Children beheaded by Taliban
September 13, 2012, 6:20 pm
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A story by Reuters shows us what Afghanistan will look like if the Taliban regain power. We will see the country return to women no being allowed to work, of not even being allowed out of their homes unless accompanied by a male member of her family and she must be covered from head to toe. No skin must show or she can be stoned to death immediately. Children beheaded and even one whose skin was removed. Check out this story Reuters this is horrific.

Yes I want our men and women out of Afghanistan, not so the country can return to barbarism. These children were killed because they were considered immoral, not that they had done anything wrong, but because their families were trying to live their lives in freedom. These barbarians cannot be the future of this or any country, but, if we turn our backs on this there will be murder, rape, stoning, and maybe a few more crucifixions as they have already done in Egypt. It is time to stop believing that these people will return kindness for kindness, it will not happen. The history of Islam has been bloody, much bloodier than anything Christianity has done. You see, if these people defeat an enemy there are three choices offered. Become a Muslim, become a slave or DIE. NEWS FLASH for those of you women out there, you will become 2nd class citizens, any man in your family group can have his way with you and you have NO RIGHTS!

Please people wake up! This is not a peaceful religion, it is a religion of war and hatred, these people are not our friends. Even those who live in this country, will become just like the ones who conquer and kill, because their god requires that the subjugation of all the world under the Caliphate that the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and the Mullahs are aiming for. BTW a Muslim man may have more than one wife it is legal for them to have 3 or 4 wives, don’t believe the lies that are being propagated by the government, it is not true that this is a great religion, it is instead a murderous group of people who use allah as an excuse to maim and kill. These people are barbarians. Women and children mean nothing to them only power is what has meaning.

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