Tuesday Debate
October 18, 2012, 12:06 pm
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I listened to the entire debate, I noticed that Gov. Romney was actually debating both Pres. Obama and the so-called moderator. She cut him off 28 times during the evening, only on 8 occasions did she tell the President that he was over his time, yet the President still had about 3 1/2 minutes more speaking time than did Gov. Romney. The most egregious part of the debate came at the last question. On Libya, when Pres. Obama said he referred to the actions on the very next day in the Rose Garden as Act of Terrorism. In reality he was referring to the previous acts of terrorism that had precipitated our nation going to war with Muslim extremists in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. When Gov. Romney stood to speak he mentioned that the Pres. had not called this an act of terrorism for 2 weeks.

At that point in time, Pres. Obama says loudly and clearly, get the transcript, which Ms. Crowley dutifully does. Now, my understanding of this process is that the candidates do not know what the questions are in advance, there is no conversation between them and the “moderator” and yet, Pres. Obama knew that Ms. Crowley had that transcript handy in front of her. That seems to me to say quite loudly that there was collusion between the so-called moderator and the President. Along with other indications, such as 28 interruptions of Gov. Romney and only 8 of the President, and of Ms. Crowley giving the President leads into his answers of Gov. Romney, the only possible explanation is that this was rigged from the beginning. That this question was a deliberate trap, and that Ms. Crowley cut off Gov. Romney to get this last question in, just so they could spring that trap.

I am amazed that no one noticed how convenient this was for the President. What do y’all think about this, collusion or just coincidence?

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