Sequester Mania
March 6, 2013, 9:30 am
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While Janet Napolitano was lying about long lines at airports, and how they would have to furlough TSA agents, so get to the airport early. That same agency signed a contract worth $50 million dollars to buy uniforms for their agents. Not only that but the Government just posted 400 new jobs openings, even though they won’t be able to fully pay all their other employees according to our President. You can find the story about TSA and their uniforms by clicking on this line.

It is amazing to me that our government thinks we are all totally stupid, the sequester is only about 1% of the total amount that the government is going to spend this year. It is not a cut in programs only a cut in the speed of growth in government spending. The government has a projected amount of 3.1 trillion dollars to be spent this year, yet the President says that the sequester will destroy all sorts of programs. Every one of the programs he talks about have increased levels of spending this year, how is the sequester stopping any of these programs? Not only that but the Republicans in the house are all set to fully fund Obamacare with this continuing resolution.

Here is a news flash! STOP THE SPENDING!!!! We the people are getting totally wiped at the excesses coming from the talking heads in Washington D. C. and the facts are clear that spending is the problem not income. The president wants more taxes, not cuts in spending, yet the taxes paid this year are already bringing record amounts into the coffers of government. Second news flash! PAY DOWN THE DEBT!!!! I know they won’t listen unless enough of we the people stand up and tell them to stop the madness. Stop the lying about what is really happening and how we can get out of this mess, and please Don’t say SPEND MORE.

Folks, do yourself and your friends and neighbors a huge favor, tell your Senators and Representatives in the Senate and House, to stop the madness, stop the spending and return control to us, to we the people. We are capable of managing our own lives much better than government, just look at NYC and their madman mayor Bloomberg. He is stopping businesses from making any money because they are no longer able to supply what their customers want, they can no longer sell 44 ounce drinks, pizza parlors cannot deliver 2 liter bottles of soda with your pizza order. Is this what you want in your life? Do you really want government to control even what you eat and drink?

Now I have to admit I don’t drink soda, I drink water, but that is my preference, government did not order me to drink water, I decided for myself. This Nanny State nonsense has to stop before we become a socialist nation, ending up like Greece or France (God forbid). Please folks, get on your congressperson and your senators and let them know you are displeased with the growth in government, and the lies they are telling us.

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