Environmentalists Kill an Oyster Farm

An Oyster Farm that has existed for 100 years is now going to be shut down because of Ken Salazar Secretary of the Interior has listened to Environmental Activists and not to actual Scientists. The Drakes Bay Oyster Farm will be closed down and the workers be out of work. Salazar made the decision based on phony data. Here is a video that shows the lengths that the Federal Government will go to shut down a viable business. This is environmental destruction by the Interior Department and the National Park Service. This will not help the environment, it will probably cause more harm, just as the National Park already has done to the seals by allowing humans into their habitat inside the wilderness area. They blamed it on the oyster farm but the proof shows that it had nothing to do with the oyster farm.

The people who had the lease and were running the farm were told they would have another 40 year lease if they would make some changes to the farm, they agreed, now they can’t get permits approved to do the improvements. It really is sickening because the Park Service recognized the Lunney family as being excellent stewards of the land just a few years ago, now they are considered polluters and they Interior Department says they will file criminal charges against them which will drive them into bankruptcy. The Federal Government is no longer a beneficial government, it is no longer protecting the rights of the people, it is instead becoming the Jackbooted brownshirts of this generation. Watch out, they will come for you and me next.

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