Colorado Female Senator
March 6, 2013, 6:26 pm
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At a hearing on the Colorado bill HB 1226, listens to a rape victim say that if she had her gun she could have stopped the rapist. This woman was a martial arts expert, but the rapist was much bigger than she and had a weapon. The Senator has the audacity to say to this woman that, even if she had a gun the attacker probably would have been able to get it from her and use it on her. She says that statistics are against her being able to defend herself against a larger more aggressive male attacker.

There are two obvious wrongs here, one the woman was attacked on a college campus and two this Senator doesn’t know her head from her nether region. There are two things that this woman should have said to this woman, then shut her mouth before her foot reached it. One, I am sorry that you were attacked, and, perhaps we need to step back from taking away your right to protect yourself. I am really amazed at these Democrats in Colorado, they do not want a woman to have the right to protect herself, and they want to make all women on campus fair game for rapists, robbers and other assorted trash, by making sure the campus is a gun free zone.

At one time I thought Colorado would be a nice place to live, now I know it is not. I’ll stay in Texas where common sense prevails. We even have school districts where the teachers and administrators are allowed to carry concealed. I don’t understand the mentality that wants to allow killers, rapists and other scum of the earth to be able to prey on innocent children, women and men teachers, just to keep the campus safe from guns. That Colorado State Senate chamber needs to be cleared of idiots who have no conception of real life, and bring in some folks who have actually done something productive. You know, ranchers, oil field workers, mechanics, send the lawyers packing so that maybe some common sense will prevail. While we are at it would be a good thing to do the same thing in Washington D. C. get rid of the lawyers and bring in working people for a change.

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