set up in the first place. The plain truth is that there are more than enough laws on the books, but the politicians don’t want to enforce what is already on the books. That’s why our borders are unprotected, our schools are gun free zones, are tax laws are such that not even the IRS can give a straight answer to a tax question.

As for the John McCain’s, the Dianne Feinstein’s of the political world it is time to replace these people with real people instead of D. C. lifers. Tell me what you think? Leave a comment.

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