Losing our Freedoms?

I was reading on a blog written by Jan Morgan and it made me realize that we are in dire straits. We have been relinquishing our rights, so that we can gain security. However, security is not something that we have gained, our President was asked if drones would be used to kill Americans in our own land. He said that he had no plans to do so, however, that doesn’t mean that there are no plans. It only means that our President has not put forth any plans. Homeland Security is buying over a billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, what do you think that might be for? Target practice maybe? That happens to be enough to kill a lot of people, and BATFE as well as FBI agents have killed people in their homes, and then realized it was a mistake, they were in the wrong home.

I personally believe that our Government is beginning to plan on Martial Law, and a new Civil War, with them against the people. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I used to be a Republican, but I see that the Republicans are no different from the Democrats. I am now an independent, I believe in the Constitution, and I find myself more and more afraid of our Federal Government.

The Federal Government is already working with some of the States to put drones out there so they can use them for law enforcement purposes. Drones are used to kill people, that makes me wonder why we need drones in our own backyard. Who will be targeted? You know at one time Homeland Security said that Veterans, Militia members and people who complained against the government were a danger to our country. So are you a Veteran, I am, are you a militia member, I am and I have raised my voice against what I see is a weakening of our rights as American Citizens. What do you think about these issues? Is it just paranoia, or is there something we need to at least be concerned about?

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